Sen. Richard Black to ST: U.S. plan to establish a Kurdish nation north of Syria is doomed to failure

Senator Richard H. Black has underscored that the U.S. plan to establish a Kurdish nation called ‘Rojava’ in Raqqa province, located north of Syria, is doomed to failure, indicating that the Tanf pocket will eventually fall back under Syrian army’s control.

He told the Syriatimes e-newspaper via an e-mail interview that the U.S. organized an army of Kurds that vastly expanded their traditional region of control, seizing Syrian supplies of water, oil fields, and the Arab city of Raqqa in an attempt to establish a Kurdish nation called ‘Rojava’.

But this project ‘Rojava’, which is the most successful American attempt at splitting Syria, is doomed to failure because it suffers six weaknesses, according to the senator.

“Rojava suffers the following weaknesses: (1) “ Rojava ” is not independent; it is a region of Syria; (2) Turkey forms the Northern border of “ Rojava ” and is bitterly opposed to a Kurdish state south of its border; (3) Iraqi forces are rapidly moving to secure the Syrian border, which will cut off U.S. military supply lines to the Kurds; (4) Raqqa is an Arab city whose people will not accept Kurdish domination; (5) Syria will not give up its territory, water, and oil resources. (6) All of this will leave Rojava totally surrounded by hostile and uncooperative neighbors; it will be landlocked and isolated. An independent “Rojava " would be dangerously exposed to Turkish invasion and genocide of its people,” he clarified.

The Republican member of the Virginia State Senate affirmed that the U.S. policy is confused and constantly changing, referring to the U.S. plan B, which was an actual plan to cut Syria into a series of ethnic and religious enclaves.

“The objective of Plan B was to reduce the Syrian people to a weak and powerless collection of squabbling mini-states. However, Syria continued driving terrorists from areas intended to become these mini-states. For example, the U.S. established a base at al Tanf surrounded by a vast dessert area occupied by Free Syrian Army mercenaries. The plan to establish a state in that region was thwarted when the Syrian army outflanked the Free Syrian Army by driving east and south to the Iraqi border. That action cut the FSA supply lines. For that reason, the al Tanf pocket will eventually wither and die. It will fall back under Syrian Army control,” said Sen. Black.

Plans to overthrow seven Middle Eastern Nations in 2001

He provided us with detailed information about plans drawn up by the Department of Defense to overthrow seven Middle Eastern Nations in 2001.

“According to the Supreme Allied Commander Europe, General Wesley Clark, the Department of Defense drew up plans to overthrow seven Middle Eastern Nations in 2001. Syria was among those nations as were Lebanon and Iran. In 2006, the U.S. Embassy in Damascus, Syria, prepared lengthy, detailed plans for destabilizing and overthrowing Syria. Shortly after Hillary Clinton became Secretary of State, she and the CIA set in motion actions to implement the plans aimed at Syria. First, Libya was attacked and destroyed. The attacks were led by a terrorist group known as the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group. British, French, and U.S. aircraft bombed and destroyed almost all of Libya’s infrastructure. The objective was to capture Libya’s large, modern arsenal of weapons to use in overthrowing Syria. The attack on Libya occurred in 2011 and aircraft from Qatar began flying stolen Libyan weapons into Turkey that same year. Those weapons were funneled across the border into Syria for use by terrorists who were being organized by Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the U.S., Great Britain, and France.”

“Although Syria was vastly outnumbered by far more powerful nations, its people rallied around President Bashar Al-Assad and the armed forces of Syria. They fought one of the most heroic defenses in the history of mankind. After many years of fighting, no terrorist emerged as a popular figure among the Syrian people. Most Syrians despise the terrorists, who were a collection of deserters, turncoats, criminals, and foreign mercenaries. Nearly all were barbaric and uncivilized,” the senator added.

He indicated that Russia entered the war to support Syria in 2015. “The Syrian Forces, who were joined by troops from Hezbollah and Iran, began rapidly pushing the terrorists from many areas of Syria. This culminated in the great battle that drove the terrorists from Aleppo in December of 2016. Around that time, Secretary of State John Kerry, in a fit of frustration, said that it may be time for the U.S. to consider “Plan B.”

Sen. Black sees that Syria has won the war, but the war is not over as much hard fighting lies ahead. “In particular, Syria must recapture Idlib Province, exterminate terrorist elements near Damascus, and complete the massive drive to recapture Deir Ezzor and communities east along the Euphrates River to the Iraqi border.”

‘Miracle of God’

He described the ability of Syria to withstand the combined attack by much of the developed world plus Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia as a ‘miracle of God’ that cannot be explained in human terms.

“I have met with Syrian families whose sons died in battle and my heart bleeds for them. I have spoken with tragically wounded soldiers who have lost limbs defending Syria, and I was overwhelmed by their sense of patriotism and pride in their nation. I have met with your soldiers and airmen who are as fine as any in the world,” said the senator.

He also praised president Bashar Al-Assad, who protects Syria from the onslaught of the western powers’ terrorist armies.

“President Al Assad has led Syria with the humble heart of a servant of his people. He is strategically brilliant, courageous, steadfast, and utterly devoted to the people of Syria. The First Lady, Asma Assad, works tirelessly, tending to refugees and visiting families whose sons died in battle. Western powers constantly demanded President Assad’s removal, recognizing that without him, Syria could not survive the onslaught of their terrorist armies,” the U.S. Senator underlined.

He concluded by saying: “After watching the Syrian war for six years, I am certain of victory and optimistic for the future of your country.”

 Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour


Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim


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