Mr. Trump on Notice!

Photo by Der Spiegel’s Washington correspondent, Gordon Repinski.

In less than a month of his Inauguration, Mr. Trump of the USA, has so far declared some of the seemingly would be many reckless measures. Mr. Trump's alliance with the Wahabbi regime of Al Saud and the Israeli occupation indicates but the sameness of the US hegemony and egoist mentality of the elite in the States who think that they are the creator of the globe to lead, while they are indeed misled by unknown and well known forces of exploitation.

Mr. Trump's commercial mentality seems so far to control his behavior. His main and only preoccupation in money and only money! Arabs' oil should be all America's!  Saudi terrorism should be turned blind eyes to! Israeli escalating war mongering,  sword rattling and settlements skyrocketing should be encouraged! Syria's long fight against Western, US, and foreign-backed terrorists should be rewarded by so called 'safe-zones'  ignoring that the only safety prevails only where the Syrian Arab Army and its allied anti-terrorism forces exist.

It is too early to comment on Mr. Trump's policy, particularly with regard to the ongoing in the Middle East. However, once the motto is America First, all those affiliated to America, mainly Gulf Ewes and  Israel balloons are being blown up with more US CO2! We should not forget about air pollution and capacity of containment! More US Carbons might- and certainly would- lead to the balloons  explosions.

For Syria, Iran, Russia and all anti-terrorism heroes, saving a single human soul from terrorists  means but saving the globe. It is not money which controls our politics and fight against terrorism; it is indeed the sublime human rights and aspirations. Mr. Trump's Advisors have to prepare a short political summary for him as to be acquainted with the reality of the ongoing in this region! This alliance of anti-terrorism has an endless springs and fountains of pure and sacred blood, uncontaminated by polluted CO2.

Mr. Trump's cow-boy mafia like threats do not frighten those who have every right to defend their sovereignty, independence and dignity. The Islamic Republic of Iran's pivotal role in fighting terrorism  should be appreciated and considered, and not the opposite! The expected has been to have a US constructive role in fighting terrorism, at least as to make the bereaved people by  some of Mr. Obama, Mrs. Clinton and others' 'moderate terrorists'' atrocities be consoled.

Hopefully, Mr. Trump is to work for the spread of peace, amity and fraternity culture among all the inhabitants of the small without borders village of today. The globe needs  the culture of communication and understanding, and not walls and sword rattling. Middle East peace and UN resolutions, particularly 242 and 338 not to forget anti-terrorism  resolutions, do deserve some US efforts, given the US sponsorship of the halted Mideast peace process!


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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 Mr. President, Deeds or Words!



Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim CV

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim CV

Name: Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

Place & Date of Birth: Quneitra, Golan, 1963.

Nationality: Syrian  Arab

Social Status: Married, 3 daughters & 1 son.

Academic Studies:

B.A. in English Literature, Damascus University, 1987.

Diploma in Linguistics, Damascus University, 1989.

M.A. in Linguistics, Damascus University, 1994.

Diploma in Journalism, Indian Institute of Mass Communications, New Delhi, India, 1995.

Diploma in Computer Science & Applications, Oranos Institute, Damascus, 1996.

Ph. D. in Linguistics, La Sapienza University, Rome, Italy, 2009- Thesis Title: Middle East Peace Process: Speech Acts Analysis.


Journalist, SANA (Syrian Arab News Agency) since 1991, Senior Editor, English Desk Chairman since 1996.

Editor-in-Chief of the Syria Times Online Daily since 17,September, 2012.

