Egyptian Analyst to ST: Saudi Arabia Implements Decisions Prepared in Washington, Tel Aviv

Egyptian political analyst has said that what is being done by the Saudi Crown prince Mohammad bin Salman- also known as MBS- is an attempt to stay in power in a society that lacks minimum continuity factors without U.S and Zionist support.

Dr. Mohamed Sayed Ahmed told the Syriatimes e-newspaper- via Facebook Messenger- that Saudi regime serves the US-Zionist plot in the region and it implements decisions prepared in Washington and Tel Aviv.

“If Saudi Arabia had an independent decision it would not be involved in the war on Yemen and it would not be involved in supporting terrorism in Syria and Libya,” he said, pointing out that Saudi Arabia Kingdom’s hostility towards Iran aims to ensure the protection of the United States to the kingdom.

 Dr. Ahmed added that the Saudi regime knows well that it can’t confront Iran alone, so it has tried to avoid this confrontation through dragging Arab countries into it.

“Egypt has disappointed Saudi Arabia when it had announced few days ago that it will not accept any military action against Hezbollah and Iran,” Dr. Ahmed, who is the Secretary of the Egyptian Popular Front for Defending Syria, added.

He commented on the emergency Arab Foreign Ministers’ meeting convened last Sunday at the request of Saudi Arabia in Cairo by saying that this meeting aimed at stressing Saudi Arabia’s hegemony over the ‘Hebraic League’.

“The statement issued by the foreign ministers proves that the Arab League is turned to Hebraic league because it considers Iran as enemy while the Palestinian people are losing their cause,” Dr. Ahmed stressed.

He went on to say that the Arab countries that have been unable to fight against the Zionist enemy can’t confront Iran.

Iran and Hezbollah have supported the Palestinian cause and people and they are one of the members of the axis of resistance against the Israeli occupation. However, Saudi regime has been involved in destruction of several Arab countries for US interest.

Saudi regime has killed over 12.500 civilians in Yemen and injured 20.000 others there amid International community’s silence, according to media reports, which wonder why the Arab foreign ministers have not held a meeting in the so-called ‘Arab League” to discuss this issue?

Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour