The Late President Hafez Al Assad's Speech on the 54th Syrian Army Anniversary

Every national occasion has its own niche in the peoples memory and the more sublime it is, the more glory and power it has over the passage of time. On the occasion of the 70 Anniversary of Syrian Arab Army Day, August 1, 2015, the Syria Times on-line has the pleasure to published the Words delivered by the Late President Hafez AL-Assad on this occasion from 1988 through 1999:

 Dear brothers and sons, 

Officers, NCO`s 

Every national occasion has its own niche in the peoples memory and the more sublime it is, the more glory and power it has over the passage of time. 

The occasion we yearly celebrate on August the first, namely the foundation of the Syrian Arab Army is one of the national occasions we take pride in owing to its prominence and relevance to the national struggle of our people. The formation of our army was the bedrock of our victory achieved by independence and the evacuation of colonialism from our homeland. with such formidable army, I would say that our people should rest assured that we have a national power capable of guarding the border and preserving independence.  

Since its inception, our valiant army never dragged its feet in doing their national duty and history provided conclusive evidence to this effect. During its march, the army preserved values and traditions begotten from our  national heritage where the army proved an unswerving commitment to the lofty targets and aspirations of the people since the 8th of March revolution and the corrective movement. 

 On the 54th anniversary of the army, I highly commend all of you wherever you are .Your day is the peoples day who always have empathy with you and yet feel more elated by your honorable battles to succor brotherly countries.  Our move to defend the country has a cohesive bearing on efforts in the economic and social nourishment. The concerted efforts comprised agricultural, industrial and social services which enormously contributed to development in education at all levels, cultural houses and modern science centers. 

The Syrians are staunch advocates of a genuine peace calling for the welfare of the country and the region at large. This call comes concomitantly with the aspirations of a world longing for the materialization of the just and comprehensive peace and keep aggression and occupation at bay. 

People of conscience worldwide bear witness that we are serious in our endeavor to  achieve the just and comprehensive peace. Had there been a genuine opportunity to achieve it, we would not have missed it since we have already taken very serious stances to substantiate our efforts towards making the just peace a reality. By adapting such attitude, we preserve our national principles which pivot on the basis of being right and just in comport with the international legitimacy decisions. We are optimistic to receive a reciprocal intention from the others for the sake of establishing  just and comprehensive peace by dint of restoring the usurped rights and land to its indigenous people who have already acquired recognition of the international community. 

The long-awaited and viable peace is a phenomenal target and a dire need for the region and the world at large because we are neither putting hurdles nor raising the bar to hamper the materialization of the peace process.

 The army day in Syria and Lebanon falls on August the first as the two armies in these brotherly countries celebrate this anniversary with euphoric jubilation. 

I avail this opportunity to salute Lebanon; president, people and government and cordially salute the Lebanese army; officers and NCO`s reassuring our pledge to move forward on a parallel line towards peace . 

On this occasion, mention should  be made to our indefatigable people in Golan. I highly laud their steadfastness and attachment to their national identity, reiterating that going back home is not a far-fetched goal at all. Furthermore, I salute the great fighters in southern Lebanon and Palestine. 

"Martyrs are the most generous people and the noblest of all men." 

The generous will be always prosperous. Memories of noble martyrs are eternally etched in our hearts and minds and their families will remain the focal point of our attention. We solemnly pledge to them that our path is either martyrdom or victory. 

By the will of Allah and the peoples unity, we will be on the right track to build our country doing our utmost to achieve the just and comprehensive peace that would ultimately liberate the Arab  land and reinstate the usurped Arab rights of the nation.

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Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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Damascus Glorious Gate of Martyrs!

 Astana … Geneva… Where to! The Syrians have ever been committed to search for peace. When it comes to ending more than 6 years of foreign-backed war of terrorism against Syrians, the Syrians, who have been paying highly for others' crimes, especially for those al-Qaeda Wahabbi affiliates, are open for political solution.

The delegation of the Syrian Arab Republic has left no stone unturned as to conduct serious and genuine intra Syrian talks. It seems, unfortunately, that the many remote-controlled by foreign conspirators are lost in their dreams up to the deception and false dictates of the operators!

So, with whom Geneva intra-Syrians talks are to be held!  The internal oppositions inside Syria at Damascus can be fruitful. The internal oppositions not only live in the same boat along with millions of Syrians, but feel the same sufferings imposed upon the Syrians by the consequences of the foreign-backed terrorism.

Geneva intra-Syria talks led to the assertion on fighting terrorism! Fighting the terrorism, backed by some of the countries to which other made 'moderate oppositions' , has ever been the priority for the majority of the Syrians, particularly for the Army, President, Allies and friends.

Thus, the fight against terrorism should naturally include those who have been backing, making, arming and training thousands of multi-national Al-Qaeda Wahabbi terrorists, dispatched to slaughter Syrians and their secular mode of life!

Many say that the rift among some of terrorism backers and breeders, especially between the Emirate of Qatar and the Monarchy of Al-Saud, might have impacted the talks! Thus, the talks are not intra Syrian but between the official Syrian delegation led by the veteran Dr. Al-Jafari, and the Saudi, Qatari, and others prefabricated 'moderate oppositions'!

Many years passed and many to pass, unfortunately as only to acknowledge the need for fighting terrorism! The other side might take years in wasting the patient Syrians time, and in the slaughter of the steadfast Syrians and their beloved Syria!

In January 2014,  H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad expressed in his interview with AFP the hope that the Geneva conference will be able to provide an answer about the date of eradicating terrorism in Syria, and asserted that once the countries backing terrorists stop doing so and when "this terrorism stops coming in, ending the war will not take more than a few months".

