MSM Lies All the Time about Events in Syria… People in the West are Brainwashed

Foreign-backed terrorism, sanctions, and western schemes won't succeed in destroying Syria or breaking the Syrians' will to defend their country against all these evils, believes Kris Janssen, a Belgian journalist and a peace activist who recently visited Syria within a delegation of foreign journalists who came to know what is really going on in Syria and voice solidarity with the Syrians in the face of the ongoing terror war.

"If they want (Syria’s enemies) to destroy Syria then they have to kill every Syrian," Janssen said in an interview with the "Syria Times" e-newspaper, stressing that "no one should dictate the Syrians who will lead them".

 The delegation had the opportunity to visit some Syrian provinces where the Syrian army managed to liberate wide areas from terrorism, mainly in Aleppo and Homs.  

On his visit to Aleppo, Janssen said it was very sad to see the huge destruction in the eastern parts of the city and to know about the suffering of the people who lived there and experienced hard times under foreign-backed terrorists' control, particularly the children who were deprived from their minimum rights and prevented even from going to school, in addition to women who used to be sold as slaves and forced to get married to "Jihadis".

However, it was amazing for him to see that the spirit of the people in Aleppo was not destroyed and their will to rebuild what has been destroyed and make a new start was unbreakable.

"The terrorists might have destroyed the houses and the infrastructure, but they couldn't destroy or break the Syrians spirit neither in Aleppo nor in Homs or any other city," said Janssen, stressing that "the Syrians will not be defeated, because they love their country and believe in their leader and army”.

"In Syria, it is not only the Syrian army which is fighting terrorists in the battlefield, the people are also fighting alongside the army to defend their lands and their families, even though they pay a high price, as almost every family in Syria has lost a loved one as a martyr in this war,” Janssen said.

He went on to say that when the terrorists, called "moderate opposition" by the West, are defeated in any area and driven away by the Syrian army they destroy everything behind out of hatred and revenge.

He also talked about the cruelty of the terrorist groups in Syria, citing an example what happened in Adra city in Damascus countryside where the terrorists cut heads, took people's eyes off, cut hands and burnt children alive in ovens.

He went on to say that "This is not the kind of life the Syrians want. The Syrians are peaceful, free and open-minded people and such practices are strange to them."

Western media lying to people all the time

On the role foreign activists played in facing the western media’s campaign against Syria, Janssen said many activists from all parts of the world, not only him, are defending Syria in the media.

He clarified that he wrote articles for different media outlets, published and shared important items on the social media and made interviews with TV channels to tell the people in the West that what is going on in Syria was terrorism and the that Syrians are defending their county and they love and support their leader.

 "The problem is that main stream media lies to people all the time about events in Syria. People in the West are brainwashed as they always get false news about the country," Janssen said.

For example, Janssen said, the western media lied in the recent news about the horrible explosion which killed evacuees from the besieged towns of Kafraya and Foua while on their way to Aleppo. “I heard it on Euronews, they dared lying that the so-called white helmets took part in saving wounded people in the blast."In fact, the white helmets are terrorists and unfortunately people in the west believe such reports because they are misled,” he said, underlying that the "media always uses terminologies that affect the people's way of thinking and mislead them."

President Al-Assad Enjoys People's Support

Mr. Kris Janssen, who has been in Syria several times before and after the crisis, noticed the huge support of the Syrian people to President Al-Assad.  

"The people here say we love our president because he defends us ", said Kris, stressing that "only the Syrian people have the right to choose their own leadership."

On the other hand, he said, the "opposition" keeps saying that they want Assad to go to have power in Syria without even having own political program.

He argued that "if President Al-Assad didn't have such a great public support he wouldn't stay in power till now."

 Western sanctions

Janssen described the sanctions imposed by western countries on Syria as a crime, because they are hitting the Syrian citizens, who have been suffering from terrorism for years, and worsening their suffering. The West thinks that by doing this they can weaken Syria.

He went on to say that Syria is being targeted by terrorism and sanctions because of several points: first is that the west considers Syria a strategic area and it has Iran, Iraq and Hizbollah as allies, so it is a strong country and a member of the axis of resistance. “Unfortunately other Arab governments, not the people, surrender to the will of the West and they have made deals with Israel, giving no heed to the will of their people who want good ties with Syria and reject subjugating to the west's will,”

They want to make Syria, the diverse and multi-religious country a weak sectarian state. They want it divided into mini conflicting states based on sectarian and ethnic basis, he added.

Also, Syria doesn't have debts at all and this makes it independent and a free state not a slave, he added.

 "When you have debts you will be a slave to a system," he stressed , pointing out that they didn't succeed in the sectarian line because of the Syrians' adherence to national unity and because the genes of the people in Syria refuse the sectarian nature.

Syria was betrayed by Arab countries

Janssen regretted that Syria is being targeted by Arab countries. "Syria has helped all Arabs and provided shelter to refugees from Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq in large numbers, yet the Arabs betrayed it to serve Israel,” he said, noting that even Hamas, also, got the full support of the Syrian government, has betrayed Syria.

Janssen referred to the dirty role played by the Gulf states in supporting and funding terrorism and extremism to destroy Syria and to the Turkish regime's involvement in arming, training and allowing terrorists to infiltrate into Syria across borders.

"Syria is the source of pan-Arabism, but it has been betrayed by almost all the Arab countries," he said, adding that the Gulf States are sponsoring terrorism and they have been the main source of wahhabi extremist devils supported by Saudi Arabia."

Threats to Europe

Janssen pointed out that the Belgian government knew about the growth of terrorism and extremism within the society, but it did nothing.  As a result, terrorism hit Brussels.

 For example, he said, Saudi Arabia funded building a mosque in Brussle to teach wahhabi thinking, but the government of Belgium kept silent because it has been bribed. Those people, who went to this mosque, have got wahhabi thinking lessons and now they are posing serious threat to the country.

He stressed that terrorism backfires on its supporters. The Belgian government and several European countries allowed extremist nationals to travel to Syria where they joined fight alongside the terrorist groups fighting the Syrian government. "These extremists have got enough training in Syria and they will come back to Brussels and other European capitals to carry out terrorist attacks," he said.


On reconciliation in Syria, Janssen said "reconciliation is important in Syria to help get out of the crisis. The Syrian government deals with the citizens, even the gunmen, as its children, it forgives them when they commit mistakes and rehabilitates them," he clarified.

 "We support reconciliation cases in Syria, but warn, at the same time, that some gunmen, who joined the reconciliation with the government, may act as time bombs when they integrate with the society".

He urged the Syrian media to put more efforts to reach the western public, hailing the Syria Times staff's work to expose the lies about developments in the country and provide real image of events.

 "This is important because war is not only that going on in the battlefield but also that of the media.

Interviewed by: Hamda Mustafa  

Photos: Mahfouz Abu Hadier