Wooden Coffins in Waiting!

It seems that the US policy and sinister main objective in Syria is not only to obstruct any political solution for the mainly foreign backed and foreign imposed war by multinational terrorists and hired mercenaries, but to cleanse Syria from its citizens! Mr. US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson's recent statements during his current tour, are not only contradictory but disillusioned and fanciful!

Tillerson's statements in Kuwait reiterated many well-known facts about the US policy of divide to rule, cow boy-like manner of dealing with the majority of today's crazy world, and about the real and true sponsors and boss of  Mr. De Mistura and of his favourite foreign opposition team!

Tillerson's crazy and blatant statements in Kuwait that the US occupation troops in some parts of the Syrian territory is for, among many other things, to influence Geneva talks should make the majority of national and patriotic Syrians refrain from going to Geneva. Many have the right now to wonder whether Geneva talks are Syrian-Syrian talks under the UN facilitator role, or merely a US ploy, paid for by the dirty petro-dollars, and under the US expansionist and greedy hegemony!

Peace to the People of Syria

Yesterday's Sochi Congress  gathering more than 1500 Syrians representing every strata  of Syria was indeed and by all objective accounts a great success. It was so not only in its positive outcomes, but even in its negative messages sent by those who objected to the conference and even left no stone unturned as to abort its convening!

It was an accurate translation for President Vladimir Putin's message to the Dialogue Congress of the Syrians as it did provide the  opportunity to meet the Syrians’ aspirations to end the war and fully eradicate terrorism. Sochi Congress gathered representatives from almost all non-affiliated to foreign states and not caught red handed in slaughtering the Syrians.

The convening of the Congress was a stitch in time as a remarkable success for Syria, Russia, Iran, and even Turkey apart from its unwavering support to many terrorist groups who have been slaughtering Syria and Syrians. Those who rejected the Congress made a big push not only for the success of the Congress but for the need as to reconsider their destructive role and the states  arming terrorists on the ground and supporting them, even by a pre-fabricated Washington Document, which once more proved the true evil intentions as to eliminate Syria and not terrorism!

The Craziness!

It is a year on Mr. trumps presidency in the United States! Among the achievements of Trump's Administration regarding Syria, plagued for years by the most brutal foreign-backed terrorism and sinister schemes, are the more of destruction, hindrances, sanctions, blockade and the more of weapons and mass destruction weapons supplied to the terrorists of more than a hundred country!

Mr. Trumps destructive role in Syria is a follow-up to the persistent and consequent US Administrations destructive roles in Styria. Apart from some US positive statements by some officials after leaving their posts, one would notice that even the promised to be positive roles are soon to fade away and to be replaced by grudge, hatred and aggression statements and deeds!

Mr. Trump once promised :"We have to end that craziness that is going on in Syria." A year after, the US Administration is but inflaming such a 'craziness', mainly caused by the US and its satellite puppets! The Syrians have no alternative other than defending, along with their brothers and allies, their very existence of civilization, history and honor!

The True Enemy!

Astana consultations restart today! Geneva 8th session is already finished! The brave fighting against the foreign- Real backed terrorism is on and on as to clean all of the Syrian Arab Republic from the last foreign-backed, trained and terrorist cell. With the conclusion of 2017,  still and ever the memories, heroism and souls of those who passed to Martyrdom, in defence of all humanity, are feeding the throbs of our hearts running in the blood of every anti-terrorism being, from Russia, Iran, Hezboallah, to Syria and beyond!

The Syrians on the ground of sacrifices, steadfastness, as well as economic hardships, sanctions,  are in the ruins of what the foreign-backed terrorists and their masters destroyed. The grudge of the colonialists and the greedy of the world's wolves and beasts are still on with the aim of implementing a new Geneva-based Sykes-Picot, a new exploitation, but with a long-term and grand robbery! All the schemes of the enemies are doomed to failure! We have been fighting the enemies and their schemes and their terrorists for salvation and NOT for slavery.

Never Wait for Godot !

The political solution map in Syria was drawn by the sacred blood of the anti-terrorism fighters. This map has been day by day redrawn according to the Syrians and their allies steadfastness, sacrifices and determination as  to fight the foreign-backed and at times made and prefabricated multinational terrorists from more than a hundred country.

According, the Wahabbi bids continue as to exploit  and destroy Syria more and more as a matter of grudge and hatred  to achieve  through Geneva what they couldn't  achieve on the ground! The Syrians do refuse that the Wahabbis exploit them as a chipping card for Al-Saud catastrophic follies in the Yemen, Iraq, as well as in many places worldwide!

 Syria, proud of its decades-long shaped and practiced popular democracy, is further under attacks by the Wahabbis, given the recent   break in their shared treason with the Qataris, whose recent revelations and declared amounts of bribes and dirty petrodollars, should not only make the so-called and bribed  yes-sir-opposition senseless spineless creatures ashamed, but  stand before  a trial!