The Voice of the Reason and Hope




H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad yesterday's interview with the Russian RT is by all accounts the roadmap to solution for the foreign-created crisis in Syria. It is, according to different readings, an exact scientific diagnosis of the ongoing, not to mention the many of the included human, geopolitical, historical and even future implications in the interview.

Transparently, as usual, President Al-Assad underscored that the enemy is but terrorism and instability, in line with the West deformed creations of enemies, from communism, Islam, to certain figures and notable personalities. Syria is indeed  in a fierce fight against terrorism and the support coming to terrorists from abroad as to destabilize the last Arab bastion of , Resistance, nationalism, true Islam and Arabism It is a tough war of defense by the majority against pre-historic takfiri forces and 'emirate' of  darkness. The majority has taken its decisive decision to flush out the foreign-backed mercenary terrorists. ''We are implementing our constitution by protecting the Syrian people.''

The ongoing is never the ''president’s fight''; but is the Syrians’ to defend their country’, the cradle of civilizations and birthplace of monotheistic religions. Thus, '' every Syrian is involved in defending his country now'', and '' The president cannot do anything without the institutions and without the support of the people.'' They are the very people, who have chosen President Al-Assad to lead them following the untimely demise of the late president, Hafez Al-Assad, who even had prepared and groomed us for such a defense. The Syrians in millions have been demonstrating in the streets in support of their chosen leader, who is felt by the majority not only as the President, but as a member of every family. Thus, as H.E. has put it shortly: '' If the Syrian people are against me, how can I be here?!'' you are there and here in the running blood of the majority, because of what you are and what you stand for.

Actually the ongoing crisis is to soon end, once foreigners stop meddling in Syria's domestic affairs, stop harboring, financing terrorists, and cease to smuggle their dirty means of destruction and killings, especially the government of Sultan Erdogan, to Syrians, who are in need for security, stability, cooperation, peace, which are achieved by the Syrians themselves, the Syrian Arab Army and Security Forces, through the help and sincere efforts of  friendly countries, like Russia, Iran, China and even by those who don't dare to publically announce their support to the just against the unjust. The majority does see itself in its leader, and so does the Leader, who ''can see myself- Himself- in this country as safe country, stable country and more prosperous country.''


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim




The Foundling Opposition




The ongoing hectic efforts by the backers and supporters of the armed terrorist groups in Syria prove but the failure of these outsiders in inflicting the aimed-for damage on the Syrians. The Doha Conference as to regroup the fragments of the opposition came as a face-saving bid by the said backers and supporters, and in tandem with the mounting of terrorist groups' escalation of massacres, sabotage, explosions and destruction operations inside Syria. It is not a coincidence; and almost an established norm to have increase in terrorist acts, once a Syria-related event to convene!

The Qatari Capital, Doha,- its gas-money to be precise- has become the destination for the extremist, salafist, and wahabi figures, and in the vicinity of the largest US Al Udeid Air Base! One can't but to wonder about the presence of such diametrically different entities there, or is it as the famous Lebanese Singer Fairouz sings ''we and the moon are neighbors!'' and to what extent such neighbors could survive and co-exist! When it comes to Syria, these entities and US bases can not only be neighbors, but live in the same house too! The US support to Doha meeting is indeed a farce! All of the efforts exerted since the begging of the crisis in Syria have been but an abject failure. The Istanbul Council is now being under US fire, as Secretary Clinton clearly stated in Zagreb few days ago. Actually Clinton herself, less than a year ago, hailed the said Council as '' “leading and legitimate representative of Syrians''; so what happened! Simply the Council was a failing foreign invention, grouping outsiders, who have passed almost all of their life outside Syria.

They have been groomed, educated, brainwashed and prepared for opposition roles, or as pressure cards, as future events, as I predict would reveal. The Council members have almost passed all of their times in five-star hotels, empty meetings and stupid calls for foreign intervention in the Syrian interior affairs. Can a true Syrian accept those who have been calling for the destruction of Syria to represent him/her? I don't think so. Syria is but for the Syrians; in no way should a Qatari-backed opposition, Saudi-backed, US-backed, and all of the oppositions to Syria, represent the true Syrians, who in millions have been taking the streets in support of their country, stability, reforms, and above all their elected leadership. So, as Istanbul Council ended in abject failure, whatever other forms of opposition would face the same abject failures.


Dr. M.A. Al-Ibrahim





The Sacred Blood of Our Martyred Heroes




The atrocities and crimes perpetrated by the foreign-backed armed mercenary terrorist groups against Syrians do hurt and move the majority, which is still in shock, shedding bitter tears of sadness and pain. The so-far perpetrated by these terrorist groups in Syria is beyond every description; no word can semantically convey the perpetrated. The backers of those inhuman killers, scattered in many corners of Syria, are very-well known in their unjustified hatred, malice and rancor to everything Syrian. But why? Simply because the majority of Syrians is secular, open-minded, civilized, and human as the inheritors of deeply-rooted consequent civilizations; and because the majority is balanced in everything, even in its response to those terrorists and their backers.

Is what we have been seeing of the massacres against our children, women, and elderly, not to mention the atrocities and war crimes against our brave soldiers, the guardians of Syria, Syrian-made? Or what? Personally, it is very hard for me to believe it as a Syrian-made, even if some of the terrorists are unfortunately Syrians, but do belong to the much talked about and condemned 'the enemy within' . The heinous massacres committed by the terrorists have but the fingerprints of behind the borders, where anti-Syria schemes and plots are being around the clock hatched, infiltrators.