"We will keep our hands opened to dialogue with all who are politically different with us, unless their stances harm national principles. We will negotiate with parties and individuals who didn't hand over their homeland to strangers. We will talk to those who dropped their weapons and we will be honest partners to all who are keen on maintaining Syria's interests, sovereignty, safety and independence," said  President Bashar Al-Assad said in his landmark speech on January 6th 2013 , outlining a political plan for solving the crisis in Syria, the program which no other program would be as of its capability .

The parroting ' moderate oppositions' have no objective other than snatching the key of Damascus! Damascus today has not only 7 gates but 8, given the new glorious gate of Martyrs!

Our Martyrs alone are to honor Syrians with not only the key but with Master key! It is the long path of sacrifices, as initiated by the late Hafez Al-Assad, the builder of modern Syria, pursued by the Syrian President, Army and People, that would decide not only on fighting terrorism, but on the future of Syria in a popular referendum and elections, as has been outlined by President Bashar Al-Assad in his January 6th 2013 political program for the solution of the crisis.

H.E. President Al-Assad, the world leader in combating terrorism, asserted that  "any political solution that is reached without fighting terrorism has no value. There can be no political action when there is terrorism everywhere, not only in Syria but in neighboring countries as well. The genuine phase of the battle is the fight against terrorism, which we are living on a daily basis.

Actually no meeting, be it Geneva, Astana or whatever, can be a success without taking the so far accomplished on the ground against terrorism and the outlined January 6th 2013 program into serious consideration and implementation: calling the regional and international states and bodies connected with the armed groups to cease financing, arming and sheltering them, and calling these armed groups to abide by immediate cease of violence of all forms for preventing bloodshed and safeguarding the homeland and its unity, sovereignty and independence, calling the international society, with all its bodies, organizations and states, to support the political solution of the crisis in Syria, to combat terror of all forms, and to abide by implementing the related UN resolutions, including banning exporting arms to the terrorist groups and stop their financial, political and informative support.


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 Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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The Battle Is NOT Over

 For years, the Syrians have been living under the shadow of foreign-backed and imposed world terrorism. Such terrorism is according to the multi-purposes sinister schemes, whether by the perpetrators of the ugliest forms of slaughter, destruction, and kidnapping, or by the masters of terrorism for socio-political-demographic geopolitical, or even for treason, grudge and fratricide genes of the ewes!

One of the unbearable aspects of the brutal inhuman catastrophes imposed upon the Syrians was not only to slaughter them, cannibalize their human parts, but  to kidnap them, children, women, elderly and even infants!

Mrs, Raifa Haidar, one of the hundreds of Syrian women kidnapped by the terrorist Wahabbi Al-Qaeda affiliates in Syria, has recently sent a letter to Minister of Information, Engineer Mohamad Ramez Turjiman, about the kidnapped in general and those who belong to the Ministry staff in particular.

Mrs, Raifa Haidar, according to a hand-written letter received by the Syria Times, mentioned the name of Haitham Abdulkarim Moussa, his wife Sounia Ibrahim Dayoub, and their daughter Maya Moussa, who was 13 years old when she was kidnapped by the terrorists.

Maya Moussa should by now by a university student in light of her distinction and talents. Unfortunately, tens of other family members, including children are by now dispersed among many terrorist factions, said Mrs, Raifa Haidar in her letter.

The Brave Builder!

 Father, they wanted to crush our bones and feed the terrorists the dishes of our burnt flesh! They are those who have been deceiving the entire world for decades. They waited and waited, and soon after your untimely demise, they wanted to take revenge from the Syrian rich and deep rooted history, civilization and culture.

Unable to control, nor to subdue your son, President Bashar, and for about a decade following your demise, the anti-Syrians ewes, new-colonialists, ottomans rallied and exerted every evil effort and backed every terrorists from more than a hundred country; they wanted to eat our flesh, rape our women, stead our resources, and.. and… Here is Syria, the capital of Bashar  Hafez Al-Assad, the man who has been living in the hearts and minds of the millions of Syrians, Arabs and freedom and Resistance fighters.

President Hafez Assad, the builder of Modern Syria, passed away on June 10, 2000 leaving behind unforgettable pages of glory and treasures of unshaken principles and doctrines. "There are always men who can catch history" is an important saying of the great Indian leader Gandhi. The late leader President Hafez Al-Assad did not only catch but rewrote and made history through the depth of his thoughts and wisdom.

Weaponization of Children!

  The sinister schemes and aggressions against Syria have been prepared and enacted on the ground once the greedy colonial forces found their fabrications, lackeys and traitors ready to destroy the only secular cradle of civilization in this part of the world. The terrorists and their backers aimed to distort, spoil and destroy every aspect of Syria's civilized life using every means of distortion and fabrications, particularly mainstream media (MSM).

"Syria has been exposed to a media attack; media, notwithstanding its importance, cannot outdo the reality. They might be stronger in space- satellite transmission-, but we are stronger on the ground than in the space. Still, we want to win on the ground as well as in the space." said H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad in press statements following the casting of his vote  in Syria's New Constitution referendum, February 26  2012.

Once again, the lies and fabrication made by the terrorist organizations and the US-UK-financed White Helmets as well as the media outlets supporting them about events in Syria continue to be exposed.

 A new revelation came on Tuesday after the five years old boy Omarn Daqneesh, whose photo in an orange ambulance seat spread across the Main Stream Media (MSM) in August last year to be exploited against the Syrian government, appeared again to belie the reports and images circulated about him being injured in an alleged airstrike by the Syrian army.