Is the US a Peace Supporter or Terrorism Sponsor?

A soon political settlement in Syria seems difficult amid incessant attempts by western and regional powers to abort what is seen as international effort to end the crisis in Syria and in the light of the recent decision of the US Congress to arm what it called "moderate opposition" in Syria.

The recently-held Geneva 2 conference was seen as an opportunity for Syrian parties, both government and "opposition", to discuss all crisis-related issues and prepare a common ground for the solution, particularly as the Syrian official delegation was ready and open to discuss everything in the light of the Geneva I communiqué.  But, what actually happened during the conference was shameful to a disgusting degree, as statements by delegations of some participating countries; mainly the United States, Saudi Arabia, France and Turkey in addition to that of the delegation of the so-called "opposition coalition" were so aggressive to Syria, biased and had nothing to do with political solution, the core issue of Geneva 2.

The US administration, even before the end of the first round of Geneva 2 talks, shamelessly, decided to resume arming the terrorist groups with much more sophisticated weapons than before. This blatant, but not surprising, double standard policy by the US, the "cosponsor" of the peace initiative called "Geneva 2", has unfortunately been adopted under the complete silence of the international community, which is meant to push peace efforts.

The content, timing and quick implementation of the US decision-(the first arms shipments arrived in Jordan two days ago and have become at the disposal of the already trained terrorists) - is a clear-cut evidence that Obama's administration has made a new deal with Saudi Arabia aiming to undermine political solution in Syria and urge the armed terrorist takfiri groups to carry on their criminal acts against the Syrian state and people.

The Saudi complete support for takfiri Wahabi terrorists won't stop even a Geneva 3 or Geneva 4 is held, because the kingdom's mad war in Syria is that of bone breaking. The Saudis know well that Geneva conferences won't help the kingdom achieve its hoped-for goal in Syria which has been the toppling of the "regime". They also realize that Geneva conferences on Syria won't be ceremonies to hand power over to their tools represented in the so-called "opposition coalition", which was described by Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minster Faysal al-Mikdad as a group of agents serving the agendas of foreign powers.

The US decision to arm terrorist gangs can only be interpreted as an American coup on political solution in Syria that goes in harmony with the Saudi willing to continue shedding the Syrians' blood and destroying the Syrian state in implementation of the Zionist-Saudi scheme in the region. The US administration sees in its decision a great opportunity for political blackmailing through benefitting from the dissemination of the Wahhabi takfiri thinking in the country to serve its goals in the region.

Thus, the process of reproducing al-Qaeda–affiliated groups in one American-armed and Saudi-sponsored organization called the "Islamic Front" is a desperate attempt by anti-Syria forces to change the balance of powers on ground in the country, thinking falsely that by doing this they will be able to impose political conditions in possibly coming Geneva conferences.

The Geneva 2 results and the US behavior didn't frustrate the Syrians or shock them, because they knew beforehand that solutions can't be made abroad under the supervision of historically colonialist powers and terrorism sponsors. They are aware that only national dialogue among the Syrians under the homeland's umbrella is the guarantee of peaceful political settlement that preserves Syria's unity and sovereignty.

Until a true international will to fight terrorism and dry its sources is evident, the Syrian Arab Army hand in hand with the steadfast peace-loving Syrian people will carry on the battle to eradicate terrorism nationwide with firm and strong determination and will keep eying a better Syria to all the Syrians.


H. Mustafa