Torrent of victory

Have you ever heard about the floods in the desert?

Have you seen it?

I once heard about it from a resident of the oases when I visited Palmyra years ago.

He said that it is but a lot of water comes from nowhere. It takes everything in its way cleaning the land and washing the sand then it goes to somewhere away , may be to a deep valley where it disappears.

That's what's happening right now in Deir El-Zour, it is the torrent of the Syrian Arab Army and allied forces, which purifies the earth from terrorism and from all of those who tried to desecrate the Syrian soil . The Syrian army which drives them away in the desert burying them far away where nowhere rejecting them out of history as they came from outside the history.....

 There, where, I saw those faces covered by dust, the faces of those saints who defended the homeland, the land and the people I was sure that we are invincible people who could not be defeated whatever the circumstances were. I realized that the determination which was born in our blood since the dawn of history and mixed with the homeland's soil and watered by the blood of our martyrs will motivate the great Syrians to live and rebuild their home as they used to do every time it was invaded by an external barbaric enemy.

It is the will of life or let's say the will of Syria which cannot be defeated. The pure water of Euphrates returned back again and Life has returned to the land of Deir El-Zour. Abundance and joy come back again. The darkness that tired the people for a long time will go away and will not allow despair to reach their hearts and seize their dreams.

Deir El-Zour returns again. Hope and Joy return to the basket of food and to the river of Good and abundance.

Amal Farhat- Homs Correspondent