Aleppo, Cry for Humanity!

 The economic capital of Syria, Aleppo, has been under the siege of terrorists for more than 5 years. Erdogan of Turkey has vandalized, stolen and tried to destroy every industrial, infrastructural and human treasure of the city, millions of not trillions of the Saudi- Qatari petrodollars were wasted , in vain, for the destruction of Aleppo, not mention other Syrian cities and towns!  The governments of the USA, France, and Britain and of others exploited the agony of the Syrians in Aleppo, in a savage barbaric exploitation of terrorism for colonial, greedy and terrorist purposes!

Watching on Syrian TV news bulletins the cleansing of eastern parts of Aleppo, I am filled with pride, optimism, despair and pain! The battles from a street to another, house to another by the Syrian Army and their allied forces give but another humanitarian lesson to the entire world; it is our legitimate war to save our citizens from Al-Qaeda Wahabbi affiliates. The Syrians of Eastern Aleppo are extremely joyful and happy: their spontaneous statements, excitements are full of steadfastness values and meanings. They chanted: Allah, Syria, Bashar, God salutes and protections to the Syrian Army and their Allies.

The Syrians liberated from terrorists voice appreciations and gratitude to their liberators, to the Russians, Iranians for every assistance provided, for every piece of bread, and clothes, medicine sent as to alleviate their sufferings.  The news from Aleppo continued: Shadi Hilwa, the brave Syrian TV Aleppo correspondent airs an interview with two terrorists who fought as mercenaries for a 60-dollar monthly salary with Al-Qaeda affiliates. These two terrorists surrendered themselves to the Syrian Army after they were injured. They gave statements regarding the oppression and discrimination exerted against them by what they said their non-Syrian MULTI-NATIONAL terrorist leaders. One can not here but wonder whether the hectic Kerry moves or even De Mistura autonomous for Eastern Aleppo came as but only to safeguard Al-Qaeda 'moderates'.

Pain and despair for the civilians targeted by the blind arbitrary shelling by terrorists. The children frightened bleeding and the mothers and family members' bitter tears for the martyred and wounded are indeed unbearable! It is indeed the war on behalf of the entire world. It is the moral duty of every human to defend humanity against terrorism. Once a terrorist is liquidated in Syria, more than tens of lives are to be saved somewhere, including in the countries which back, groom up and arm terrorists!


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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To a Psychiatric hospital, Erdogan!

 One cannot but to question the role of the so-called UN, International Law, Norms, Human values and principles in the global village of today! In light of Turkey's self-appointed president, Erdogan's recent statements  against Syria and its territorial integrity, Erdogan is indeed crazy, sick and characterless puppet for who pay more!

In fact, Erdogan's heinous crimes against humanity, Turks, Armenians, EU, Syrians should make him ashamed of his own-made and caused disasters and failures  and make him repent before it is too late. Erdogan's 'moderates': ISIS, Al-Nusra, and tens of other Wahabbi and Ottoman affiliated terrorists and cannibals are being liquidated and cleansed in many parts of Syria, particularly in Lattakia, Aleppo and soon in Raqa and Deir Azzour. Is this the main cause for Erdogan's hallucinations!

Do Erdogan's recent flagrant statements against Syria indicate that he lost his mind? I beg to differ, Erdogan has been  brainless since  his childhood! So, Erdogan's complex and Ottoman hallucinations should lead him to a Psychiatric hospital, Sanatorium,

For about 6 years, Turkey's reckless, unbalanced and crazy Erdogan has been working barbarically, savagely  and with unmatched grudge, hatred and cannibalism on the destruction, theft, robbery, exploitation and slaughter against the Syrians! Erdogan has been indeed made and exploited by the creators and supporters of terrorism!

Who is to pay for Erdogan's support and sponsoring of  terrorism? Undoubtedly, he himself along with his masters  and herds. All of Erdogan's dictated actions and blind leaps have led so far nowhere, apart from leading to the mushrooming of terrorism worldwide. At the end, such permanent and flagrant aggressions would lead to where none is to imagine or to envy Erdogan!

Actually, Erdogan's repeated violations of every international law and norm are part of the Ottoman's  aggression  by Erdogan and his masters   against the sovereignty, independence and citizenship of every Syria. Erdogan's' targeting of the Syrians- including our  Kurds co-nationals-  is an aggression against every Syrian, where in the free democratic Syria, citizenship is based on belonging and allegiance and commitment to the homeland , and never ever on  Erdogan's-like criteria.

 The Syrian national and principled foreign policy was strongly founded by the Late President Hafez Al-Assad decades ago and being pursued by the beloved President of millions worldwide, and not only of Syrians: no interference in other countries' domestic affairs. And as the late President underscored that  he who stretched a good hand to us, we would extend the same good hand to him; and he who extends an evil hand to Syria and its citizens, we would but cut off this evil by our knife.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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The Great Lives in Minds & Spirits & Deeds

Another great pillar of world justice- freedom and resistance succumbs to the will of the Creator, the Almighty God! The great live for their peoples' noble causes and aspirations, as the Late Jamal Abdulnasser and Hafez Al-Assad did for their peoples and nation. Such a blessing memory for such great are ever alive in deeds, sacrifices and heroism.

