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By Janice Kortkamp is with Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

 Sitting in a park in Missouri with Little Dog where I have some phone connection, catching up on news thanks to you all  and thinking thoughts.

These photos are of President Assad and First Lady Asma of Syria with injured soldiers and children of injured and martyred soldiers.

I personally want everything for Syria: the war to end soon, the reclaiming of every inch of their country, the end of US and its allies attempts to control and weaken it as well as their illegal occupation; the end of sanctions designed to make the Syrian people suffer for standing against the US regime change war, help with rebuilding from countries that did not support the US led war...

And for any and all countries that armed and supported terrorists, especially the US, to be held accountable for war crimes. And for them all - the US, UK, France, Germany, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey to pay hundreds of billions in reparations.

And not just all that, but acknowledgment of the lies and slanders against this leader and the armed forces who have been fighting terrorists and defending their homeland.

Nothing can restore the precious lives lost, the hopes and dreams that have died, the years gone, the tears shed, the fear and anger and suffering and the destruction of so much of the infrastructure.

A Better Tomorrow!

The mass popular thrust into the merciful hugs of the Syrian Army and its allies in the Southern part of Syria is but a further proof that many of not all of the Syrians who went astray were indeed brainwashed, misled or forced!

Following up the unfolding events of the liberation of the Syrian sacred soil from the cannibalism of extremism, terrorism, thousands of the Syrians hurried to embrace their family members. The Army in Syria consists of all, particularly those who are young at the age of compulsory conscripts. It has indeed been a family  gathering.

Mothers, sisters and the old were in tears complaining to the Arm and its allies about the terrorist treatment and dealing with the Syrians who were kidnapped by the terrorists, among whom many were non-Syrians and extremists exported to Syria and paid for as mercenaries  to teach the Syrians the way of living according to pre-history ages!

It has been a non-stop surrender and reconciliations; surrender to the reality that Syria is strong and has the heroes to defend it and self-reconciliations  that life is peace, building, amity and fraternity and never war, destruction, and cannibalism.

Syria, of more than at least 10 thousand years of consecutive civilizations, is at the directives of its hero defender President Bashar Hafez Al-Assad is fighting terrorism on behalf of the entire globe as to safeguard and defend the life of  all humans .

Had it not been for the sacrifices of the Syrian anti-terrorism and life defenders and their allies, the region, if not all the world would have been turned by now into a butchery house! Prayers and crossings are to our hero Martyrs as to rest in peace and to our wounded speedy recovery.

Your sacrifices are not only cleansing the region from terrorists but reshaping the world as a new multi-polar one! The sacred blood of anti-terrorism heroes  is paving the way for a better tomorrow built on equality, justice and peace.


Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim


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"Any person who leaves Syria constitutes a loss to the homeland"

H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad, who has been leading a fierce war against terrorism not only in defense of the Syrians, but of the entire humanity, reiterated in his ONT Channel Interview, May 11, 2017:  the return of the refugees is necessary; and we always call on the refugees to return to Syria. As to the timing, every time is an appropriate time for any group of refugees to return. There are no obstacles in this regard; and the state is trying its best to provide the necessary services for those who are displaced inside Syria, and not necessarily outside Syria. Many of them changed places because of terrorism, and the state will provide services in this regard with support from friendly countries in the humanitarian field."

"In general, we don’t need them now. We can build our country using our capabilities. Syria, throughout its ancient and modern history, has been built by Syrian hands, not foreign ones. We have the capabilities to rebuild our country. Money will come gradually. The refugees will bring their money back, and things will move ahead. We have no concerns about this, for we don’t need money from those states or those officials who supported terrorism and bloodshed in Syria during this crisis," added President Assad.

Ever in Soul, Thought and Action!

Father, they wanted to crush our bones and feed the terrorists the dishes of our burnt flesh! They are those who have been deceiving the entire world for decades. They waited and waited, and soon after your untimely demise, they wanted to take revenge from the Syrian rich and deep rooted history, civilization and culture.

Unable to control, nor to subdue your son, President Bashar, and for about a decade following your demise, the anti-Syrians ewes, new-colonialists, ottomans rallied and exerted every evil effort and backed every terrorists from more than a hundred country; they wanted to eat our flesh, rape our women, stead our resources, and.. and… Here is Syria, the capital of Bashar  Hafez Al-Assad, the man who has been living in the hearts and minds of the millions of Syrians, Arabs and freedom and Resistance fighters.

President Hafez Assad, the builder of Modern Syria, passed away on June 10, 2000 leaving behind unforgettable pages of glory and treasures of unshaken principles and doctrines. "There are always men who can catch history" is an important saying of the great Indian leader Gandhi. The late leader President Hafez Al-Assad did not only catch but rewrote and made history through the depth of his thoughts and wisdom.

President Assad's Guidelines!

In his recent Interview with Russian TV International, H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad reiterated some of the principled guidelines for the Syrian balanced and wise policy. President Assad asserted that

  • "With every move forward for the Syrian Army, and for the political process, and for the whole situation – forward in the positive meaning, towards more stability – our enemies and our opponents, mainly the West led by the United States and their puppets in Europe and in our region, with their mercenaries in Syria, they try to make it farther, either by supporting more terrorism, bringing more terrorists  coming to Syria, or by hindering the political process."
  • The war is the worst choice. But sometimes you only have this choice, especially when you talk about factions like Al Qaida, like ISIS, like al-Nusra, and the like-minded factions – actually most of them have the same ideology.
  • We succeeded by implementing reconciliations, especially when the community in those different areas made pressure on those militants to leave those areas. So, I think the best choice is to make reconciliation. This is our plan. But when it doesn’t work, the only method to resort to is the force.
  • We’re going to liberate every area, so it’s impossible for us to intentionally leave any area on the Syrian soil outside our control as government.
  • In Damascus, in Aleppo, in Homs, in every area under the Syrian government’s control, you’ll see every spectrum of the Syrian society, with no exceptions… how could they live with each other while the government is killing them according to sectarian basis? It doesn’t work.
  • Whenever we can save Syrian blood, we have to go forward and deal with any initiative, any kind of initiative, even if they have bad will.
  • The majority of the people who were against the government – apparently – in the different liberated areas, actually, in their hearts they are with the government, because they could tell the difference between having government and having chaos.
  • the United States is losing its cards. The main card was al-Nusra that was called “moderate.” But when the scandal started leaking, that they are not moderate, they are Al Qaida that was supposed to be fought by the United States, they looked for another card. This card is the SDF now, because when as it seems, as you just mentioned, we are moving forward in the different areas to defeat the terrorists.