Mr. Stupid Ambassador!

 US Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, has recently self-appointed herself as the representative and spokesman for the Syrian People! Ignorantly and arrogantly stated that “It’s that we don’t think the people want Assad anymore; we don’t think that he is going to be someone that the people want to have,”  Mr. Ambassador, you are a disillusioned blind fool!

According to the ongoing on the ground inside Syria, I can assure all worldwide that even the minority among Syrians who did not vote for  President Bashar Al-Assad in 2014 presidential elections are now to vote for  him in any forthcoming elections! How? Why? Transparently speaking, they have discovered that President Assad is their only protector, savor and defender! And what about more than 85 percent of the Syrians who voted, at times with their own blood- for him!?

Mr. Ambassador! Sorry Mr. stupid Ambassador, I beg to differ! All of the US unprincipled and reckless policies are but an accumulation of errors, carnages, and massacres! How millions of the innocents your country has been massacring worldwide and recently in Iraq, the Yemen, Libya, Syria, and in and in…! if some among the ewes are to pay you billions as to be appointed monarchs or princes, the Syrians have been since 2000- when they imposed presidency on Mr. Assad- chanting 'Allah, Syria, Bashar!"

A simple look at the US modern history- given the fact that all of USA history is no more than 3 hundred years- would but guide to the truth that the reckless policies of consequent US Presidents is indeed responsible for every death and destruction all over the world. Every business and financial deals of your presidents are built on others' suffering, death, blood and agonies!

Mr. stupid Ambassador, the Syrians are proud and indeed very happy that you have no love for the president of Syria! This in itself might be one of the main reasons why the Syrians- if not the majority worldwide- love and adore this president! Once the USA is in love with a leader, it means exploitation, subjugation, and slavery! Mr. Ambassador, your country is accustomed to use others as cleaning-papers!

Mrs. Nikki, some would tell you that your name in Arabic carries a sexual meaning! For the ewes and those yes-sir hen-picked characterless, you can! But not in our name! Let the Syrians decide what they want! Even those besieged and kidnapped by Al-Qaeda Wahabbi affiliates in Edlib took to the streets and chanted 'Allah, Syria, Bashar',  calling on H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad as to save them!


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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Most Sincere in Fighting Terrorism

Magnet for Terrorists!

''Terrorism doesn’t have borders''

"Peace and stability are the right way to combat terrorism."

In the Interest of All Humanity!

Miracle or A Must !

Should They Pray?

They Have to Pray !



President Assad's Amman Summit Guidelines

 The coming Arab Summit in Amman should- supposedly- reflect Arab citizens' needs, fears, aspirations and preoccupations. In the absence of the guardian of Arabs' dignity, pride, secularity and amity, namely President Bashar Hafez Al-Assad, the summit is called upon to consider and underline the following guidelines enshrined by the first and only Arab Leader who  declared in Cairo , September 21, 2000 that "he did not find any excuse for not holding an Arab summit in a regular way."

As a matter of fact, supposedly,  the Summit should condemn the war of terrorism, financed and armed by some of the attendee, particularly Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and others, should call for a stop in supporting terrorism against Syrians, should call for the lifting of the imposed unjust sanctions imposed on the Syria; OR should it be a Marshal Plan for reconstruction and building; OR should it be an occasion for repentance and commitment to implement UN Security Council anti-terrorism resolutions! OR should it be a push for an activation for Arabs'  Beirut Peace Initiative!

Here are some of the guidelines enshrined and outlined by  H.E. President Assad in his address to Amman Summit, March 27, 2001:

"We must be careful not to turn this summit into 'a Wailing Wall' were we sit to complain and whine, or into a charity where we meet in order to beg the world for aid. We must be courageous, make courageous resolutions, and beware of considerations that are not useful for us."

"Your Excellences, Highness, and Majesties, you are called upon to unanimously agree as not to disagree and to take '' courageous decisions'' through the Summit with a ' responsible and frank dialogue" ' hence our people aspire for many outcomes from the summit'' and to'' boost the mechanism of Arab joint actions at all levels with no limits''. The masses of your people are in waiting for your long-awaited for sound, rational and workable plans of action."

Syria Is Our Life

 DAMASCUS, (ST)_ Her Excellency Mrs. Asma Al-Assad, the First Lady of Syria, observed  Mother's Day hosting  a group of Martyrs'  Mothers from the liberated City of Aleppo.

According to the Presidency Facebook page, a video entitled '' Mother of All" presented  Mrs. Al-Assad emotional meeting with some of the Martyr's Mothers.

''You have been the title for life, firmness, and persistence which crowned  the steadfastness of Aleppo inhabitants throughout all years,'' the First Lady, Mrs. Asma Al-Assad addressed the blessed gathering.

"Syria is our life and every span of its soil is more precious than soul and Aleppo is our lungs to breathe; hence the magic of Aleppo is known for all who love and appreciate it and not only for those who were born and lived in it."

Mrs. Al-Assad highly lauded the people of Aleppo who since day one following the liberation of their city returned to their houses and started to rebuild the factories, robbed and ransacked by the neighbors' son, the burglar of Aleppo!

" Aleppo is very dear to its inhabitants who do not like to leave it but in cases of utmost needs. You are welcome and thanks for your coming," said Mrs. Al-Assad.

"History in Syria is written by the right, blood is the ink of the right, the blood of all Syrians. The blood is precious and only writes for the right and with right," added Mrs. Al-Assad.