Those who blindly and foolishly back, finance, shelter, train and support the killers in Syria, are still thirsty for the more of the Syrian sacred blood, especially for the blood of our heroes in the Syrian Army, who have been giving the whole world numerous lessons in bravery, unity, dignity, honor and in humanity. The Syrians do reject a return to pre-historic periods of darkness. The Syrians, hand in hand, are united behind their Leadership on the way of reforms, not chaos, building, not destruction, light, but not darkness.

The sacred blood of our martyred heroes would but oil the shinning torch of Syria's soon-to-be victory over the forces of darkness and their backers. The mounting scale of atrocities against the Syrians, at the orders of extremists, fundamentalists, and their masters, do coincide with the armed terrorist groups' death throes. No defibrillator, whatsoever, could be used as a life-saving machine for these mercenary terrorist groups.


Dr. M.A. Al-Ibrahim




The Ill-Famed Balfour Declaration!




Ninety five years back in history, the British gave what they didn't possess of the region land, sacred by all accounts, to the Jews. Arthur James Balfour, the then British Foreign Secretary, issued his ill-famed declaration on November 2nd 1917. In a letter to Lord Rothschild, Chairperson of the British Zionist Movement, Balfour paved the way not only for today's Israel, but also for the British Mandate in 1922 over Palestine. In 1939, the British followed the Declaration with the so-called White Paper, and ultimately with the big-fish-souvenir; causing thus the agony and suffering for millions of the indigenous Arab inhabitants of Palestine.

 The continued agony of the Palestinians, especially the refugees among them, and not to mention the heinous crimes perpetrated against them, is not only the responsibility of Israeli consequent governments, as much as it is the responsibility of the British ones, which annihilated the indigenous for the sake of those imported! The world at large should be ashamed, especially those who support feed, water and defend Israel and who around the clock claim to defend human rights, democracy, freedom and international laws!

 His Majesty's Government  decision in 1917, and the '' much pleasure'', "favour'', and "sympathy" cited in the declaration, not to mention the then and persistent ''endeavours'' have created the longest tragedy in modern history. Actually, the pledges mentioned in the declaration itself that "nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine'' are but part and parcel of today's political world of hypocrisy, cheating, hegemony  and lies! The Aqsa Mosque, the Rock of the Dome, the Nativity Church, the Birth Place of Jesus are still under the continued threats, sabotage and destruction acts of Balfour's illegal Declaration.


Dr. M.A. Al-Ibrahim




The Ongoing Developments in Syrian Mass Media Means

 '' Syria has been exposed to a media attack; media, notwithstanding its importance, cannot outdo the reality. They might be stronger in space- satellite transmission-, but we are stronger on the ground than in the space. Still, we want to win on the ground as well as in the space." said H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad in press statements following the casting of his vote  in Syria's New Constitution referendum, February 26  2012. In his statements, President Al-Assad underscored that the Syrian official media is the best in the region, with an eye on competing not with those who are less, but who are better. Such a mad hysterical media attack of fabrications, lies and disinformation against everything Syrian has been escalated and aggravated by petro-dollar and western media outlets, which affirms, as President Al-Assad declared on August 29, 2012, that the '' Syrian media managed to expose them and undermine their media empires'' as a further ''proof of the success of Syrian media''.

Here comes, actually, the underway modifications, upgrades, and-at times- drastic changes in Syrian mass media means tackling of domestic, regional and international issues of interest. More space as well as coverage- opposition meetings in Syria are being covered live on State TV- is accorded to different ideas and views representing many angles of Syria's spectra. Many of the analysts, researchers, and politicians, unfortunately absent for a long time, do contribute nowadays to enriching the said spectra, especially during the ongoing crisis imposed upon Syria.  An invitation was even addressed by the Syrian Minister of Information, Mr.Omran al-Zou'bi, to national opposition figures as to have their say heard aloud. Most of the Syrians nowadays are in waiting for their Syrian TV main news broadcast at 8:30 p.m., which starts with the newly-introduced brief political analysis. Such a far-sighted deep analysis raises optimism, courage, pride and awareness in most of the Syrians, given the heroic operations- some of which are being broadcasted live- by the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army against the foreign-backed mercenary terrorists. This is but the new Syrian media live coverage for events on the ground, where the brave colleagues stand shoulder to shoulder with army personnel in defence of the sacred homeland. Such coverage for the reality on the ground does make the Syrian media excel in the space. One here can't but to reiterate that such a coverage has instigated those involved in the crime being perpetrated against the Syrians to cut Syrian Satellites transmission.

The ongoing developments in Syrian Mass Media means can also be seen in the light of President Al-Assad's far-sighted vision for media role as has been clarified and reflected in his interview with Addounia TV on August 29, 2012. The work is ongoing, with persistence and determination, on enhancing the role of media means' investigating role as part of 'popular oversight' in Syria's national interest. The issues discussed and topics raised, considered until recently a taboo, if to say, or somehow forbidden, are being highlighted and fleshed out in a series of TV, radio programs, and written articles, offering some suggestions, at times solutions, to the concerned.

The unjust war waged against Syrians by foreign media means made the concerned throw their hats in the ring, standing up to the challenges imposed. Hopefully, the re- launching of the Syria Times would further contribute to shedding the more of light on the realities of everything Syrian, as to get closer to the aspired-for noble objectives. Truth, according to Minister al-Zou'bi, in statements to the Independent quoted by Robert Fisk, ''will no longer be a casualty'' and ''Nothing can be hidden. There is no justification to hide anything. People are used to the real facts now….Thus we don't want a lying media.'' Hopefully ,the Syria Times Editors can  say the truth in a simple, straight to the point and clear way as to help in exposing, encountering and foiling those who are so good at marketing their lies, not to mention those whose media outlets are but the partners in the shedding of Syrian blood with prior knowledge of many terrorist attacks against Syrians.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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