Kerry and his ilk try to abort Geneva 2 Conference

During the opening session of the Geneva 2 conference, it was crystal clear that some states were working to abort the event and make killing, destruction and terrorist acts continue in Syria. In fact, these states do not want the crisis in Syria to be resolved peacefully. Rather, they want devastation to continue until they become able to impose their agenda on Syria and the region as a whole to meet the colonialist interests. The US, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, which have failed even to bring a tiny part of the so-called “opposition”, wanted to blow up this conference after they had felt being lost caused by the puppets they sent for negotiations. The delegation of the opposition that participated in the conference does not represent all the spectrums of the opposition, the majority of the opposition’s figures were absent, persons were invited on short notice with the aim of not leaving vacant chairs by order of the US and its allies believing the conference would achieve their sinister objectives . But Syria’s official delegation remained in Geneva and exerted  every possible effort to make the conference a success despite the provocative statements made by the US, Saudi and Turkish foreign ministers who stepped up escalation against Syria with the aim of prolonging the crisis and increasing the sufferings of the Syrian people. The representatives of the US, France, Britain, Turkey and Saudi Arabia spoke like war criminals during the opening session.  The speeches delivered by the US foreign secretary and his followers contained a mix of untrue and unrealistic information contradicting facts on the ground. Some of the speeches delivered seemed as if those who delivered them are ambassadors of terrorist organizations, not states or governments. They must be held accountable as war criminals because they are the ones who provided funds and weapons currently being used by the armed terrorist groups in Syria to slaughter the Syrian people and destroy their public and private properties. Kerry and his ilk delivered speeches that included flagrant intervention in Syria’s internal affairs claiming that Geneva 1 provides for handing power to lackeys and puppets appointed by Ford and his ilk.

The Syrian official delegation came to Geneva for the sake of their country, people and to stop terrorism, bloodshed through a political track that would be determined by the Syrians themselves. The Syrian stance to participate in the Geneva2 conference is consistent with the political choice of the Syrian state since the beginning of the crisis which views that the political solution is the only solution which is determined by the Syrians themselves away from any foreign intervention or diktat.

The Syrian delegation came to Geneva to represent the Syrian government and before that they have a popular authorization from the majority of the Syrian people as to defend their country, preserve its sovereignty, stop the bloodshed and carry out reconstruction process to rebuild what have been destroyed by the armed terrorist groups. But the so-called coalition opposition came to Geneva taking instructions from the former US ambassador to Syria Robert Ford whose suspicious role in the crisis in Syria became known to everyone, especially the death squads he contributed to bring to Syria to take part in killing Syrians and destroy the infrastructure.  For this reason, confusion and subordination continue to prevail among the so-called coalition delegation, and the formation of this delegation continued to change even before the start of the talks. Directed by Ford, members of the so-called opposition delegation have been making provocative statements to abort the conference. But their attempt failed and was disclosed before the world public opinion.