Work Experience:

  • Director of SANA Bureau in Rome, Italy from August 2003 till February 2010.
  • Syria's Information Ministry Representative to the First Euro-Mediterranean Information Technology, Nicosia, Cyprus, 4-7 March 1998.
  • SANA's representative to Non-Aligned News Agencies Conference, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, 1999.
  • Field reporter covering all issues and foreign officials visits to Syria regarding Madrid Peace Process from 1991-2000.
  • Covering the Activities of FAO 1st World Food Summit, Rome, Italy, 13-17 November 1996.
  • Covering  the First Session of the Syrian-Ukrainian Summit, Kiev, 3-5 June, 2003.
  • Covering the First Session of the Higher Syrian-Iranian Commission, Tehran, Iran.
  • Covering the visit of H.E. President Bashar Assad and the First Lady to Rome, Italy.
  • Representing SANA to Informatics and Information Conference, Beirut, Lebanon.
  • Representing Syria to Environment Information Conference, Amman, Jordan.
  • Lecturer, Damascus University from 1988- 2001.

Publications in Arabic:

  • Golan under the Hammer of Occupation& Anvil of Pollution
  • The Peace of the Lions

    Publications in English:

  •  ‘The Great Never Pass Away’’
  • 'The Visit of the Pope to Syria'
  • "Error Analysis".
  • "Essay Writing".
  • "Linkage in Writing".

Publisher, Founder of President Bashar Assad's Unofficial Website:


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Aleppo's Purge of Terrorists Victory for All World

H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad hailed today the purging of Aleppo from Al-Qaeda affiliated  foreign-backed terrorists as a 'new beginning for a history' written by every Syrian citizen and since the start of the terrorism war against Syria since 6 years.

In a brief  word, aired by  SANA and social media outlets, His Excellency the President pointed out that Aleppo is now changing time to history, highly lauding the heroic role of the Syrian Army, honest Syrians, brothers and friendly allied anti-terrorism forces.

The steadfastness of Aleppo citizens and the sacrifices of the Syrian Arab Army and of every honest Syrian  and anti-terrorism force have contributed to the liberation of Aleppo, which would but change the Syrian, regional and international conditions.

The Liberation of Aleppo, the commercial capital of Syria, purging it from terrorists has been  largely welcomed by anti-terrorism forces and allies, particularly in Iran, Russia, China and Lebanon.

H.E. President Assad, in his interview with the Russian  RTP TV, December 14, 2016, outlined that the then so-called eastern part of Aleppo  is occupied by the terrorists for the last three years, and they have been using the civilians as human shields. From our side, from our part as government, we have two missions: the first one is to fight those terrorists to liberate that area and the civilians from those terrorists, and at the same time to try to find a solution to evacuate that area from those terrorists if they accept, let’s say, what you call it reconciliation option, in which they either give up their armaments for amnesty, or they leave that area.

" The other thing we did as government is to open gates for the civilians to leave that area, and at the same time for the humanitarian convoys and help to go through those gates inside that part of Aleppo, but the terrorists publicly refused any solution, so they wanted to keep the situation as it is" added President Assad yesterday.

The first batch of buses carrying 951  foreign-backed terrorists and their families and scores ambulances left  via al-Ramouseh crossing to Aleppo southwestern countryside under the supervision of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) and International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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Aleppo, Cry for Humanity!


Aamal: the Pioneering Institution

 The humanitarian and welfare of the First Lady of Syria, Mrs. Asma Al-Assad, has been non-stop, and even increased during more than 5 years of the war by the foreign-backed terrorists, backed by some Western states! Mrs. Al-Assad's presence in the Syrians' life has but bolstered their steadfastness, and togetherness, consoled and consolidated. In the footsteps of her husband, President Bashar Al-Assad, Her Excellency braves ever danger, moves from Homs, to Lattakia, Sweida to where she would find a bereaved to console, a mother, sister, brother to stretch a hand of oneness, unity, humanity and determination to vanquish against darkness, ignorance and extremism.   

With this in mind, here are some official Excerpts from a talk given by the First Lady Asma Al-Asad while participating today in the 10th anniversary of the foundation of Syrian Organization for the Disabled, which falls on the same day as the international day for persons with disabilities:

''The importance of Syrian Organization for the Disabled a pioneering institution- comes from its concentration on preparing new cadres in an academic and professional manner, because its directors acknowledge the fact that any process needs such cadres in order to succeed and achieve the desired outcomes...This is what makes Aamal a pioneering institution...the strength of which comes from its expertise and performance...especially during the war...because the war increased the need for such cadres...for the issues are now much harder, complex, and important...and of course, I mean the wounded who fell in service of the homeland..."