I remember that day, May 15th, 2001, when President Bashar Hafez Al-Assad  met  the then  visiting Cuban President Fidel Castro and the accompanying delegation.
Talks during the meeting dealt with some regional and international issues in light of the changes which swept the world by the end of the last century considering their impact on regional and international conditions politically and economically.
Talks also covered recent developments at the international arena, bilateral relations between Syria and Cuba and the importance of boosting them in the interest of both friendly countries. Cuban President Fidel

The next Day, May 16th, the Cuban President Fidel Castro and his accompanying delegation visited al-Assad library and laid a wreath at late president Hafez Assad's statue.

In a statement to reporters, Castro described late President as was one of the bravest men in the world. "The Syrians, Arabs, and the world freedom-loving people would never forget President Hafez Assad. The late Assad tops all in firmness, pride, and dignity; he never surrendered in all his life. Assad, indeed, knew how to raise his cause up to the top of glory and how to build for Syria her glory.’’ President Fidel Castro of Cuba said of the late president.

Ongoing Correction

Almost every country worldwide has remarkable landmarks, glorious transitional turning points and charismatic leaders to be proud of. On November 16th, 1970, Syria was on a vigil waiting for the man who was able to rescue her from bloody coups, chaos, unrest, a man to wash away the humiliation of June, 1967, a man to restore elegance and civilization role to a country, plagued with long thorny years of occupation, colonialism and all-related aspects of darkness and backwardness. There he came, the late President   Hafez Al-Assad.

Armed with strong and sincere Arab National commitment to every Arab citizen in general, and to every Syrian in particular, Al-Assad initiated the transitional landmark of Correction March. The voice of the once unheard poor, weak, suppressed majority of all walks of life started to be heard in every house, corner, school village and factory. The Syrians woke up to the resurrection of a new dawn, a new chapter of glory, correction and building. On this very day, 46 years back, a statement by the Baath Arab Socialist Party (BASP) temporary Regional Leadership topped ‘ the will and interest of the people as the second to none priority’’ As the President pointed out later to a Damascus crowded rally, ‘ The cornerstone for such a building is the freedom of the Syrian civilian and his/ her dignity, the most expensive of what Man possesses,’’.

The BASP Correction Statement cited the standing challenges including the insistence of imperial powers to liquidate the great cause of Palestine, consecrate the Israeli occupation, disperse and exploit Arabs resources. The Statement cited too: the massing up of the potentialities at the service of struggle and liberation, formation of people’s Assembly, the implementation of economic growth plans, the building of a united popular socialist society, bolstering of popular democracy, continuation of the building up of armed forces, local administration law issuance, and the protection of the citizen freedom and dignity.

As the late President, the Leader of the Correction, stated clearly in the 70's, through the correction Movement, " we have emerged out of chaos, ended the isolation between the masses and leadership,…. put an end to the spoiling of the country economy, as well as to the exploitation and wasting of the civilians means of living,’’

The March of Correction started with a strong belief in God as well as in the masses as to correct and rebuild what others in rubbles had left. The leadership was no more isolated from masses The process of Correction aimed at bettering the life and every condition of the Syrian Man; be it health, educational, political, social, psychological,  a new constitution was worded, National Front for Syria’s parties and popular organizations founded, more of hospitals, schools, infrastructure facilities, roads, dams and universities erected. Very noble the aims were as to achieve balance between expenditure and resources, solve economic crises and achieve speedy social and economic growth, set up popular democratic institutions and union organizations, broaden an enlarge the popular participation of masses in the shaping and making of their country politics and life, increase standards of living, democratization of education, strategic balance realization, and as to secure the social emancipation and bolster women role.

Immortal in Deeds Indeed!

 On the 46th Anniversary of the Correction Movement led by the late President and builder of modern Syria, Hafez Suleiman Al-Assad, the Syria Times On-line is indeed honored to republish but a glimpse of his life:

President Hafez Assad, the builder of Modern Syria, passed away on June 10, 2000 leaving behind unforgettable pages of glory and treasures of unshaken principles and doctrines. On his style-made correction approach, Syria follows the march under the leadership of his son, Bashar. Once the father changed Syria from a coup-plagued and unfruitful country to an oasis for progress, democracy and development. The son is highly expected to pursue the march on the way of modernization, welfare, steadfastness and progress.

16  years following his untimely demise, millions of the Syrians still feel today, more than ever, their urgent need for his fatherly smile, wise stances, peace efforts, prophetic visions, and the many of much of badly needed force. Personally, the tears of my son, Hafez, who was only six-years that day are still alive inside me with unanswered rhetorical questions: how is it possible even for children to so cry . Emotions, as all know, are never to be exported, imported, neither imposed or whatsoever; they are but to be felt! What might console us, however, is the presence of Assad’s son, Bashar, who, masterfully, has been professional in navigating the Syrian Ship amid the strong storms of today’s crazy world into the safety shores; and apart from the heinous treason of those who were supposedly, one day, close associates and comrades! And apart from the warmongers hunger for killing, disorder and for innocents blood in today’s jungle zoo!!!