Living Witness to Zionist Barbarity

The Syrian Foreign and Expatriates Ministry sent  two identical messages to the UN Secretary-General and President of the UN Security Council, regarding the Israeli aggression on sites inside the Syrian territories in line with the Israeli occupation direct continuous support to the armed terrorist groups.

The Israeli occupation blatant violation of the force disengagement convention of 1974 coincided  with a hostile attack carried out by armed terrorist groups on the sites of the Syrian Army, asserted the Ministry statement calling on  the UN Security Council to shoulder its responsibility and to impose the implementation of its relevant resolutions, in particular numbers,242, 338 and 497, providing for Israel's withdrawal from all occupied Arab territories, including the occupied Syrian Golan to June 4, 1967 line..

The Israeli raids preceded the 40th Anniversary of the 26th of June, 1974 which marks the day of liberation, victory and pride for Syrians across the country. On this very day 40 years back, the Israeli occupation of the city of Quneitra was brought to an end. The Israeli occupation forces razed the city to the ground before their withdrawal from the city in 1974. Quneitra stands today as a living witness to the barbarity  and brutality of the Israeli occupation.

As the Syrians celebrate the hoisting of the Syrian flag by the late president, Hafez Al-Assad, in the liberated city of Quneitra, they are eager to cleanse their country from the cannibals multinational Al-Qaeda affiliates of more than 85 countries.