''We stand with every child born with special needs, we support them throughout their school years, all the way until they complete their university education, and to continue their life the way they are supposed to...
We stand with every child and every family hurt by this war and we support them to carry on to the best of our abilities. As for those who sacrificed a part of their body for their homeland, our homeland, the homeland will stand by them..All of us, individuals, and private, public, and joint institutions are combining our efforts and our capabilities to help the wounded...yet no matter what we do, it will not be enough, they deserve so much more from us..."

The most important achievement after all these that our ''…children can now hear us, talk to us, understand us..."

''When we say that Aamal benefited 46,000 people in ten years, we also have to say that 30,000 of them were affected during the war...when we say that more than 160,000 people graduated in the past ten years, we also have to say that nearly half did so during the war years...and when we say that these achievements across the past ten years were not easy, we have to remember that in six out of those ten years we were witnessing the war on Syria..."

The First Lady Asma al-Assad during her participation in Syrian Organization for the Disabled 10th anniversary

#WeLoveYouAsma #InternationalDayOfDisabledPersons

 The Syrian Organization for the Disabled (Aamal) is a nonprofit NGO, which was founded at the behest of The First Lady Asma al-Assad, and has until today helped more than 46,000 people, most of whom are children. And under its supervision, more than 160,000 young women and men graduate from Syrian universities specialising in providing different services to persons with disabilities.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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Excerpts from Mrs. Al-Assad Statements







Aleppo, Cry for Humanity!

 The economic capital of Syria, Aleppo, has been under the siege of terrorists for more than 5 years. Erdogan of Turkey has vandalized, stolen and tried to destroy every industrial, infrastructural and human treasure of the city, millions of not trillions of the Saudi- Qatari petrodollars were wasted , in vain, for the destruction of Aleppo, not mention other Syrian cities and towns!  The governments of the USA, France, and Britain and of others exploited the agony of the Syrians in Aleppo, in a savage barbaric exploitation of terrorism for colonial, greedy and terrorist purposes!

Watching on Syrian TV news bulletins the cleansing of eastern parts of Aleppo, I am filled with pride, optimism, despair and pain! The battles from a street to another, house to another by the Syrian Army and their allied forces give but another humanitarian lesson to the entire world; it is our legitimate war to save our citizens from Al-Qaeda Wahabbi affiliates. The Syrians of Eastern Aleppo are extremely joyful and happy: their spontaneous statements, excitements are full of steadfastness values and meanings. They chanted: Allah, Syria, Bashar, God salutes and protections to the Syrian Army and their Allies.

The Syrians liberated from terrorists voice appreciations and gratitude to their liberators, to the Russians, Iranians for every assistance provided, for every piece of bread, and clothes, medicine sent as to alleviate their sufferings.  The news from Aleppo continued: Shadi Hilwa, the brave Syrian TV Aleppo correspondent airs an interview with two terrorists who fought as mercenaries for a 60-dollar monthly salary with Al-Qaeda affiliates. These two terrorists surrendered themselves to the Syrian Army after they were injured. They gave statements regarding the oppression and discrimination exerted against them by what they said their non-Syrian MULTI-NATIONAL terrorist leaders. One can not here but wonder whether the hectic Kerry moves or even De Mistura autonomous for Eastern Aleppo came as but only to safeguard Al-Qaeda 'moderates'.

Pain and despair for the civilians targeted by the blind arbitrary shelling by terrorists. The children frightened bleeding and the mothers and family members' bitter tears for the martyred and wounded are indeed unbearable! It is indeed the war on behalf of the entire world. It is the moral duty of every human to defend humanity against terrorism. Once a terrorist is liquidated in Syria, more than tens of lives are to be saved somewhere, including in the countries which back, groom up and arm terrorists!


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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