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Only Syrians Decide their Future

It has become very clear that the UN and its affiliated bodies have become mere tools in the hands of the US and its allies.  They are directed and recruited to achieve the objectives of the US and its Western and regional allies.

The recent report of the UNHRC has turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to the role of some international and regional parties in stoking the flames of crisis in Syria through media instigation and misleading, providing arms and funds to mercenary terrorists and al-Qaeda members, training them and sending them to Syria to attack Syrian army and people and destroy Syrian public and private properties.

It would have been better had the Commission accused the supporters of those murderers who live in the US, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey and to remind these countries of their responsibilities according to the international law, the most important of which is not violating human rights and supporting terrorists in other countries.

It would have also been better if the (UNHRC) called for stopping the flagrant foreign interference in the Syrian internal affairs. The UN assumes a big responsibility as it is glossing over these practices, especially the need to stop foreign interference in the Syrian internal affairs and sending arms and weapons to terrorists in Syria.

The UN and its affiliated bodies should focus efforts on solving the crisis in Syria through a comprehensive dialogue led by the Syrians themselves without any foreign agenda.

The US and its Western allies have been putting pressure on the UN and its affiliated bodies to invoke feeble pretexts and groundless allegations to justify a military interference in Syria. The West always turns a blind eye to human rights violations committed by the armed groups which committed heinous massacres against Syrian people and law enforcement forces in various Syrian governorates.

Those who claim to be bringing democracy to the region, according to some countries, are committing atrocious crimes and open fire deliberately on civilians, and assassinate scientists, university professors and  social figures and use hostages as suicide bombers and children as soldiers. The terrorist groups in Syria get away with their actions and receive aid from the countries offering them protection including Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia which publicly declared their sinister plans for arming terrorist groups in Syria.  The foreign minister of Al Saud has forgotten all his duties towards Arab and Islamic nations and remembered only his duty in arming the terrorists in Syria in implementation of orders given to him by his masters in Washington and Tel Aviv.

The West and its Western and Regional allies, blinded by their narrow-mindedness and geopolitical plans, have been unable to heed the voice of reason and support a comprehensive dialogue led by the Syrians themselves to resolve the crisis on the basis of preserving Syria’s sovereignty and rejecting any form of foreign interference in Syria’s internal affairs.

The US, its allies and the whole world should realize one crystal clear fact, namely the Syrians are the ones who determine Syria's future through political process not decisions made by the UN Security Council motivated by the US and its allies. The UN Charter stipulates that there should not be interference in the countries' internal affairs. So all the states who declare that they are keen on the Syrian people and the security and stability of Syria should refrain from supporting the armed groups in Syria with funds and arms to enable the Syrians resolve the crisis themselves and determine the future of their country.

K. Q.



Iraq Beats Syria in WAFF Finals!




According to al-Jazeera, al-arabyia, france 24, Syria lost the  7th West Asian Football Federation Championship, WAFF,  final match to Iraq. The said media outlets quoted Football Observatory in Mars sources, correspondents and eye-witnesses as saying that the Syrian National Football Team suffered such a humiliating defeat due to the poor performance of its goal-keeper Mosab Balhous, loose defence line, especially player Ahmad Saleh. According to the sources, the Shabiha of the Syrian National Team committed several fouls against the players of the Iraqi National Team; 8 of the Syrian players were red-carded and expelled,'' aid Safwat al-Zayat, a well-known all-knowing of every thing analyst!

Indeed, it is more than a final football match; this is but a simple example of the Syrian team spirit, unity, and nationalism. The eyes and hearts of millions of the Syrians, govs and non-govs, were attached to TV screens, not to mention the thousands of our Syrian Community expatriates in Kuwait in the stadium. The Syrian National Team scored and won the final. The scored goal itself wasn't the only goal of the symphony orchestrated by the players, as much as it was the Syrian message not only to the ewes, but to the entire world. The sphinx Syrians once more have taught the ewes in the vicinity of the playground what it means to be an independent, glorified and dignified Syrian.

To the thundering voices, applause, the Syrians, decorated by the Syrian National Flag, and by President Assad's pictures, encouraged, supported and celebrated joyfully. The Syrians on the ground here in Syria, the cradle of every civilization are but to win and crush the ongoing foreign-backed al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim




Historical Settlement; but with Whom?




The Vice-President, Mr. Farouk al-Sharaa, stated recently in a talk with the Lebanese al-akhbar Daily that "I do not see that what the security forces and the army units are doing will not reach a conclusive end, especially since we understand, without any illusions, the threat of the current campaign to destroy Syria, its history, civilization, and people." So what! A historical settlement!

As a Syrian, why should I need the Army and security units! Simply, and personally I need them to protect and defend me and my family against threats; and if they weren’t to do so, how could I feel safe and secure! How when it comes to a country like Syria? Should the Army and security forces turn blind eyes to the ongoing tsunami of terrorist attacks by dozens of al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist groups! Including the recently US enlisted al-Nusra terrorists. Personally, I think it is not a matter of a conclusiveness or inclusiveness, but rather a matter of duty and legitimate right of every country to defend itself. Some countries deploy troops to save pet animals, and not humans from the foreign-backed terrorist groups' slaughter, rape, torture…

" The threat of the current campaign to destroy Syria, its history, civilization, and people" does necessitate a fierce legitimate defense. The Syrians live under the persistent threat of slaughter, mutilations, and booby-trapped means of killing, in a hurry to meet the mermaids of paradise! Should I or we witness their marriage ceremonies, or what!

Yes, Syria does need a historical settlement; but with whom? With the trouble makers who not only do reject dialogue, but arm, shelter and finance the killers including Qatar, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, USA, Al-Qaeda, al-Nusra, ''Sharon Brother'', Doha puppets…! Syrians themselves, by themselves and for themselves can achieve a historical settlement! Al-Akhbar's Editor-in-Chief, who interviewed Mr. al-Shraa did write in less than 12 hours after the published interview that "Many of the opposition groups today are motivated by revenge or a settling of accounts with the regime, or are beholden to the whims of who funds and arms them. Washington’s recent efforts to unite the armed factions under a single military command structure will only further limit the opposition’s ability to act independently."

“You might be surprised if I tell you that even the president himself might not be able to provide you with a satisfactory answer, although he has all the power in the country in his hands.” Indeed I am, a naive Syrian, surprised over the quoted! It is a well-known established fact that dialogue was outlined and initiated by the President, who spent long hours with delegations from all over the country, since the very beginning  of the crisis, when His Excellency ordered the army to carry sticks not guns!


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim




Golan Annexation!




So far 31 years have passed since the Israeli illegitimate annexation of the Israeli occupied Syrian Golan Heights, the sacred land of our ancestors and grandfathers. Not a single day would pass without nostalgia and eagerness to this piece of our souls, bitter tears of our family members, and sighs of dear memories and attachment to the stories of the land, which has ever been living in us. Our elders passed away; but we still remember and are eager more than ever to return home. The Golan is part and parcel of our humanity, feelings, identity, history, resistance, tears  and laughter. I still remember the tears shed by my late father upon embracing and kissing the soil of Quneitra in 1974, the lively most beautiful face ever of my late mother in June 1967, when she fed me some of dry wheat grains after chewing them in fear and in a hurry; they are still the most delicious food I have ever eaten! 

On 14 December 1981, the Israeli Knesset ratified the decision taken by Rabin’s extremist government to annex the Golan Occupied to the Israeli territory. Begin stood on the eve of 1 December 1981 to impudently announce that "The Occupied Golan were in the past a part of the Palestine Territory and that those who established the borders of the States in the Region during the First World War drew arbitrary borders with Syria. Such situation is rectified as of now on, and only those who are unrealistically optimistic believe that Israel will withdraw from the Golan".

It is odd that Begin did not have any kind of connection with Palestine during the First World War other than the Zionist Schemes to usurp it. Throughout and after the Second World War, Begin and the other Zionist terrorists perpetrated many massacres to expel Palestinians from their Homeland. Then he was defending the re-establishment of Palestine’s borders which he had usurped together with its adjacent territories in order to devour more land and expel more Arabs from the Golan, West bank and Gaza Strip. He was very much like the burglar who steals a house and then claims that the next house was once a part of the house he had stolen and seized by force.

The following is the text of the Annexation Decision:

• The Israeli State Law, its jurisdiction and administration shall be applied to the Occupied Golan.

• This Law shall be implemented immediately upon being ratified by the Knesset.

• The Interior Minister is required to implement this Law.


Hereunder is the text of the Syrian Arab Statement of 14 December 1981:

Within the framework of the Zionist Enemy aggressive expansionist policy, starting with judaization operations, settlements building, displacing and oppressing, Arab inhabitants the Israeli Enemy Government has taken a decision imposing the Israeli laws in the occupied Syrian Arab territories.

The Government of the Syrian Arab Republic, while drawing the attention of the Arab public opinion and the world community to the risk of such procedure and its negative reflections on security and peace in the region and all over the world, would indicate the following:

1. Syria reserves its right to take the appropriate measures against this flagrant infringement of the UN Charter and Resolutions, including Resolution N° 338.

1. Such Israeli decision implies the annexation of the occupied Syrian territories, waging war against Syria and cancellation the cease fire agreement.

1. Such Israeli decision asserts the aggressive and expansionist policy of the offensive Israeli entity and reveals the kind of peace it wants.

The Syrian Government’s political statement on 16 December 1981 included the following:

It is on the Fourteenth Day of this Month that the Israeli Enemy has taken a decision to impose the Israeli laws on the occupied Syrian Arab territories within the framework of its expansionist policy which aims to establish the ‘Great Israel" from the Nile to the Euphrates. Such decision has been taken, following a series of procedures and resolutions taken within the rest of the occupied Arab territories, building of settlements, oppressing and constricting Arab inhabitants to displace them and judaize the occupied regions, right up to declaring Jerusalem as a unified capital of the Hebrew State and applying the civil administration as comprehended for Palestinians autonomy in implementation of the two Camp David Accords. In the light of such events, the Leadership has discussed this question within the framework of our comprehensive vision of the Arab-Israeli struggle and all the surrounding circumstances, and resolved how to confront this national question. In the light of the President’s directives, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has:

1. Called for an urgent meeting of the Security Council in order to discuss the perilous situation and to take a resolution to delete the Israeli decision, apply the UN charter and penalize the Israeli Enemy.

2. Contacted all the Security Council members to explain the results and potential problems of the risky situation and requested them all to assume their responsibilities in the field of world peace keeping in accordance with the Charter.

3. Contacted all world states in order to explain such situation and how perilous it is, requested their support and backing. Messages have been addressed to the Non-Alliance Movement, Islamic Conference and African Unity Organization.

4. Has contacted Arab States via their Ambassadors in Damascus and the Secretary General of the Arab League.

Communications with sister Arab Countries will be continued in order to unify the Arab stand, and in order to confront such perilous development. The Government and Leadership are both following with great concern these developments.

The Zionist Enemy government of decision to annex the occupied Syrian Golan to Israel was confronted by all the citizens with complete rejection and denunciation. Inhabitants of the occupied villages, backed by the Arab citizens of the occupied West Bank, attacked the Israeli military vehicles, decried the Israeli expansionist policy. Syrian Arab national personalities of Majdal Shams and Mas’adeh denounced Israel’s expansionist policy; Sheik Soulayman Abou Saleh said in Majdal Shams, his alert village, "We are and will be, for ever, Syrian Citizens; a few decisions enacted by the Israeli Knesset won’t change our belonging to Syria, our mother Homeland". All citizens responded to the comprehensive strike call on 16 December 1981 to protest against the decision of the Golan annexation; schools from all villages went on strike; teachers, pupils and students refrained from attending their schools despite the Israeli Enemy’s threats. Public struggle is still on to this every day.

The Israeli heinous decision to annex the occupied Syrian Golan was also confronted with comprehensive Arab censure and condemnation on all public and political levels. Statements issued by the Arab States asserted that such new aggressive act against Arab Nation was a violation of the international law and revealed the Israeli expansionist schemes. The statements confirmed that all Arab, people and governments are to back Syria in order to restore its right to its national Territory.

For its part, the Security Council unanimously adopted Resolution N° 497 early on 19 December 1981:

"The Security Council has reviewed the Syrian Arab Republic’s Permanent Representative’s message dated 11 December 1981, and, while reiterating that acquisition of territories by force is rejected as stipulated under the UN Charter, principles of International Law and its express Resolutions, IT:

• Decides that the decision, taken by Israel, to impose its laws, legislations, administrative regulations on the occupied Golan is null and void, and of no legal effect on the international level.

• Requests Israel, the occupying Country, to immediately cancel, without any further delay, its decision.

• Declares that all provisions of Geneva Treaty, of 12 August 1949 relative to protecting civilians during war times, are still applicable on the Syrian Territory occupied by Israel in June 1967.

• Calls upon the Secretary General to report the implementation of this Resolution to the Security Council within two weeks from today. The Councils decides that, in case of Israeli negligence, it will hold an extraordinary meeting maximum not later than January 5th, 1982 to consider taking the appropriate procedures."

Many Arab Countries submitted to the Security Council a draft resolution which condemned Israeli decision of annexation, but the USA vetoed the decision after absolute majority of nine votes ( USSR, Spain, Guyana, Togo, Poland, Jordan, China, Za’eer and Uganda ), against the USA vote, and five (Britain, France, Ireland, Japan and Panama ) abstained. Thus, the USA asserted its attitude which opposed the Arabs and encouraged Israel to exercise more aggressiveness and further operations to newly annex occupied Arab territories. Abstention was allegedly attributed to a lack of provisions for negotiations and mentioning of Resolutions 242 and 338. The attitudes of the 5 abstaining members were unfair not only because the Golan annexation in a flagrant breach of international law, but also because of its inadequacy to confront Israel acts of continued aggression. The American veto used in the Security Council, to go by the international will to punish Israel, had actually protected it against the Security Council Resolution and roused broad Arab and international condemns and denouncement against the Israeli aggression and American protection of Israel.

The text of the UN Resolution:

The UN:

• Strictly condemns Israel for non-abiding by the Security Council Resolution N° 497 of 1981 and by the UN Resolution N° 226.

• Declares that Israel’s decision of 14 December 1981 to impose its laws, jurisdiction and administration in the occupied Syrian Occupied Golan constitutes an aggressive action as provided under stipulations of UN Charter’s Article 39 and UN Resolution N° 3314.

• Declares, once more, that Israel’s decision to impose its laws, jurisdiction and administration in the occupied Syrian Occupied Golan is null and void, legally invalid and completely has no effect.

• Insists that all actions that Israel has taken to validate its decision of annexing the occupied Syrian Occupied Golan are illegal, null and must not be recognized.

• Reiterates that all provision of the Hague Agreement of 1907 and Geneva Agreement signed on 12 August 1949 for protection of civilians during the war times are still applicable on the Syrian territory which Israel occupied in June 1967. It calls upon all sides to respect and secure commitment to their obligations according to such Agreements under all circumstances.

• Insist that the continuous occupation of the Syrian Occupied Golan seized by Israel in June 1967 and continuity of their annexation by Israel since 14 December 1981 after its decision to impose its laws, jurisdiction and administration on such territory constitute a continuous threat to international peace and security.

• Strictly denounces the negative veto of the American Security Council permanent member which prevented the Council from taking suitable procedures, referred to in the Security Council Resolution N° 497 of 1981 unanimously adopted against Israel, as provided for under the Charter’s Chapter 7.

• Further condemns any political, economical and technological support to Israel which would encourage it to commit more aggression, enforce and prolong its occupation time, and annexation, of the occupied Arab territories.

• Firmly reiterates its request that Israel, the occupying force, should immediately cancel its decision of 14 December 1981 to impose its laws, jurisdiction and administration on the Syrian Occupied Golan which has resulted from the actual annexation of such Territory.

• Reiterates the utmost necessity of an Israeli comprehensive unconditional withdrawal from all other Arab and Palestinian Territories occupied since 1967, including Jerusalem, which is a basic condition for establishing a comprehensive and just peace in the Middle East.

• Declares that Israel’s record and actions confirm that it is not a UN peace-wanting Member, for it does not carry out its obligations neither under the Charter nor under the General Assembly Resolution N° 373 dated 31 May 1949.

• Calls upon all State Members to apply the following procedures:

A. To abstain from providing Israel with any weapon or equipment, and to stop sending military aid.

B To abstain from owning any military weapons or equipment from Israel.

C. To stop all economical, financial and technological aids to Israel and cooperation with it.

D. To break diplomatic, commercial and cultural relations with Israel.

• To immediately stop all their individual and collective links with Israel in order to completely seclude it in all fields.

• Urges the State which are not UN Members to honor this Resolution.

• Calls upon all specialized UN Agencies and International Entities to have their relations with Israel conformed to this Resolution.

• Requests the Secretary General to implement of this Resolution and report accordingly to the State Members and Security Council within two months, and to report to the General Assembly 37th Session which will be held under the title "Situation in the Middle East".

 Syria is but to restore the Golan to the Motherland, and as the Late President Hafez Al-Assad declared, in an interview with the British ''Observer'' on March 2, 1982, : "Our battle with Israel, as it has been commonly known to every one now, is a long one. The Golan occupation, annexation or liberation is but a step in the long battle. We don’t doubt for a moment that we will regain our rights, regardless of how long it takes, because aggression everywhere in the world is destined to retreat and fail. We are rightful in our position, and we have been attacked. We have prove and moral potentials which , if well used and managed by us, will enable us in the long run to fully regain our rights." The Syrians, according to H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad's July 17th, 2000 inauguration speech, would like to achieve peace because it is our strategic choice and because the Syrian people have always been, through history, peace lovers and because we would love to restore our beloved Golan complete and because we want its people to go back to their homes, but we are not ready to give up an inch of our territory nor to achieve peace at the expense of our national sovereignty. Our brave people on the Golan will always be today and tomorrow and for ever Arab Syrians because no matter how long it might take this land will always be ours and will be returned complete to us one day sooner or later. We are not prepared to pay the price of the helplessness of the Israeli governments and their inability to make decisions that push the peace process forward at the expense of our sovereignty and dignity."


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim




A Fox is Not Taken Twice in the Same Snare




A fox is Not taken twice in the same snare; and how is it to be when the conspirators and their  tools are the ewes of today's geopolitical zoo! The ewes and their masters are preparing the ground and setting the trap for Syria under the false pretext of ''chemical weapons'', which are impossible to be used by any country against its own people. None in the world should worry about a child more than his mother and father; and surely any world government is but like a father and a mother for its citizens.

What a paradox when the US perpetrators of Hiroshima, Nagasaki, not to mention its Nevada recent nuclear test,  and the Britons who were the first to use chemicals against Turks in Sinai in 1917 , tremble and voice concern about the Syrians, whose government and Army have been sparing no effort, nor blood to defend them against the heinous crimes of al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists. These very terrorists who are according to press reports, to cite but the Turkish Yurt report, are preparing in a lab near the town of Gaziantep in Turkey for a possible chemical attack against Syrians in coordination with the conspirators and ewes in a prelude for a foreign intervention in the cradle of civilization.

Syria, surrounded by hundreds of Israeli nukes, pertains its right to defend itself by whatever means; and it is ready to do so by its people and Army. When it comes to foreign intervention, the Syrians are to set the land under the aggressors' foot ablaze. This isn't a threat, and should never be read so; it is indeed the legitimate right to defend our existence. The majority of the Syrians want but the just peace, dialogue, reconciliation, security and stability. This very majority is, however, ready for martyrdom in defense of the homeland; and every Syrian would be but a chemical, nuclear weapon in the face of aggressors. The wrath and patience of the Syrians and of their allies should never be put to test. The only possible solution to the crisis is the dialogue among the Syrians themselves and by themselves. Such a dialogue should be characterized by a shared commitment to the common interest of Syria and Syrians, and should no way reflect the greedy colonialist interests of the petrodollars, ewes and their masters.

According to Lawrence Wilkerson, a retired US Army Colonel who was Chief of Staff to Colin Powell, in statements to Russian TV, RT, ''Syria will never use chemical weapons against its own people. Instead, the reality is that US is “preparing the ground to intervene in Syria,'' asserting that such an act  would lead to a conflict “that would take at least a decade to settle – and there aren't going to be too many victors at the end of that decade, just losers,”

Wilkerson added that the then US Administration's baseless information provided to  the American people, to the international community and of course to the members of the US Security Council in Powell's speech "was not accurate, it was not true, it was not valid. We did not know that, but it was not just an intelligence failure. It was also the massive politicization of intelligence by the leadership in Washington.". To what extent the US, its ewes, and allies are able to take the Mideastern fox in the same snare is indeed in the court of the wise, Russia, China, and every sane in the global village of today.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim