MP Jamal Rab’a to ST: There Is International Will to Press ahead with Supporting Terrorism in Syria

Syrian Member of Parliament has declared that there is an international will to continue supporting terrorism in Syria and hinder the political process.

Jamal Rab’a told the Syriatimes e-newspaper that the blast that took place two days ago in Homs city proves that the military escalation is the real goal of the hostile alliance against Syria.

“Terror attacks in Syria comes within the plot prepared by the American and British intelligence and the Zionist Mossad,” he stressed, adding that these attacks aim to block the political process in accordance with pre-prepared foreign agendas.

 The MP went on to say: “As long as aggressors reject political settlement, military solution will be the only way to the ongoing war on the country. We saw how the so-called ‘Syrian opposition’ [ Riyadh platform] hindered intra-Syrian talks in Geneva and Astana.”

He underlined that the so-called ‘Syrian opposition’ delegation to talks in Astana and Geneva do not want political solution to the crisis in Syria, so they press ahead with carrying out terror attacks in the country.

 Rab’a added that armed terrorist groups in Syria escalate their attacks, which are financed by some regional countries and politically covered by the west, against innocent civilians every time the Syrian army achieve victories against them in any area.

He referred to the fact that the Zionist enemy offers financial, military, medical and logistic support to the armed terrorist groups in Syria.

Israeli enemy’ aggressions on Syria

“When the armed terrorist groups fail to achieve the goals, the Zionist enemy carries out direct aggression in order to raise the morale of terrorists. Most recently the Zionist attacks on sites in Jamraya and Kesweh areas in Damascus countryside. These attacks failed to achieve their goals,” Rab’a affirmed.

He believes that the Zionist enemy set the timing and the targets of its attacks in Syria before the meeting held today between Russia Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and US Secretary of State Rex Wayne Tillerson in order to impose some agendas in this meeting.

“The hostile alliance against the axis of resistance tries to invest its terror attacks in negotiations. But I assert that this alliance can’t achieve through negotiations what it failed to achieve through its war on Syria over the past seven years,” the MP said.

He indicated that the Syrian government adopts tight security measures for protecting the safety and security of citizens but terrorism has the upper hand in murder.

“It is worth noting that most western capitals that have supported terrorism, such as France, the UK, the US, Belgium and Germany, have been hit by terrorist attacks despite the measures adopted by these countries,” Rab’a concluded.

Last Tuesday, a terror blast took place in Homs city after the detonation of an explosive device planted by terrorists in a civilian minibus, killing at least 8 persons and wounding 18 others.

Vanessa Beeley, Associated Editor at 21st century wire commented on the blast by saying:  “There is no words to describe the senseless loss that is witnessed and grieved every single day in Syria thanks to criminal and mass murdering regimes in the west.”

Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour