Political Analyst to ST: Zionist Enemy Confused as Its Security Expectations Undermined

Syrian political analyst has stressed that the Zionist entity [Israel] is too scared and confused because of the results of the war on Syria in the light of the terrorists' defeats in different areas, indicating that the United States seeks exploiting Geneva talks to implement its agendas. 

Dr. Bassam Abu Abdallah told the Syriatimes e-newspaper on Sunday that Israel’s confusion and fear are manifested clearly in the remarks and acts of its officials, who feel that Russia doesn’t take into account what Israel calls ‘its security considerations’.

“All the security and military expectations of the Zionist entity have faded, so it tries to put obstacles and exhaust all parties,” he said, asserting that the Zionist entity continues supporting terrorist groups in Syria in order to realize so-called "security gains".

 These security gains for Israel can be realized through establishing a 50-kilometer buffer zone inside Syria -adjacent to the occupied Syrian Golan- free of Iranian and Hezbollah forces.

“Israel talks about security conditions but these conditions put by the loser. This Zionist entity, which was defeated in the war it masterminded against Syria, has no right to put conditions,” Dr. Abo Abdallah added, affirming that Syria will respond to any Israeli aggression.

The response will be in accordance with the current circumstances, but in the future there will be changes in dealing with Israeli aggressions, according to the analyst, who referred to the Israeli jet that was targeted by the Syrian air defense force over Lebanon on October 16, 2017.

Goals of Israel’s repeated raids on sites in Syria

“Zionist entity’ repeated raids on sites in Syria aims to put pressure on Russia and  to embarrass the axis of resistance by claiming that Tel Aviv can hinder the process of achieving peace if its interests are not taken into consideration.” He clarified, indicating that Russia told Israel that Russian military personnel could be injured by targeting military sites in Syria.

There are Russian military personnel in a lot of Syrian sites as Russia supports the Syrian army in its war against foreign-backed armed terrorist groups that represent Israel’s arm.

“Israel’s recent aggression on areas near the western Ghouta of Damascus comes within its attempts to help terrorist groups,” Dr. Abu Abdallah said.

The recent aggression carried out by the Zionist entity came one day after the eight round of Geneva talks on Syria concluded.

“The eight round of Geneva talks was held after the booby-trapped statement issued by Riyadh-backed Syrian opposition,” the analyst said, indicating that Geneva talks are being carried out between Syrian state and its allies on the one hand and the axis of aggression on Syria- the US and its allies- on the other.

He went on to say: “Riyadh II statement was bad because it reflected the viewpoint of the Saudi regime and not the viewpoint of Syrian national opposition that wants to reach political solution to the ongoing war on the country.”

“Riyadh statement did not take into consideration military developments on the ground,” the analyst said, pointing out that the Syrian army and its allies made major victories over terrorist groups in Syria.

US and its allies are afraid of forthcoming Sochi talks

He believes that Geneva talks will achieve nothing because the general principles have not been discussed so far.

“Geneva talks are a waste of time. So there are talks about Sochi track that will open closed tunnels and will make progress in reaching political solution with the participation of representatives of the Syrian people and amid international calls for reaching political solution to the ongoing war in Syria,” Dr. Abu Abdallah said, referring to the fact that regional and international countries, which have been involved in the war against Syria and which sought to blackmail Syria and put political conditions through Geneva talks, are afraid of the forthcoming Sochi talks.

He underscored that the United States seeks exploiting Geneva talks to achieve its agendas.

“The US and its allies, that failed to implement their agendas militarily, will also fail to achieve them by politically,” he concluded.

Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour