Better Late than Never!




According to different media outlets, the US State Department is considering the enlisting of the so-called "al-Nusra front" on terrorism list. Good news!  Such an enlisting raises some questions about the said front itself, not to mention the indications of such an enlisting. According to press reports, al-Nusra terrorist group is al-Qaeda affiliated one, using every heinous means of slaughter, suicide bombing, and heads cutting. This is al-Qaeda method of arbitrary brutal cleansing of human beings worldwide! Al-Qaida, first nourished and mushroomed by the US itself in a bid to fight the former Soviet Union in Afghanistan, perpetrated the heinous Sept. terrorist attacks against the US itself. Al-Nusra, nourished and mushroomed by petrodollars is expected  soon to carry out more ferocious terrorist attacks against western interests.

A leopard can't change its leather; so terrorist groups are soon to target every civilization and humanity. Terrorism is a common enemy for all, like epidemic diseases, natural disasters, global warming ; it is a human and intellectual desertification. Hopefully, the US State Department is indeed to consider all of its anti-Syria stances in light of the ongoing and possible worldwide future big threats to be caused by the foreign-backed terrorists in Syria.

Our brothers in humanity worldwide, especially in Europe, should contemplate and control the damage to their daily life, culture, and societies, in case such organizations of terror and hatred were to spread- and indeed they are just in their sleeping rooms! So, the need is dire for their governments to stop breastfeeding the armed terrorists in Syria. Human life is sacred; and as to spare the more of human lives, western countries, the US should refrain from fuelling the crisis in Syria. Further, they should order their intelligence, spies, and petrodollars to cease their frenetic attacks, including the media ones of fabrications and distortion.

Hopefully, the soon-to-be former Secretary of State, Mrs. Clinton,  who earlier called on the extremists and terrorists in Syria as not to lay down their arms and as not to accept dialogue offers, is -through such enlisting- to  have thoroughly  understood that  terrorism is ,according to  the US yearly congress report, the "premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against non-combatant targets by sub-national groups or clandestine agents, usually intended to influence an audience," against  Syria, which according to a statement in 2002 by US State Department official, Richard W. Erdman, the chief State Department specialist for Syria, "saved American lives," in the aftermath of September 11 terrorist attacks! More hopefully that such a listing would be backtracking on  Mrs. Clinton's statements before the 2-day US  House of Appropriations Committee on April 24-25, 2009: ''let`s remember here… the people we are fighting today we funded them twenty years ago…and great, let them come from Saudi Arabia and other countries, importing their Wahabi brand of Islam.''


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim




Aleppo Citadel




Aleppo Citadel is a documentary program broadcast by Syrian TV narrating the horror of the armed terrorist groups in Syria. The heinous terrorist crimes perpetrated by the foreign backed armed terrorists against Syrians are indeed difficult to imagine. Syrians are being slaughtered, their heads and throats cut off by the terrorists ! In yesterday's episode a Syrian was slaughtered in execution of a cell-phone fatwa ! the head of this innocent Syrian was cut off just because of a joke. They are all terrorists because there is no difference between sentencing a poet to life imprisonment because of a line of poetry and issuing a verdict to slaughter a man because of a joke. Those who sentenced the poet are themselves responsible for the slaughter of Syrians. Indeed they aren't the partners but the perpetrators.

The documentary series goes on and pictures the more of wahabi and salafi takfiri crimes against the Syrians. A Saudi speeding  his booby-trapped car to kill the Syrians to the tune of his own made song: '' I can't wait any more Huria!(paradise mermaids!)'' . By the killing of the Syrians, this Saudi terrorist wants to fuck the more of Paradise mermaids!!! Is this part of today's Islam. Incredible interviews with caught red-handed terrorists add the more of sorrow, wrath, and sadness to the Syrians' daily doses of unbearable suffering at the hands of a group of gangsters, drug-addicted and crazy international terrorists.

Neither the professional colleagues, Rafiq Litf and Rasha Kasar, nor any human being would succeed to hide disappointment, bitterness and agony upon watching live the untold episodes of killing, terror and horror narrated  by the serial wahabi and salfi killers, mainly from the Qaeda affiliated so-called ''al-Nusra Front''. Hitchcock's terror films are nothing compared to the horror caused by the armed terrorists in operation against the Syrians!

Apart from the terrorists' bloody  slaughtering of the Syrians, , Rafiq Litf's documentary underscored the greatness, power and unity of the Syrians in the face of terrorism. The  majority is steadfast and adamant to pursue the fight against terrorism . the documentary reflects the Phoenix Syrian in the face of terror. The majority is the true Syrian-blood behind the Syrian Arab Army and Leadership on the way of reform, reconstruction and building. The Syrian culture is characterized with peace, love, co-existence, amity and fraternity.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim




Political Islamists: a tool in the US-Zionist-Petrodollar Dirty Hands!

 Unfortunately, the political Islamists, if to say, are manipulated and exploited nowadays as a tool to remodel and tailor the Middle East region to the size of western sinister anti-Islam schemes. The declared and non-declared alliance between greedy powers and so-called Islamic movements, created and mushroomed  and even invention of scores of world intelligence powers has proved to be a catastrophe and abject failure in many places, including Turkey, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt…

Islam, the religion of mercy, tolerance, and love, is being blackmailed and even attacked by these greedy powers, through the more of exploitation of ready-for-everything sheikhs, fatawas, and hired killers! The ewes of today's crazy unbalanced new world of un-matching alliances and contradictory interests are involved in a  Don Quixote fight as to create a satellite scattered mini-states- Israel-like- states dominated by political Islamists and yes-sir Islamists.

Examples for such yes-sir Islamists  are many in the world of today: one of them is sheikh Moaz al-Khatib, who has spared no effort pleading for international intervention in Syria, not mention his tireless work to smuggle the more of means of killing, as to kill the more of Syrians. The place for any Sheikh is in mosques, not in the mined fields of daily political activities against one's own people. Anyway, this Sheikh speaks  with an arrogant tone, as if he were really a leader elected by the majority of the Syrians and not a puppet created by anti-Syria forces of darkness and bloodshed. Indeed, the way this sheikh speaks about ''no-dialogue'', ''weapons'' steers laughter, not to mention his way of kissing the shoulders of the Qatari Foreign Minister! Sheikh! If you don't want to stop your provocations and plots to kill the more of Syrians, at least you should stop humiliating yourself for petro-dollars!

According to different press reports, Sheikh al-Khatib is but a "secret member of the Muslim Brotherhood", "an "admirer of bin Laden in the early 90s", an "executive for Shell Oil. He’s a lobbyist for Shell Oil. Not just Shell Oil but specifically the headquarters branch of Royal Dutch Shell which is a British-Dutch corporation” etc.

Instead of wasting your time in the planned-for-you destructive role, you should reconsider this in-fetters solitary confinement Council- even if the whole world were to recognize it. Syria is in need for national opposition characterized with dialogue, secularity and open space for all forces of building and reconstruction.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim




Political Scene after Zionist Aggression on Gaza




Assessing the Israeli aggression against Gaza in terms of gains and losses, the number of the people killed and wounded or in terms of the caused destruction is nonobjective as this assessment serves the Zionist enemy's interest. The more logical assessment is that which takes into consideration the unequal balance of powers and the political and military achievements of both sides. The political observer sees that the result of this assessment comes in favor of the Palestinian resistance and its supporters topped by the people of Gaza themselves who confronted the Israeli war machine with great determination and faith.

 The victory, achieved by the Palestinian resistance in Gaza, can be noticed in two main points; the first is that the Zionist enemy and its allies are the parties who sought ceasefire following  a state of political emergency which had prevailed among them, particularly the US State’s Secretary Hillary Clinton who paid an urgent visit to the region to meet Zionist officials before leaving to Cairo to hold a crisis meeting aiming basically at controlling the situation, saving the Zionist entity from an inevitable defeat and trying to steal the victory of the resistance by talking about negotiations between the two conflicting sides so as to reach an agreement on ceasefire, and this is exactly what happened.

 The second point is that the enemy forces have refrained from carrying out a military operation the Israeli leaders had repeatedly threatened of and even prepared for by summoning the Israeli army reserve.

 Nevertheless, the main questions to be asked, from our viewpoint, are: has anything changed in the region's strategic environment after developments in the past two years and the talk about "Arab Spring"? Is there any change in resistance stances following the Syria events, the attempts to target Iran and the repercussions of regional developments on Lebanon?

 Analyzing stances away from political and ideological convulsion, we can say that the Zionist enemy and its American allies have reached some conclusions; the first is that nothing has been changed in the Egyptian stance in the strategic sense, as Egypt has played the role of the mediator between the Palestinians and the Israelis without being biased to resistance, and this was the same Egyptian stance adopted four years ago during Israel's aggression on Gaza. The only change in Egypt’s role as a mediator is  that in the past Egypt used to convey messages from Israel to resistance, but now, it is conveying them from resistance to Israel particularly in the presence of  Mrs. Clinton?!!

  The Second and more importantly conclusion is the cohesion of the whole resistance front and the support of freedom-loving forces to resistance. These forces have been adherent to their firm and principled stances on supporting the Palestinian resistance in Gaza with all financial, military and political means. This was what had been stressed by some key resistance leaders in the media during the war on Gaza and after reaching the ceasefire agreement.

 These firm stances have strongly shocked the Zionist entity leaders and their regional and international allies who thought that cracks and weaknesses will hit the resistance body after the region’s dramatic events and changes backed by Israel and its allies to serve their interests.

 The aggression on Gaza has uncovered the limited capabilities of the Zionist entity and its continuous need for foreign protection. It has also refuted Israel’s claims of having strategic deterrence abilities through which it used to threaten some countries in the region, since, possessing weapons is something and the ability to use them responsibly is something else.

 This is the most important lesson one can get from the results of the Israeli barbaric aggression on Gaza, and that is what must be taken into consideration by our region's policies maker and implementers who are still obsessed with the illusion that the Zionist entity is an undefeatable force.


Dr. Khalf al-Muftah


Translation: Hamda Moustafa





“No to Violence, Yes to Democracy"




Yesterday's concluded Conference for the Syrian opposition in Tehran is indeed a further step on the way of ending the crisis in Syria, which does need real friends seeking its welfare, security and stability. It can be called as the Friends of Syria conference, given its agenda, participation level, and outcomes.

Among the Conference shared objectives by the majority are: rejection of  military intervention in Syria and of any foreign imposed solution, the necessity of commitment by the neighbors to international law and, thus, preventing the illegal shipment of extremists and al-Qaeda affiliated armed men, and the smuggling of arms to Syria. The conference pointed out that support should be provided to the Syrian people and that Syria’s borders should be controlled. Tehran Conference, further,  reiterated commitment to Syria’s independence, national sovereignty, and territorial integrity, asserting the need for continued dialogue, end to violence, continued reforms, creating a 16-member committee as to follow-up the national dialogue related issues.

The dignitaries sent by the Syrian government to Tehran  point to the importance attached by the government  to dialogue; among the participants were two high profile ministers:  the Deputy Primer for Economic Affairs and the Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection, Qadri Jamil, and Minister of National Reconciliation, Ali Haidar. Minister Jamil's statements in Tehran highlight more the success of the conference that it represents the difference between the genuine national opposition and reform movement and the non-national opposition, which rejects dialogue and calls for foreign intervention, meddling and even destruction of Syria.

All of the participants in Tehran Conference reiterated readiness to dialogue with whatever opposition, which rejects foreign intervention and calls for a peaceful end to the crisis in Syria. Another point behind the success of the conference is the host, Iran, the real friend of Syria; and as MP Khalid Al-Abboud stated the Islamic republic of Iran is indeed neutral with no bias to any side, but to the Syrians and Syria as a whole against a fragmentation of the country.

Such a conference is a further step towards solving the crisis imposed on Syria by greedy foreign powers and their mass media means. The representation in the conference is up to the expectations of the majority: religious leaders, party leaders, political figures, tribal chiefs, and representatives of Syrian opposition groups, as well as representatives from Turkey, Egypt, Iraq, and a number of other countries. That is why, such a conference was praised and welcomed by the countries which support the Syrians' right to live in peace and security. Minister Sergei Lavrov of Russia hailed Iran's hosting of the conference as part of the ongoing national dialogue. The Iranian Foreign Minister, Ali Akbar Salehi, welcomed the conference as a new initiative to meet the Syrian people's legitimate demands.

Thus, Syria, the cradle of civilization, is in need for such honest efforts on the way of reforms, reconstruction, building and prosperity. The creating of puppets' councils with the backing of every conspirator is without doubt to fail. Real and true Syrians are invited to throw  their hats in the ring and work with national opposition for the stronger Syria.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim