The Atrocities of US Backed "moderate rebel" Terrorists

Fascinating and infuriating evening last Virginia State Senator Richard Black took on a leading Syrian "opposition" proponent in a public event.

Senator Black gave a great, solid and precise talk on Syria including the US orchestration of the regime change coup that is using terrorist groups to do our dirty work. He described the timeline leading up to violence in 2011; the atrocities of US backed "moderate rebel" terrorists; the US support and nurturing of both ISIS and al Qaeda; how it was the "rebels" who have used gas attacks in Syria and not Assad; and the current battle of Aleppo. He also described his impressions of President Assad and his wife Asma, the Syrian armed forces; and his recent trip to Syria. The senator used only the highest level of resources to back up his claims including public statements by Gen. Wes Clark (former NATO Supreme Commander in Europe) and Gen. Michael Flynn (former head of US Defense Intelligence Agency).

The "opposition" spokesman was Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, a well known guest on many FOX "news" programs and friend of John McCain and Marco Rubio. Dr. Jasser claims to be the voice of devout Muslims against extremism and violence and describes himself as a passionately patriotic American.

He started his spurious talk by accusing Senator Black of being un-American and "spouting conspiracy theory propaganda."

Dr. Jasser's main argument for wanting to topple President Assad and leaving Syria to be taken over by the violent extremists he claims to be against was simply this..his father was imprisoned for two whole weeks in Syria in the 1960's for supposedly speaking out against the al Baath party and his family has apparently despised the Baath party and the Assads ever since - though of course Hafez al Assad didn't even come to power until 1971.

Then he went on to vehemently defend the neo-con, neo-lib narratives and policies in the Middle East. No problem what has happened to Iraq and Libya...he wants the same for Syria because he hates the Assads. No plan for the future...chaos and violence are just a part of the birthing of a "new day of democracy".

Of course, the man has never lived in Syria...his family came over in the 1960's and I doubt he's ever even visited. And this is Fox News great "expert" on Syria...if he'd been there in person I might have thrown my shoe at him!


Janice Kortkamp

Leesburg, VA, United States


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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