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Political Scene after Zionist Aggression on Gaza




Assessing the Israeli aggression against Gaza in terms of gains and losses, the number of the people killed and wounded or in terms of the caused destruction is nonobjective as this assessment serves the Zionist enemy's interest. The more logical assessment is that which takes into consideration the unequal balance of powers and the political and military achievements of both sides. The political observer sees that the result of this assessment comes in favor of the Palestinian resistance and its supporters topped by the people of Gaza themselves who confronted the Israeli war machine with great determination and faith.

 The victory, achieved by the Palestinian resistance in Gaza, can be noticed in two main points; the first is that the Zionist enemy and its allies are the parties who sought ceasefire following  a state of political emergency which had prevailed among them, particularly the US State’s Secretary Hillary Clinton who paid an urgent visit to the region to meet Zionist officials before leaving to Cairo to hold a crisis meeting aiming basically at controlling the situation, saving the Zionist entity from an inevitable defeat and trying to steal the victory of the resistance by talking about negotiations between the two conflicting sides so as to reach an agreement on ceasefire, and this is exactly what happened.

 The second point is that the enemy forces have refrained from carrying out a military operation the Israeli leaders had repeatedly threatened of and even prepared for by summoning the Israeli army reserve.

 Nevertheless, the main questions to be asked, from our viewpoint, are: has anything changed in the region's strategic environment after developments in the past two years and the talk about "Arab Spring"? Is there any change in resistance stances following the Syria events, the attempts to target Iran and the repercussions of regional developments on Lebanon?

 Analyzing stances away from political and ideological convulsion, we can say that the Zionist enemy and its American allies have reached some conclusions; the first is that nothing has been changed in the Egyptian stance in the strategic sense, as Egypt has played the role of the mediator between the Palestinians and the Israelis without being biased to resistance, and this was the same Egyptian stance adopted four years ago during Israel's aggression on Gaza. The only change in Egypt’s role as a mediator is  that in the past Egypt used to convey messages from Israel to resistance, but now, it is conveying them from resistance to Israel particularly in the presence of  Mrs. Clinton?!!

  The Second and more importantly conclusion is the cohesion of the whole resistance front and the support of freedom-loving forces to resistance. These forces have been adherent to their firm and principled stances on supporting the Palestinian resistance in Gaza with all financial, military and political means. This was what had been stressed by some key resistance leaders in the media during the war on Gaza and after reaching the ceasefire agreement.

 These firm stances have strongly shocked the Zionist entity leaders and their regional and international allies who thought that cracks and weaknesses will hit the resistance body after the region’s dramatic events and changes backed by Israel and its allies to serve their interests.

 The aggression on Gaza has uncovered the limited capabilities of the Zionist entity and its continuous need for foreign protection. It has also refuted Israel’s claims of having strategic deterrence abilities through which it used to threaten some countries in the region, since, possessing weapons is something and the ability to use them responsibly is something else.

 This is the most important lesson one can get from the results of the Israeli barbaric aggression on Gaza, and that is what must be taken into consideration by our region's policies maker and implementers who are still obsessed with the illusion that the Zionist entity is an undefeatable force.


Dr. Khalf al-Muftah


Translation: Hamda Moustafa





“No to Violence, Yes to Democracy"




Yesterday's concluded Conference for the Syrian opposition in Tehran is indeed a further step on the way of ending the crisis in Syria, which does need real friends seeking its welfare, security and stability. It can be called as the Friends of Syria conference, given its agenda, participation level, and outcomes.

Among the Conference shared objectives by the majority are: rejection of  military intervention in Syria and of any foreign imposed solution, the necessity of commitment by the neighbors to international law and, thus, preventing the illegal shipment of extremists and al-Qaeda affiliated armed men, and the smuggling of arms to Syria. The conference pointed out that support should be provided to the Syrian people and that Syria’s borders should be controlled. Tehran Conference, further,  reiterated commitment to Syria’s independence, national sovereignty, and territorial integrity, asserting the need for continued dialogue, end to violence, continued reforms, creating a 16-member committee as to follow-up the national dialogue related issues.

The dignitaries sent by the Syrian government to Tehran  point to the importance attached by the government  to dialogue; among the participants were two high profile ministers:  the Deputy Primer for Economic Affairs and the Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection, Qadri Jamil, and Minister of National Reconciliation, Ali Haidar. Minister Jamil's statements in Tehran highlight more the success of the conference that it represents the difference between the genuine national opposition and reform movement and the non-national opposition, which rejects dialogue and calls for foreign intervention, meddling and even destruction of Syria.

All of the participants in Tehran Conference reiterated readiness to dialogue with whatever opposition, which rejects foreign intervention and calls for a peaceful end to the crisis in Syria. Another point behind the success of the conference is the host, Iran, the real friend of Syria; and as MP Khalid Al-Abboud stated the Islamic republic of Iran is indeed neutral with no bias to any side, but to the Syrians and Syria as a whole against a fragmentation of the country.

Such a conference is a further step towards solving the crisis imposed on Syria by greedy foreign powers and their mass media means. The representation in the conference is up to the expectations of the majority: religious leaders, party leaders, political figures, tribal chiefs, and representatives of Syrian opposition groups, as well as representatives from Turkey, Egypt, Iraq, and a number of other countries. That is why, such a conference was praised and welcomed by the countries which support the Syrians' right to live in peace and security. Minister Sergei Lavrov of Russia hailed Iran's hosting of the conference as part of the ongoing national dialogue. The Iranian Foreign Minister, Ali Akbar Salehi, welcomed the conference as a new initiative to meet the Syrian people's legitimate demands.

Thus, Syria, the cradle of civilization, is in need for such honest efforts on the way of reforms, reconstruction, building and prosperity. The creating of puppets' councils with the backing of every conspirator is without doubt to fail. Real and true Syrians are invited to throw  their hats in the ring and work with national opposition for the stronger Syria.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim




The petrodollar-Arab-League!

 The Israeli occupation aggressions against Gaza are underway to the silence of the Arab league! Or to be objective, to the flagrant, shameful stances of some Arab countries, not to mention the international hypocrisy of justifying the ongoing aggression. The meeting of Arabs' foreign ministerial meeting in Cairo, in the absence of Syria, did look like a bath with no water.

Some issued statements by petrodollar states did reflect but the political, moral, and human bankruptcy. The lost can't save the lost, nor can the blind lead the blind. The direct reason for such a meeting was to 'end the Israeli aggressions against Gaza'; the many indirect reasons, however, were but to save Netanyahu's political future before the forthcoming elections  from a further humiliation. It is another sinister bid by anti-Syrians to divert attention from the Israeli occupation and brutal aggressive practices to Syria, which has been waging a defensive strategy in protection of its citizens, institutions, security and stability.

Many sharp contradictions emerge from such a meeting: those who around the clock have been issuing verdicts for the killing of Syrians, and calling for the protection of the Syrians from their own legitimate government, seemed paralyzed when it came to the protection of the Palestinian civilians from their occupiers! The Syrians who have been fighting the foreign-backed armed and al-Qaeda –affiliated terrorist organizations should stop their defense of their country, and those who once suggested the dispatching of troops to Syria did stop short of even citing such a possibility to protect the Palestinians from the butchers.

In less than 24 hours of the Palestinians' surprises to the occupation, the petro-dollar Arabs and the almost the world at large did move as to save Israel from a further 2006 defeat. Petro-dollar Arabs are on the move under the dictations of their patrons in the Oval House, not to mention their friends in Tel-Aviv! The objective is clear, the Palestinians should surrender to the arbitrary assassination and mass killing by the Israelis; the Palestinians should stop the launching of missiles, and even withdraw from Gaza and the West Bank to leave their land of ancestors to the 'Chosen People'! Is it a prelude for mass expulsion of the Palestinians to a substitute homeland NEARBY!

A friend in need is a friend indeed! What about the friendship of petrodollars? Isn't it a curse? The place of freedom fighters and resistance men is in the lap of the remaining honest, brave, and dignified, and never ever is to be where even demonstrations in support of the Palestinians are prohibited.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim




Correction and Reform March Unabated




Almost every country worldwide has remarkable landmarks, glorious transitional turning points and charismatic leaders to be proud of. On November 16th, 1970, Syria was on a vigil waiting for a man to rescue her from bloody coups, chaos, unrest, a man to wash away the humiliation of June, 1967, a man to restore elegance and civilization role to a country, plagued with long thorny years of occupation, colonialism and all-related aspects of darkness and backwardness. There he came, the late President   Hafez Al-Assad. Armed with strong and sincere Arab National commitment to every Arab citizen in general, and to every Syrian in particular, Al-Assad initiated the transitional landmark of Correction March. The voice of the once unheard poor, weak, suppressed majority of all walks of life started to be heard in every house, corner, school village and factory. The Syrians woke up to the resurrection of a new dawn, a new chapter of glory, correction and building. On this very day, 42 years back, a statement by the Baath Arab Socialist Party (BASP) temporary Regional Leadership topped ‘ the will and interest of the people as the second to none priority’’ As the President pointed out later to a Damascus crowded rally, ‘ The cornerstone for such a building is the freedom of the Syrian civilian and his/ her dignity, the most expensive of what Man possesses,’’.

The BASP Correction Statement cited the standing challenges including the insistence of imperial powers to liquidate the great cause of Palestine, consecrate the Israeli occupation, disperse and exploit Arabs resources. The Statement cited too: the massing up of the potentialities at the service of struggle and liberation, formation of people’s Assembly, the implementation of economic growth plans, the building of a united popular socialist society, bolstering of popular democracy, continuation of the building up of armed forces, local administration law issuance, and the protection of the citizen freedom and dignity.

Today's BASP statement recalls the mounting challenges as the foreign conspiracy and the attempts of intervention in Syria's internal affairs; but reasserts that Syria has been able for more four decades to foil all anti-Syria plots and sinister schemes, blasting the ongoing foreign-backed terrorist groups attacks launched against the Syrians, citing the Turkish, and, unfortunately, some Arab states support to anti-Syrians terrorist groups.

As the late President, the Leader of the Correction, stated clearly in the 70's, through the correction Movement, " we have emerged out of chaos, ended the isolation between the masses and leadership,…. put an end to the spoiling of the country economy, as well as to the exploitation and wasting of the civilians means of living,’’

The March of Correction started with a strong belief in God as well as in the masses as to correct and rebuild what others in rubbles had left. The leadership was no more isolated from masses The process of Correction aimed at bettering the life and every condition of the Syrian Man; be it health, educational, political, social, psychological … A new constitution was worded, National Front for Syria’s parties and popular organizations founded, more of hospitals, schools, infrastructure facilities, roads, dams and universities erected. Very noble the aims were as to achieve balance between expenditure and resources, solve economic crises and achieve speedy social and economic growth, set up popular democratic institutions and union organizations, broaden an enlarge the popular participation of masses in the shaping and making of their country politics and life, increase standards of living, democratization of education, strategic balance realization, and as to secure the social emancipation and bolster women role.

The Correction addressed the daily needs of the majority; man became the means and end of Correction. The Late Leader of the March, whose words were his very deeds, amazingly led the national liberation movement for social progress, prosperity, justice and peace, with respect to our country peculiarities and characteristics, never tailored a dress out of shape for Syrian masses size. In his March 8, 1978 speech, the late president declared that "Growth, with all its economic, social and cultural aspects, is a national urgent need, and should continue accelerated’’ ‘we want to make of our country a prosperous one like developed countries,’’ Three years later, March 1980, the late President  stated "We established constitutional establishments, the necessary formula to practice freedom’’ A year later in March 1981, the leader addressed the masses that the "freedom of the citizen and the safeguarding of his/her dignity, freedom with all of its forms " freedom of organizations, freedom of peasants’ through the cementing of national unity, boosting of public sector, end of exploitation, ‘’ redouble efforts in using our resources as to increase production, and just distribution of resources’’ Popular Auditing and self- objective criticism " criticism should be a continued practice hence it is very important. It forms treatment and prevention at the same time,’’.

