Insane Meddling!

Turkey's Foreign Minister, Davutoglu, has decided to change his Turkish Nationality into the Syrian one- I apologize to the Syrians-. Davutoglu's recent insane meddling in Syria's internal affairs does steer laughter! He has proposed a leader to orphaned Syrians!

Davutoglu, disillusioned with the crushing scrambling of Turkey's armed, trained and groomed up extremists and armed terrorists, thanks to the sacrifices and heroism of the Syrian Arab Army, went so far in his Ottoman-shaped loose mentality and  imagination. He seems to behave and think himself as the chosen by God 'Sultan of al-Istana', hundreds of years back in the darkest moments of history. The Sultan of today's White House Istana has indeed lost his mind, if any.

The Syrian Arab Republic is indeed proud of its leadership, civilization, role, Constitution, Government and of everything Syrian. The majority of the Syrians are and will ever by united together behind their Army, Unity, harmony, co-existence and leadership.

Davutoglu ! Shut up! Before a crazy like me would suggest Turkey's new leader, a Salaheddine al-Ayoubi-like Kurd, why not.


M.A. Al-Ibrahim