Syria’s internal opposition Welcomes De-Escalation Zones in Syria

Syrian internal opposition forces endorse the memorandum for the creation of the de-escalation zones in Syria.

On May 4 during the plenary session of Astana 4 meeting on the crisis in Syria, Russia, Iran and Turkey,the countries acting as guarantors of the cessation of hostilities in Syria have signed the Russian memorandum on setting up de-escalation zones in Syria.

The document called for establishing de-escalation zones in the Syrian province of Idleb north of Homs, eastern Ghouta of Damascus and in Syria's southern area.


Mahmoud Marai, the Secretary General of the Damascus –based opposition National Democratic Action Committee in Syria and the President of the Democratic Front said that the Syrian internal opposition welcome and endorse the formation of the de-escalation zones in Syria.

“ We, the members, of the Democratic Front in Syria consider the memorandum of establishment of the de-escalation zones  a step in the direct path to achieve a comprehensive ceasefire across the Syrian lands except areas seized Daesh and Anusra front,” said Maraito Syria Times.

According to Maraide-escalation zones will pave the way for the political solution and dialogue to put an end to the crisis in Syria.

Marai said that the Syrian government is satisfied with the guarantors Russia and Iran and will adhere faithfully to the memorandum. Turkey, one of the threeguarantors, should put its pressures on its ‘ armed factions’ to adhere closely to the memorandum.

Mazen Bilal, the leader of the opposition Syrian Secular Democratic Movement said the formation of the de-escalation zones is going to be a successful test with one condition, which is the regional players, especially Saudi Arabia, are committed to this memorandum. The United States also should put its pressures on its allies in the region to ensure the success of these des-escalation zones.

“ These de-escalation zones will give opportunity to the armed groups to fight Anusra front and all other terrorist groups in their areas,” said Bilal to the Syria Times. “ The Syrian Arab Army is satisfied with the presence of Russia and Iran as guarantors.”



Dr. Elian Mousa’ad, the Secretary General of National Congress for Secular Syria, expressed his support to the memorandum of establishing of de-escalation zones.

“ We support any step that would halt the Syrian bloodsheds in any Syrian area and keep the Syrian peaceful political dialogue to achieve the stability and security in Syria,” Dr. Mousa’ad stated.

Inas al-Hamal, Secretary General of the Syrian National Development Party endorses the establishing of de-escalation zones in Syria.

“ The Astana agreement is a first step in a long track,” al-Hamal was quoted as saying in a statement obtained by the Syria Times.

He calls on the countries acting as guarantors to take seriousand impartially measures to implement the memorandum on setting up de-escalation zones in Syria.


Obaida Al-Mohammad