‘ We are fully ready to offer every sacrifice so that right and principles would win, so that just peace would prevail’’ " we are peace advocates, work for peace for our people and for every world people; we defend today as to live in peace.’’ October 6, 1973. This is the same peace, which Syria negotiated with the other side as to accomplish a full Israeli withdrawal to June 4, 1967 lines. The lessons of October liberation would ever remain a testimony of the power of the Syrian people as to restore rights back and shatter every myth of invincibility. The power of right is indeed the strongest of every destructive means of killing. It isn’t only the power of weapons which achieves victory, but rather the power of right and of those who use the weapon in defense of dignity, existence, and honor. The portion of the liberated territories was less than what all Syrians aspired to and aimed at; yet, it was Arabs first victory in Modern history; a new Arab man was reborn, a man with no slightest feeling of fear, weakness and humiliation.

The BASP today's statement recalled this victory among the  ''important victories over the Zionist enemy in a number of occasions,'' including the Syrian support to the Arab resistance which gained victories in July war of 2006, foiling the Israeli war on Gaza in 2008''

Considering such a great victory, sinister conspiracies and plots were hatched in different places as to bring the newly-resurrected Man down! Syria, ‘the bastion of confrontation and steadfastness’, started to face more tough and oppressive foreign pressures, be their economic, political, technological and the like. The more of pressures put on this country, the stronger every Syrian became. In less than two years of October liberation, President Assad humanly and bravely answered the urgent call by the brothers in Lebanon as to interfere and put down the burning of civilian strife, a strife mainly caused and organized by the region trouble maker; namely, Israel, who was dealt a severe blow by Assad’s masterminded and led October and consequent attrition war. With a bow of respect, prayers for rest, and strong, pride, we today stand before the monument of every Syrian combatant martyred in defense of the sisterly sovereignty, reconciliation and unity. Syria’s backyard and belly is now safer and immune before every sinister Israeli plot, especially in presence of Hezbollah Strong Resistance, which has dealt severe blows to the Israeli occupation and aggressions.

Syria’s wise and strategic national role was bolstered worldwide. The country was destined to face yet further hard times. Teased by Syria’s unique steadfastness and increasingly more active master-key role, some forces, for different silly and selfish cheap interests and greed, sowed the seeds of instability, disharmony and extremism. Consequently, every Syrian steadfastly stood up to the challenge posed by few outlawed extremists. Thanks to the brave Syrian masses; Syria was able to survive others organized terrorism; remove the cancerous cell of hatred, blind extremism and rotten evil. As the late  president outlined "Islam shouldn’t be the means" by which the enemies of people ‘use it as to kill and exploit people’’ nor as to hatch plots against the masses. United with their late president, the Syrian masses were able to defeat extremist terrorism, which causes us heavy prices and painful losses. Though the elite of the Syrians, not to mention the hundreds of innocent children, women and elderly, were martyred and gunned down, the Syrians became even stronger, more steadfast and united.

The Syrians today stand shoulder to shoulder with their brave Army encountering the ongoing foreign-backed terrorism and Takfiri trends.

Today, the world, given the mushroomed terrorism worldwide, should regret its disregard of the Late President's repeated calls and dispatched delegations as to hold an international conference on terrorism.

Gradually, the Correction march made of Syria ‘the beating heart of Arabs’ and the staunch defender of Arab and international movements of liberation. The BASP Unity, Freedom and Socialism sublime goals swept many corners. The Correction, as a revolutionary reaction to deterioration and fragmentation, aimed at enhancing the Arabs solidarity, unfortunately weaken or missing nowadays,  as the ‘national necessity" and joint actions setting up an effective economic bloc and the like of the aspired for Arabs joint actions. The Correction raised the pan Arab national spirit not to mention the principled stances by big powers and international liberation movements by Arabs and Syria’s just causes stances. "We in Syria move out of a national vision, though of trouble caused for us because of this,; such troubles even vanish if we were to move out of a regional vision’’ the Late president,  May, 7, 1978.

The historic role by the president made the issue of Palestine the core of international struggle and strife, as it is the compass nowadays of president Bashar Al-Assad's policy,. "What binds us to the Cause of Palestine is deeper than mere solidarity, it is the bondage of one destiny, hence Palestine is but part of our Arab Homeland and so is its people’’ the late president, November, 28, 1980. Relations with different friendly and foreign countries were strengthened and expanded. " The enemies would fail to divert Syria away from her national approach, their bets are doomed lost, hence our people are stronger than pressures and threats,’’ said the late president addressing Syrian workers in May, 1986. "The imperialists would fail today and tomorrow to bring the Arab Homeland neither back neither to the colonial hegemony nor to a surrender and submission to Israel,’’

Unceasingly the challenges grew larger, became more tough and difficult. Of no less challenges and setbacks were the neighboring and international conditions. The Nation resources and capabilities were wasted in others fool, unjust, and crazy gambles. Such a fool losing gamble is unfortunately continued today with the spending of millions of petrodollars by Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and other countries as to burn the Syrians inside their beloved Syria. The Late president’s calls for the application of reason and wisdom principles were once more unheeded for! Indeed, great the losses were! The colonial ‘divide and rule’ did bring one of the richest nations into heels.

Syria’s strategic option was, however, to continue the March of Correction. Racing against the tide of time, the then sleepless president continued to play the master strategist and policy maker role. He was sincerely committed to the liberation of every single span of the land to June 4, 1967 line. The other side, once more, maneuvered, prolonged talks, as promised in Shamir’s Madrid Conference statements, escalated tensions and threats and consequently, killed every chance for just and comprehensive peace realization, the very peace which this very region has ever badly been in need for. When others fell into the trap of separate and deformed deals, which they now reap their rotten fruits, Syria insisted on an all-out comprehensive peace ceding no grain of the occupied honor-land. A staunch defender of just peace, the president was largely and increasingly viewed worldwide. He led the battle of peace with no less steadfastness of that of the Arab glorious liberation. He became part and parcel of his people and of his country. A man became the country, the country became a man; ‘Where are you from?’ one day asked a foreigner, ‘from Syria’, I replied. ‘Syria Assad’, you have a great man’ the answer expectedly came. Overseas this very country was a real example of what genius leaders can make out of their countries. And this is  why Syria is being exposed nowadays to a fierce world war by forces of darkness.

 ‘If we weren’t able to achieve victory, let us spare our generations to come defeat,’’ Yes, your Excellency, you did spare us the many of unbearable defeats. The Syrian Lion untimely departed, and only in body, to afterlife. His last words, in a telephone conversation with former Lebanese  President Emile Lahoud , so that we would ‘ inherit better than they did’ do always echo deep in the Syrians’ heart and conscience and mind. Indeed, we have inherited the modern Syria of today, the legacy and national stances of the most beloved like-father president so far.

This very inheritance has so far enabled us to encounter and foil many of the most evil conspiracies in modern history against us.

The Syrian masses, believing not what their eyes saw upon then untimely demise of the late president, poured into the streets of every village and city on that catastrophic smearing-hot burning day of June, 2000, a further unbearable June blow; the masses unconsciously flooded in all directions to bury a piece of the late flesh deep in their soul and conscience. The principles, doctrines, guidelines thoughts were, however, never to be anywhere buried. The Great never pass away; indeed, their ideas and principles are never to pass away. They even have proved to be the most right as consequent events in the aftermath of the untimely demise have proved The Syrians almost unanimously made their determined decision to vote in the man, whom they pinned hope on as not for a single day to let them down. Thus, President Bashar was called on to lead the March of Correction. Open, transparent, frank and straight to the point, President Bashar promised the masses in his landmark inauguration speech to honestly pursue the March of Correction, to naturally modernize the inherited as to keep pace with up-to-dates: " because the great leader, Hafez al-Assad has prepared for us a firm ground, solid basis and a great heritage of values and principles which he defended and adhered to, till he parted with us and moved to the afterlife. Added to this the infrastructure and the great achievements in all fields and throughout the country that will enable us to launch our work strongly and confidently towards a future we all desire. Yet, these tasks are difficult because the approach of the great leader, Hafez al-Assad, was a very special and unique approach and therefore it is not easy to emulate it especially as we remember that we are required not just to maintain it but to develop it as well. This undoubtedly requires great efforts and work at all levels with the aim of building on the basis of what has been achieved in the glorious period of Assad to continue with what has been achieved and to multiply the steps determined to overcome the difficulties and cope with the challenges without giving up our national principles ordained in our hearts and minds."

It has so far been a gradual well-studied reform as to tailor the expensive inherited to meet the rapidly changing matters and reality of facts and life. Till the hoisting of the Syrian Flag at the Eastern shore of Tiberius, we remain committed to the late president’s statement on June 26, 1974, upon the hoisting of the Syrian flag in the liberated Quneitra, ‘I am optimistic over victory as well as over the future; and confident that no power on this earth whatsoever could deter us from the restoration of our rights in full.’’

The March of Correction is unabated under the leadership of President Bashar Al-Assad where Syria has helped, as the BASP' statement cites, to find ''successful solutions to several problems and challenges in the Arab region'', developed 'national resources' , in a way that guarantees the independence of its decision and sovereignty, 'developed  and modernized the laws and legislations which regulate the political, economic and social life, which was represented through the amending of the constitution, the Local Administration law, Media law, electoral and parties' laws.

The Syrians are indeed " fully aware of the dimensions of the conspiracy '' as well as of " the targets of the countries involved in this conspiracy trying to pass the US-backed Israeli project in the Arab region''

The BASP, the pioneering political driving force behind Syria's reforms and corrections, reiterated in its statement further commitment to the Arab people's issues and adherence to the Syrian people's alternatives to reforms, correction and development under the leadership of President Bashar Al-Assad, to Syria's steadfastness, resistance, unity and territorial integrity as many other Syrian national opposition parties, which are actively participating in the parliamentary and government coalition.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim




The Voice of the Reason and Hope




H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad yesterday's interview with the Russian RT is by all accounts the roadmap to solution for the foreign-created crisis in Syria. It is, according to different readings, an exact scientific diagnosis of the ongoing, not to mention the many of the included human, geopolitical, historical and even future implications in the interview.

Transparently, as usual, President Al-Assad underscored that the enemy is but terrorism and instability, in line with the West deformed creations of enemies, from communism, Islam, to certain figures and notable personalities. Syria is indeed  in a fierce fight against terrorism and the support coming to terrorists from abroad as to destabilize the last Arab bastion of , Resistance, nationalism, true Islam and Arabism It is a tough war of defense by the majority against pre-historic takfiri forces and 'emirate' of  darkness. The majority has taken its decisive decision to flush out the foreign-backed mercenary terrorists. ''We are implementing our constitution by protecting the Syrian people.''

The ongoing is never the ''president’s fight''; but is the Syrians’ to defend their country’, the cradle of civilizations and birthplace of monotheistic religions. Thus, '' every Syrian is involved in defending his country now'', and '' The president cannot do anything without the institutions and without the support of the people.'' They are the very people, who have chosen President Al-Assad to lead them following the untimely demise of the late president, Hafez Al-Assad, who even had prepared and groomed us for such a defense. The Syrians in millions have been demonstrating in the streets in support of their chosen leader, who is felt by the majority not only as the President, but as a member of every family. Thus, as H.E. has put it shortly: '' If the Syrian people are against me, how can I be here?!'' you are there and here in the running blood of the majority, because of what you are and what you stand for.

Actually the ongoing crisis is to soon end, once foreigners stop meddling in Syria's domestic affairs, stop harboring, financing terrorists, and cease to smuggle their dirty means of destruction and killings, especially the government of Sultan Erdogan, to Syrians, who are in need for security, stability, cooperation, peace, which are achieved by the Syrians themselves, the Syrian Arab Army and Security Forces, through the help and sincere efforts of  friendly countries, like Russia, Iran, China and even by those who don't dare to publically announce their support to the just against the unjust. The majority does see itself in its leader, and so does the Leader, who ''can see myself- Himself- in this country as safe country, stable country and more prosperous country.''


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim