Adnan Azzam to ST: Dialogue with Europeans Necessary To Convey Syria's Viewpoint to Public Opinion

It is necessary to achieve victories in media and culture after the military victories being achieved by Syrian Arab army against terrorism and this requires dialogue with the west in general and the Europeans in particular in order to convince them with Syria’s viewpoint.

This is what the Syrian-French writer Adnan Azzam said in an e-mail interview with Syriatimes newspaper following the symposium held last Saturday at the Damascus Opera House with the participation of French researchers.

The writer made it clear that the official stance of France since the beginning of the war on Syria in 2011 has been absolutely hostile to Syria, or more accurate the most hostile stance in the world.

 “There are different French viewpoints towards the war on Syria. The Official one has been absolutely hostile to Syria, while the viewpoint of the far-right National Front is somehow balanced,” Azzam said, indicating that De Geulle trend, which still dreams of French friendly policy towards Arabs, has lost its effect on the French policy.

French stance towards Syria subject to US-Zionist policies

Actually, there are some French independent intellectuals, who completely oppose their country’s policy towards Syria.

“The French policy towards Syria is subject to the US-Zionist policies. Over the past seven years, it has been subject to the U.S., Israel and Gulf states, so it has not been changed,” added the writer, who accompanied the French delegation that visited Syria last Saturday for four days.

The French delegation was composed of independent figures- Yannick Ducrot, Anne Lise Blanchard, Frederic Pichon , Richard Millet , Eric Denece, Pablo de Santiago, Regis le Sommier, Noel Quidou, Nathalie Trucho - who sympathized with Syria since the start of the war on the country.

“The French delegation’s members consider their visit to Syria as a duty and they have been shocked by the destruction in Aleppo. They told Aleppo University students: You should be proud of being Syrians and of your steadfastness against the world,” Azzam concluded.

There will be changes

On his part, Head of the Strategic Studies Center in France Eric Denece expressed his hope that Syrian-French official relations would return.

“There will be changes bit by bit. We as researchers, intellectuals, businessmen and diplomats convey the reality of events in Syria to public opinion in France within the available space,” he said.

The French delegation’s visit to Syria will be followed by holding Syrian Cultural Week in Paris, making a documentary film about the war on Syria and writing a book in French language, according to Azzam Facebook page.

The Syrian Cultural week is due to be held in March 2018 in the Bataclan hall, which was targeted by ISIS terrorists on November 13, 2015. It aims to put pressure on the current French President Emmanuel Macron to change his country’s policy towards Syria.

Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour