Kris Janssen: Alleged Khan Sheikhoun Chemical Incident Aimed to Provoke Military Aggression against Syria

All the facts and scientific analyses indicate that the Khan Shaykhun attack could not have been carried out by the Syrian Airforce but was set up to function as a false flag operation to provoke military aggression against Syria, hereby damaging the Syrian Arab Army capacities and sabotage the reconciliation talks, Kris Janssen, the Belgian journalist and peace activist told Syria Times e-newspaper when asked about his comments on the alleged Khan Sheikhoun incident and the US recent aggression on a strategic Syrian airbase in Homs.

 The enemies of the Syrian Arab Republic and the Syrian people made once again a further step in their efforts to destroy the Syrian Nation and suppress the Syrian people into Wahhabi slavery and Western imperialism but once again failed miserably. For the second time the coalition of the Unites States and its allies, the fantasy Ottoman empire of which Turkey's president Erdogan dreams in cooperation with his Muslim Brothers allies in Qatar, the Wahhabi Saudi Arabian family business, all together in a surrealistic marriage with the Zionist State of Israel, accused the Syrian government and the Syrian Arab Army of committing a massacre by carrying out a chemical attack on the town of Khan Shaykhun on April 4th, 2017. This is their second attempt after they tried this same trick before with the Ghouta chemical attack on August 21, 2013. Without providing any evidence or without following any international legal procedures, hereby ignoring the United Nations, as well as without conducting an international neutral probe into the incident for which the Syrian government immediately called, the United States attacked on April 7, 2017 the strategic Shayrat airbase located in Homs province.

 This airbase is of strategic importance for the Syrian Arab Army in their struggle against ISIS and al Nusra (now calling itself Tahrir al Sham) both representing the main conductors of the extremist terrorist coalition. This criminal illegal attack, ignoring all international laws and protocols, proved black on white who are the real allies of the United States.

 Parallel with the attacks of the Israeli airforce against the Syrian Arab Army and its military installations also the aggression of the United States against the Shayrat airbase only serves the extremist Wahhabi  and Muslim Brothers terrorists. If the United States, by its words, always stresses their intention to destroy terrorism, their actual actions prove exactly the opposite.

Let's examine the facts about this false flag operation:

(1) The accusation that Syria even has a stockpile of chemical weapons is ridiculous as the total elimination of chemical weapons in Syria was confirmed by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) twice, first on June 23, 2014 and again officially reconfirmed on Monday January 4th, 2016. The official declaration is posted on the OPCW website:

This same political organ, the OPCW, is now under international pressure accusing Syria to have used chemical weapons attacking the town of Khan Shaykhun. So their recent statement totally contradicts their own findings of June 2014 and January 2016. After the Khan Shaykhun incident, the Syrian Government immediately asked for a scientific fact finding mission but the OPWC did not answer this demand, nor did the international community. The Syrian Government strongly denied that it still has chemical weapons and stressed that it is in principle entirely against the use of chemical weapons or other weapons of mass destruction in any possible scenario.

(2) The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) is on the offensive all over the country to get rid of the extremist terrorists and makes a great progress. There is not a single strategic reason or interest to use chemical weapons in the hypothetical assumption that the SAA would have these kinds of weapons. Why should the SAA use these weapons even in the case that there is no need to use these kind of weapons? Would the SAA hypothetically still have a stockpile of these weapons and effectively make use of them? The Syrian government knows very well the consequences and international reactions of such an attack. The use of these weapons contradicts totally with the reality on the ground and the progress of the SAA and would only benefit the terrorists.

 (3) It has been proven time after time that the so called White Helmets, the heroes of the Western media, are in fact part and a propaganda tool of the terrorist organizations. Declarations from civilians in areas which were under control of the terrorists and have now been liberated by the Syrian Arab Army confirm that the White Helmets never assisted them in any way when they were under occupation. The so called White Helmets only show up after a terrorist attack because, being part of the terrorists, they know exactly when and where an attack takes place so they can make a pre-fabricated show for the Western media.

The massacre of 126 innocent children and their mothers in the al Rashidien district of Aleppo who were evacuated from the towns of Kafraya and Foua is an undeniable proof that the White Helmets are part of the terrorists. When they showed up after the massacre, they again made this big show. But how could they be there immediately after the massacre? Because they knew that this cowardly attack would take place. The same tactic was used by the terrorists in the Khan Shaykhun incident. Just as with the massacre of the children and mothers of Kafrya and Foua, the White Helmets showed up in Khan Shaykhun because they were informed that a fabricated incident would take place.

