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President Assad: Defender of Syrians and All Humans Worldwide


When I cross the borders to Syria, I feel a shift in mood and relax, said Prof. Tim Anderson, the Senior Australian Lecturer in Political Economy at the University of Sydney and the author of a 4-languages translated to masterpiece ''the Dirty War On Syria''.

In a cordial visit to the Syria Times headquarters, organized by the Damascus-based (DCRS), Damascus Center for Researches and Studies, Prof. Anderson has  exchanged with some of Syria Times staff: Maher, Maysa, Hamsa, Marawan and Mahfouz ideas and thoughts about the ongoing, especially in Syria.

Prof. Anderson vehemently criticized the propaganda war by Washington which misleads and blurs public opinion regarding the reality on the ground in Syria and western media stereotypes used against Syria which demonstrates western cultures' weakness and the colonial mentality, which does not understand Syrian culture.


Colonial forces are working for the invention of a new colonialism through the use of economic sanctions and cultural hegemony, not to mention the invented pretexts under the so-called 'humanitarian intervention'  and 'the responsibility to protection'.

Prof. Anderson, with this in mind, hailed the role and transparency of Dr. Bouthaina Shabaan, the Presidential and Political Advisor, Dr. Bashar Al-Jafaari, Syrian Ambassador to the UN, in conveying the Syrian message and facts on the ground to Westerners.

The Syria Times takes pride in being the first Syrian Media outlet to publish Prof. Anderson' book, as published by the Canadian global Research, yes I follow the Syria Times Online, especially its facebook sharing, said Prof. Anderson, to the pleasure and pride of all the staff.

Had there been a Nobel prize for fighting terrorism, President Bashar Al-Assad should have been so awarded, a just point in light of the ongoing raised by the Editor-in-Chief; the reaction of Prof. Anderson was very supportive and he strongly stated that H.E. President Assad has indeed been on behalf of the entire world fighting terrorism in defense of his citizens as well of all humans worldwide.

Syria has been on behalf of the entire world fighting terrorism and , thanks to the Syrian Army and its allies, is winning the war against terrorism and its backers Turkey and the  Saudi Wahabbis.

The achievements of the Syrian Army and allied forces, especially following the liberation of Palmyra, advances in Aleppo and the Russian airstrikes against daesh smuggling oil conveys, have forced many worldwide to recognize the role of Syria  and the need for such a fight against terrorism in the interest of the world.

The sovereignty of Syria should be respected and the bids to subjugate and dominate Syria failed. The role of Russia, Iran and Hezbollah in fighting terrorism is great and remarkable, Prof Anderson highlighted, citing the role of the Axis of Resistance which has been bolstered and distinguished during the war.

President Al-Assad is in all of his diplomatic and decisive stances the thrilling voice of logic and reason in the world. H.E. the Syrian President is highly cultured and  popular yet he has been at the center of Western and ignorant attacks and propaganda.

I had the honor of meeting President Al-Assad in 2013 when my organization Hands Off Syria requested the meeting as  to show solidarity with the Syrian people.

H.E. is the extraordinary leading voice of reason, Syrian values, culture and rich civilization and the embodiment of bravery, courage, firmness and strength in defending his country, its sovereignty and integrity against terrorism and evil forces of darkness.

In 2012 Reuters, the Guardian and Time magazine reported that three 'Free Syrian Army' (FSA) leaders in Aleppo saying the Syrian President had about '70 percent' support; or that the local people, "all of them", are loyal to President Bashar, recalled Prof. Anderson, asserting that the level of participation in presidential elections and the vote for President Assad in 2014 multi-candidate Presidential elections are far   greater than in most EU countries and in the USA itself and the ongoing aggression  against Syria has nothing to do with democracy, with a sarcastic reference to what democracy exists in Saudi Arabia exist!

"People in Western cultures form impressions very rapidly without reading very much and looking for the Hollywood 'goodies' and baddies,'' Prof Anderson said, restating that the US project is no secret to dominate the entire  Middle East. "There are only two countries that don't have US military bases installed in that whole region, namely Syria, the only real secular and pluralist nation in the region and Iran." 

The ongoing war on Syria has been for long part of a plan to destroy all states fighting hegemony, underscored Prof. Anderson, asserting that he is optimistic about Syrian victory "I said this three years back that Syria was winning", pointing out that the Russians are trying now to find a face-saving exit for the anti-Syrian forces, especially for the US Administration.

Israel has to give the Golan back to Syria and Israel, which never denied its support to daesh, is unhappy about the defeat of terrorism in Syria, answered Prof. Anderson, when asked about the Israeli occupation practices and backing to terrorists, particularly at the 1974 UNDOF demilitarized zone.

The unjust sanctions by EU and the US should be lifted as they add more sufferings and pain to the Syrians , especially  that inflict and caused by terrorism, underscored Prof Anderson.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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