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Hungry for Carrots!




Yesterday's truce between Palestinian resistance and Israel raises many questions, introduces new dimensions, and draws new red lines to the history of Palestinian-Israeli occupation struggle. The questions raised are related to the hectic diplomatic Arab, regional and international efforts exerted as to strike such a truce deal. Most of these efforts were exerted by almost all of the parties involved directly or indirectly in funneling support to the armed terrorist groups fighting the Syrians in the their own homeland. Actually, some of them, especially Turkey and France, are directly responsible for continued crisis in Syria; they do shelter, arm, and dispatch their outlawed and extremists to fight the Syrians. Further, Madam Secretary Clinton was herself to call on the extremists and killers not to lay down their arms and not to accept the Syrian government repeated calls for dialogue! So, is it a coincidence that the trouble makers from around the globe met to broker a truce there and intensify their pressure for the more of arms, unrest, explosions and killings here? The background for such a question is already clear, isn't it?

The new dimensions introduced and the red lines drawn are mainly related to the question of Resistance against the occupiers. When it comes to occupation, regardless of how much military power and iron domes occupiers might have, the people of the rights usurped can steadfast, defeat and humiliate the occupiers. Supposedly, the occupation has learned from the 2006 humiliating defeat at the hands of Hezbollah Resistance men. Anyway, it is only peace which can bring security, tranquility and prosperity to the region, which is indeed in a bad need for. The entire region needs such a high level of international efforts, not for fuelling crises, but for extinguishing the burning fires, which are to spread and set all ablaze!

It is high time for the present unilateral, selective, and unbalanced policy of sticks. The people of the region are indeed hungry for carrots. This is undoubtedly to be but in the interest of all.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim