Ali Kayyali to ST: illegitimate incursion of Erdogan’s troops into Idlib provoked by his expansionist mentality

Two days ago, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Lewaa Iskenderun- Syrian Resistance published a video message on its Facebook page about the determination of Idlib province’s residents to fight Turkish troops that illegitimately entered the province accompanied by al-Nusra Front terrorists.

“We promise the homeland and the leader of the homeland that we will fight the forces of evil that entered our country illegitimately. We will defend our homeland. And as we fight al-Nusra Front and Ahrar al-Sham and the others, we will fight their spiritual father Erdogan and its army. Syria will never kneel down,” a man said in the video.

The illegal incursion of Turkish troops into Idlib province few days ago comes within the barbaric and expansionist mentality of the Turkish regime’s head Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, according to the leader of Popular Front for the Liberation of Lewaa Iskenderun- Syrian Resistance Ali Kayyali, who told us in an interview via Facebook messenger that Ottoman sultanate - just like Israel [Zionist entity]-cannot live without enemy and wars.

The freedom fighter Kayyali made it clear that The Turkish rulers’ mentality is barbaric and expansionist, and it was uncivilized since it entered the middle east area from Asia Minor in 1071. It [mentality] destroyed civilizations in Anatolia and it moved to the west to destroy the remaining civilizations in the old world.

He made a comparison between the Syrian civilized mentality, which is based on peaceful existence and mutual respect for all, and the Turkish uncivilized mentality based on violence and expansionism.

“The Turkish rulers have failed to build a new civilization, so they went ahead with murder and expansion. Erdogan has been authorized by his US-Zionist masters to be the president of the great ME project. He has never been a real friend of Syria, which opened its door to him at all levels. This Dictator, who eliminated the deep state (Turkish: derindevlet) established by Atatürk , started to build a new expansionist deep state and turned the Turkish army into Ottoman Janissary (Turkish Yeniçeri),” he added, asserting that Turkish people have nothing to do with the mentality of their rulers, who tyrannized them.

Kayyali indicated that Turkish rulers suppressed 39 Turkish popular Intifadas and killed millions of Kurds instead of giving freedom and democracy to people. He affirmed that the Turkish regime made terrorism, supported it, trained terrorists and it is responsible for every blood dropshed in Syria.

Strength of our civilization to triumph over their culture of force

“We do not accept the existence of any foreign force in our lands. We were living in peace through history and we will continue to solve our problems by dialogue. The conflict in the Middle East is a conflict between civilized mentality and barbaric one..We in the Popular Front for the Liberation of LewaaIskandaron- Syrian resistance will fight occupation force by all means and will retaliate for this aggression,” he said.

The Front’s leader concluded by saying that the strength of our civilization will triumph over their culture of force.

On October 14, Ministry of Expatriates and Foreign Affairs condemned the incursion of the Turkish troops into Idlib province, asserting that it has nothing to do with what has been agreed upon by the guarantor states during the latest round of talks in Astana.

It demanded an immediate and unconditional withdrawal of the Turkish troops from the Syrian territories, stressing that the Turkish flagrant aggression cannot be justified in any way.


Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour