Diplomat: There is popular and official desire to cement Syrian-Armenian relations

Syrian-Armenian relations are based on mutual respect and they have been enhanced through cooperation the two countries sought to develop since Armenia's independence on September 21st, 1991.

The bilateral relations are based on respecting countries' sovereignty, non-interference in internal affairs of countries and preserving international peace and security, according to a report published by the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) on Sunday.

The report, which included an interview with the Armenian Ambassador to Syria Arshak Poladian, pointed out that Syria and Armenia have established diplomatic relations since 1992 and they have exchanged official visits for the common interest of the two countries' peoples.

"The continuity of the work of Armenian diplomatic institutions in Syria proves Armenia's support for Syria," the ambassador said, adding that his country supported Syrian people's steadfastness during the ongoing war on Syria.

He indicated that Armenia denounced terrorism that hit Syrian people and their infrastructures and it encouraged dialogue among Syrians to reach a political solution to the crisis in the country.

Syria, Armenian signed 50-60 deals

The Armenian diplomat expressed his country's desire to contribute to rebuilding Syria, referring to a project presented by Armenian Minister of Culture to rehabilitate the historic Palmyra city [Tadmor], which was damaged by terrorists.

"Further projects and suggestions are under study," Poladian added, asserting that bilateral relations between Armenia and Syria have developed over the past years through singing 50-60 deals in many fields.

"The relationship between the two countries reached its peak during the visit paid by President Bashar al-Assad to Armenia in 2009 where several deals were signed," the ambassador made it clear, indicating the Armenian president Serzh Sargsyan visited Syria in 2010 and honorary consulate was opened in Deir Ezzour during the visit.

He affirmed that Armenia and Syria had organized many cultural activities before the start of the crisis in Syria in 2011. "Several twinning agreements between Armenian and Syrian cities were signed before the crisis," the diplomat said, pointing out that the bilateral relations date back to the beginning of the last century, especially during the Ottoman genocide against Armenian people in 1915.

"Syrian people received displaced Armenians and provided care for them during that ordeal," Poladian underlined, highly appreciating the Syrian people's stance towards the Armenian people.

He underscored that Armenians were known in history for their unity with region's peoples in their struggle against Ottoman Turks and their support for independence from the Ottoman empire.

"There is a big desire at popular and official levels to cement bilateral relations between Armenia and Syria," the ambassador concluded.


Basma Qaddour