(4) The accusation that the airforce of the Syrian Arab Army dropped a bomb with the Sarin nerve agent has been scientifically refused and declared impossible. Pictures of White Helmets rescuing people hit by the Sarin toxic nerve agent without any protective clothing  is an impossibility as they would immediately also be affected by this nerve agent not wearing protective clothing. All scientific evidence suggests that what really happened in Khan Shaykhun was an attack of the terrorists against the people of this town with chlorine gas to stage another White Helmet spectacle for the West and provoke a pretext for an illegal military attack of the United States against the Syrian Arab Army by launching 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles toward the Shayrat Airbase. Analyzing all the elements of the Khan Shaykhun incident clearly shows that it was a pre-fabricated false flag operation.

(5) Professor Theodore Postol, professor emeritus of Science, Technology, and International Security at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, argued after analyzing the photographic evidence that the attack was not an air raid but rather a ground explosion.

(6)The timing of the Khan Shaykhun attack coincided with the accelerated local reconciliation talks throughout Syria where tens of thousands of militants laid down their weapons and will in return be rehabilitated into Syrian society on the condition that the militants in question were not involved in executed massacres. The timing of provoking a military attack by the United States against the Syrian Arab Army was clearly an attempt to sabotage these reconciliation talks.

(7) While there is no single proof that the Syrian Arab Army ever used chemical or other toxic weapons, it has been repeatedly reported and documented that the barbaric terrorists, causing misery on the Syrian people, have several times used chemical agents to kill innocent people in Syria as well as Iraq. These proved crimes have continuously and deliberately been ignored by the Western world which closes their eyes for these horrific crimes because they do not care anything about the suffering of the Syrian people under attack or occupation by these terrorist extremist criminals.

In summary, all the facts and scientific analyses indicate that the Khan Shaykhun attack could not have been carried out by the Syrian Airforce but was set up to function as a false flag operation to provoke military aggression against Syria, hereby damaging the Syrian Arab Army capacities and sabotage the reconciliation talks.

Janssen also shed light on the role of Turkey as one of the main actors in the barbaric international aggression and terrorism imposed on the Syrian people.

It is a necessity to also analyze Turkey's ambitions under the rule of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. His ambitions and actions are based on a fantasy dream to restore the Ottoman Empire and impose the Muslim Brotherhood ideology on its citizens. This ambition is reflected in both his internal policies as well as in his foreign policies. The Turkish army illegally, without any permission, coordination or consent from the Syrian or Iraqi government, invaded territory from both countries. But the strength and wisdom of the Syrian Arab Army supported by the Syrian people blocked Erdogan's ambitions and the Turkish army landed into a swamp. The dream of restoring the Ottoman Empire fell into pieces after Erdogan throwed the Turkish army into this lunatic adventure.

The destructive role of Turkey in the war imposed on Syria and the Syrian people under the rule of the Turkish Pasha Erdogan is immense. The terrorists operating in Syria, conducting horrific crimes against the Syrian people, are financed and provided with the most innovative and modern weapons to carry out their massacres by the Wahhabi rulers in Saudi Arabia, the Muslim Brothers in Qatar, the Zionist Israeli occupiers and the Turkish Pasha Erdogan in coordination with the imperialist American empire following a dream of world domination. But despite the financing and logistic support, these terrorists need a gateway into Syria. Turkey, under the rule of Erdogan, took on this task. Turkey provided the gateway through which all these terrorists could enter Syria.

Furthermore, Turkey also behaves as an ordinary thief robbing the Syrian people from its livelihood. The Turks not only robbed Syrian oil but when the terrorist gangs occupied the Eastern part of Aleppo for almost 5 years, the whole industrial patrimony in the occupied part of Aleppo was dismantled with help of Turkish engineers provided by the Pasha in Ankara and transported to Turkey as war booty. The truth is that Turkey acted as an ordinary thief robbing the Syrian people from its living and besides plunging the Syrian people into the horror of the Wahhabi reign of horror, Turkey also plunged the people into poverty by robbing the Syrian assets.

The policies of Turkey under Erdogan's rule can only be described as a war crime. History will judge the Turkish atrocities and crimes against the Syrian people and Erdogan's wicked role in this dirty war waged against Syria.

Hamda Mustafa

Photoes by Mahfouz Abu Hadier