" Every Mother insisted to remain home though of terrorism shells, canons and was steadfast in commitment to the soil of Aleppo. Every woman was an arm for soldiers: every woman who carried water and food  on her back for the soldiers and children to drink and eat, every woman remained steadfast and sent her sons to school, university notwithstanding fear and risks; Thus, every woman was a bullet in every soldiers' gun. And every woman who withstood terrorism and remained in the territories once controlled by terrorists has been the minaret for every soldier to enter and save her." Outlined the First Lady.

"You, the mothers of Aleppo, have strengthened Aleppo as the compass  for victory; you decided to achieve victory  and were victorious through your sons, homes, patience, support to your Army; Consequently Aleppo was victorious with and through you," underscored Mrs. Asma Al-Assad.

"When the Army started liberating Aleppo, you were the target and the compass, the support and steadfastness; the strength which empowered it, the duty hence you fulfilled your duty and more," said Mrs. Al-Assad.

"Our destiny is to stand firm hence we have been groomed up with the smell of our territories' smell and as to defend our country with blood and soul; groomed up as all neighbors and family members, as not to attack any; but once others attack us, we defend and resist and fight." said Mrs. Al-Assad.

 "History would register how day by day the light is rising through the power of Martyrs' families, from the pain of our wounded's wound, from the steadfastness of a mother who has a missing member and from the yearning of the mother of the kidnapped person, who returned after a long absence." Concluded  Mrs. Asma  Al-Assad.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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Excerpts from Mrs. Al-Assad Statements




Glorious March 8, 1963 Revolution

 March 8, 1963 Revolution, in reaction, at least to the then repeated coups and exploitation of the homeland resources, has indeed been the driving force behind the Syrians aspiration and desire for freedom, equality and justice. 54 years since then, Syria today, notwithstanding all the sinister plots, conspiracies and the foreign-backed terrorism, is still the throbbing heart and bastion of resistance and civilization. The major pivotal role of the Baath Arab Socialist Party and the late President Hafez Al-Assad in March 8 Revolution, and later in the Correction Movement, has and will ever have immense contributions to the current steadfastness of Syria, under the wise historic leadership of President Bashar Hafez Al-Assad, the guardian of all humanity against every evil and terrorism.

In his March 8, 1990 Speech, President Hafez Assad's outlined that by then

  • We covered the most difficult stages as we put our shoulders to the wheel and exerted concerted efforts to set things right and balance the books.
  • Our belief is deep seated that life is an eternal revolution and man is the essence and target.
  • The revolution is the locomotive to change status for a better condition to serve man`s aspirations.
  • Speaking of man as an essence and target of the revolution, we tend to think of the youth where we find an optimal personification of man.
  • As I described them before, the youth are the hope for the future and the future hope lies in the present.
  • Freedom lives along with man and thrives on with his development because it needs a system in life like any other one. Plants grow according to a system; the earth, planets and the human body function according to a very accurate and precise system, but when it malfunctions, destabilization occurs and the system degenerates and collapses altogether.

Over 25 Years Of U.S. Plans To Destabilize Syria

A CIA report, drafted in 1986, details the agency’s “purposely provocative” analysis of the regime’s vulnerabilities and the potential to destabilize and oust then-President Hafez al-Assad.

According to Whitney Webb, the prominent MintPress contributor,  While the nearly seven-year-long sectarian “civil war” in Syria is widely believed to have started in 2011, revelations in recent years have shown that the sectarian war that has sunk Syria into chaos actually precedes the “official” start of the conflict.

In 2010, Wikileaks published hundreds of thousands of classified State Department cables, including a 2006 cable showing that destabilizing the Syrian government was a primary goal of U.S. policy in the Middle East. The ultimate intention was to topple Iran, one of Syria’s closest allies. The cable revealed that the U.S.’ goal at the time was to undermine the Syrian government by any means available.

In addition, retired United States Army General Wesley Clark’s bombshell interview with Democracy Now exposed the existence of plans for regime change in Syria that date as far back as 2001. Now, a newly declassified document from the Central Intelligence Agency has shown that these regime change efforts date back even further to the late 1980s – and potentially even earlier.

The declassified document was written in July, 1986 by the Foreign Subversion and Instability Center, a part of the CIA’s Mission Center for Global Issues, and is titled “Syria: Scenarios of Dramatic Political Change.” As the document itself states, its purpose is to analyze – in a “purposely provocative” manner – “a number of possible scenarios that could lead to the ouster of President Assad [Bashar al-Assad’s father, Hafez] or other dramatic change in Syria.”

The report’s meager distribution list suggest it was considered by top officials in the Reagan administration, specifically because it was distributed to national security chiefs, not entire agencies. It was also distributed to a handful of key players in U.S.-Syria relations, such as former Ambassador to Syria William Eagleton.

Though the document itself officially predates the current Syrian conflict by nearly 25 years, much of its analysis brings to mind recent events in Syria, particularly those that led to the outbreak of war in 2011. Chief among these is the rise of factionalism ,as well as the potential to counter Russian influence in Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East. These similarities suggest that U.S. regime change efforts in Syria date back to well over 30 years ago – proof of the persistent imperialist elements that consistently guide U.S. foreign policy.

At the time, the document continues, Sunnis “made up 60 percent of the Syrian officer corps but [were] concentrated in junior officer ranks,” with the majority of enlisted men being primarily Sunni conscripts. Furthermore, the document notes that if the Syrian government were to overreact to “minor outbreaks of Sunni dissidence,” large-scale unrest could be triggered – “setting the stage for civil war.”