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President Putin's Call

In the recently held Sochi Summit between Presidents Bashar Al-Assad and Vladimir Putin, a call was reiterated for the withdrawal of foreign forces from the Syrian Territories. This has indeed been an indirect political call on the occupying US, French and other un-invited forces of occupation to end their illegal and illegitimate occupation.

Had it not been so, President Putin would have ordered his men to leave Syria. Actually, the Russians , the partners in the sacred blood in defense of the world, and hero brothers in the fight against terrorism along with Hizbollah, Iran, and every anti-terrorists, have been playing a pivotal role in defense of all world and in reshaping the globe on the basis of justice, legality and freedom.

For many, Sochi  can be considered as the last call for the occupiers withdrawal before the plastic or wooden boxes are to be crammed with what might remain of the occupiers' flesh! The Russians are specialized with eliminating ISIS and other terrorist groups, BUT some other anti-terrorism forces are famed for their struggle and fight against the occupiers of their own territories.

The Syrian territories, resources, civilizations are but Syrian and for the Syrians! The occupiers' dreams in and with the Syrian Paradise, baptized with the blood of all the  anti-terrorism noble martyrs, are doomed to be Satan's  definite hell.

Damascus, Damascus Countryside, are cleaned from the occupiers' dirt and garbage! The greedy occupiers with the  ewes and their cannibals on the ground are being defeated and liquidated.

Millions of Syrians, for the first time after long thorny years of savage and terrorist shelling and attacks, feel now the blessing of living in the oldest continuously inhabited capital worldwide. This is but an assertion that Moscow, Tehran , and many other capitals worldwide are to enjoy and live in  peace.

It is now more than late that the occupiers should withdraw from the sacred land of Syria. As the terrorists on the ground are being cleansed, the backers, financers and masters of these terrorists should too immediately  withdraw or be mercilessly, and out of the legitimate right to self-defense , be cleansed.


Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim


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Hope Everlasting Impetus

"Our enemies have been working throughout the years of war as to make us lose determination and hope and to be desperate. In fact, the enemies  failed given the fact that Syria is gradually emerging out from the bottle neck. Hope is the everlasting impetus and motivation behind success and development as the youth are but the dynamo and heart of every society."

H.E. Mrs. Asma Al-Assad during  her participation in the activities of social, and financial business completions "Takwin" – joint venture establishment- launched by Baraka Bank, Syria, in association with the Syrian Computer Society, Sanad Development Team, and Venture for Training and Consultations, May 8, 2018.

National Labor Day

On the occasion of Labor Day, the Syria Times publishes the following two landmark speeches  Delivered by H.E. the Late President Hafez Al Assad on 14 December 1992 at Opening of the 22nd Conference of the General Union of Workers  and on 10 November 1995 in Conclusion of the Productivity Competitions and the National Voluntary Labor Day, edited and translate by M. Abdin:

Brothers and sons, sisters and laborers,

 Amidst the celebrations of our people of the silver jubilee of the corrective movement, comes your contributions truly expressing gratitude, devotion and the spirit of struggle which singled out the working classes in Syria over its history.

Since the dawn of the correction and the 8th of March revolution, the working classes had a prominent role to play in Syria which came as an extension to their role they have already expressed at different stages of our modern history prompted by patriotism and belief in the national values.

You have tirelessly persevered to revive the weeks of productive competitiveness and days of the national voluntary work one year after another concurrently with the anniversary of the corrective movement in appreciation of the existing nexus between you and the corrective movement.

 Your efforts culminated due to the amelioration of production, shoring up the national economy, brain work and adapting the slogan of self reliance benefitting from  the country`s potentials and national resources where you made remarkable achievements of which we are enormously proud.

Twenty five years span is a definite time calculation, but what has been achieved during it represents an era of productivity. The great evolution and the fast-moving development Syria has witnessed over the past twenty five years in the economic, social and political aspects belong to the leading role you have perfectly done.

These great achievements coupled with your brotherly farmers have multiplied the agricultural production many folds and provided food security to the people in addition to security, stability and national unity on the grounds of enhancing our capability to counter all challenges befalling the nation.

Our nation boasts of awareness, altruism and sacrifice. The country is impervious to hardships and debilities but moves forward with back-to-back successes and victories. Verily, our nation is able to hit its targets and achieve aims thanks to the people who work towards such goals.

At this juncture and in the battle for peace, we are strong because of the will of our people and the valiant armed forces who are defending the nation as we are waging this battle without prejudicing our rights and principles.

I avail this opportunity to bless your great efforts as I am quite confident of  the capabilities of our people to achieve the promising future we have been looking forward to.

Let us persist with resolve and determination, which branded our march over the past twenty five years, to continue our struggle for the coming years in order to achieve prosperity and welfare to our posterity they duly deserve.

Salam e Buongiorno Presidente Assad

I have been receiving scores of solidarity messages from peace activists worldwide. The senders of these electronic messages vehemently lash out and condemn in the strongest way the unjustified tripartite barbaric aggression against Syria. Some of these messages  praise and appreciate the hero stances of H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad and his fight against terrorism on behalf of the entire globe. I am indeed honored to publish  some of these messages, expressing  gratitude and  thanks for every peace activist and truth seeker:

 I am from the UK and I wanted to get a message to your president.

 Not all of us are blinded by the lies of our media, we have done the research ourselves and have seen that all this attack is due to GREED from our very own corrupt governments here in the UK and overseas in America. I am sure there are other countries involved in this also. Before all of this fighting began in your country, it was safe and you had a nice place to live, however, because your very impressive president dropped the American dollar, you are now a threat to America. I do believe this is all how it started…

 Please stay strong, one day the slaves will wake up and see how all of us are the creation of a corrupt society and will remove these corrupt people once and for all. Until then people like me will watch in horror at what is happening in your country and hope that Russia and Syria win this awful war going on in your country.

 There is nothing I can say or do that will stop this, but I just wanted the president to know that there are people like me who know the truth. So please never give up, ever and stop this greed from taking over your lands.


 Lord Kirk Martin

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Eight reasons why the latest Syria chemical weapons attack allegations are almost certainly complete nonsense

April 8, 2018

By Stephen Gowans

There is much ambiguity surrounding the alleged chemical weapons attack in Douma, said to have taken place late Saturday, but there are a few matters that are clear.

First, the reports are “unverified”, according to The Wall Street Journal [1] and British Foreign Office [2] and are unconfirmed, according to the US State Department [3]. What’s more, The New York Times noted that it “was not possible to independently verify the reports,” [4] while The Associated Press added that “the reports could not be independently verified.” [5]

Second, according to The Wall Street Journal, it isn’t “clear who carried out the attack” [6] assuming even that one was carried out.

Third, the “unverified photos and videos” [7] which form the body of (unverified) evidence, were produced by two groups which have an interest in fabricating atrocities to draw the United States more deeply into the Syrian conflict. Both groups, the White Helmets and Syrian American Medical Society, are funded by Western governments [8], which openly seek regime change in Syria and therefore have an interest in producing a humanitarian pretext to justify stepping up their intervention in the country. The Western government-funded White Helmets and Syrian American Medical Society are allied with anti-government jihadists and are active only “in opposition-controlled areas.” [9] They, too, are clearly interested parties.