All Syrians' Battle

Syria is indeed progressing towards victory as the real Sheikh Ahmad Badr Eddin Hassoun, Syria's Grand Mufti, outlined recently in a Syrian TV interview.

Syria is an example of diversity, strength, amity and goodness; consequently, for about two years, Syria has been targeted by the hatred of the world's most technologically-advanced countries and of some regional and Arab states.

Syrians are to vanquish and never to surrender defending their history and protecting their homeland from the schemes targeting its existence.

"The Syrian Arab Army- in a state of self defense against multinational foreign-backed terrorists- is the nation's army. It is tasked with protecting the homeland and defending the Arab and Islamic nations. It is not affiliated to a certain person, party or sect" Sheikh Hassoun underscored said.

The Syrian hero Army, with millions of Syrians stand with and behind it in the ongoing fight and struggle against al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorists, has been excellently defending Syria in implementation of its constitutional, legal and moral obligations and duties. It is the Army of every Syrian family and citizen. Syria is above all, and every Syrian in every career is but a soldier defending Syria against the war imposed on it by many anti-Syria sheikhdoms, and states.

Syria's destiny has ever been to defend itself, sacrifice and vanquish. The ongoing battle for dialogue, reconciliation on one hand and for combating terrorists on the other is on until the world's colonial, greedy, and satellite ewes stop their arming, sheltering and training of killers and terrorists. If the Syrians, Army and civilians, aren't to defend Syria, do they deserve even their identity? Syria is indeed the mother of all and above all.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

A Beehive Government

Racing against time as to implement the executive plan of the political solution for the ongoing crisis, Dr. Wael al-Halqi, the Premier and Chairman of the Ministerial Committee  entrusted with implementation of the plan, held a three-hour meeting with  Syrian journalists as to exchange views and ideas about the achieved so far by the Committee as to end the crisis. Encouraged by the optimism of the Premier and members of the Committee, the present journalists reiterated their staunch support to the political solution of the crisis on the basis of President Bashar Al-Assad's vision outlined in his January 6th landmark speech and adopted as the executive plan by the Cabinet on January 9th.

The Premier, just ending a meeting with a delegation representing the committee formed in Tehran conference to follow up national dialogue, briefed the journalists on the 25 meetings held so far by the Committee in less than two months. All the meetings, including those with opposition figures, intellectuals and University professors inside Syria, underscored commitment to the political plan by the Syrians themselves away from whatever foreign meddling and interferences. Nobody would care about Syria and the Syrians more than the Syrians themselves. The exchanges of views, questions, went on: Syria's so far most transparent, objective and successful Minister of Information, Omran al'Zou'bi, spoke about Syrian media role during the ongoing   crisis and its opening to all Syrians objectively and transparently, The deputy Premier, Dr. Qadri Jameel, the most outspoken and prominent opposition figure in the Cabinet, added the more of optimism regarding soon-to-be breakthroughs for dialogue and solution.

Premier al-Halqi said:"reporters and intellectuals play a pivotal role in enhancing culture of dialogue in society, helping government complete constructive and democratic dialogue process and confronting extremist thinking," highlighting the national media's pivotal  role in unmasking the false campaign of fabrications and lies, backed by some Arab countries, in cooperation with the Turkish government, to sow sedition in region and the world and divert their people's attention from what is going on in their own countries.

The Premier blasted some ruling families in the Arab countries, agents for the US and Israel, which are involved in the crisis in Syria and which oppress their own  people and plunder their wealth and resources, asserting that the government, and though of the present crisis, ''pays great attention to the economic and social causes reported in the national media in view of the fact that they contribute to build modern Syria, start process of reconstruction, enhance national unity and restore stability and security" and that the government is capable of confronting ''all economic challenges caused by unjust embargo and terrorist acts targeting  the Syrian  people's potentials and capabilities''.

After all, the ongoing crisis is imposed on the Syrians, whose culture isn't that of slaughter, rape, kidnapping, and destruction. The countries which exported terrorists, takfiris, hired killers should taste their own medicine. The terrorists should be encountered and flashed out by the Syrian hero Army. The Syrians are more determined to defend their sovereignty, unity and their own political System. The views exchanges, questions and answers by the Premier, members of the committee, and journalists were satisfactory, determined, convincing and optimistic. Syria is undoubtedly to vanquish and the coming days would but highlight the unique Syrian model of dialogue, coexistence, fraternity, leadership, amity, constitution, parliament and stability. Ballot boxes and NOT bullets are to shape these coming very days.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

Even Statues Beheaded in Syria?!!

The Takfiri mentality of the armed terrorist groups in Syria was not satisfied with killing innocent people. Barbarism also targeted the cultural heritage and symbols of enlightenment and civilization of which the country has over ages been proud.

In a recent, but very dangerous development, the statue of great Arab philosopher poet Abu al-Alaa al-Ma’arri (973-1058) was beheaded by Jabhet al-Noura terrorists in the poet’s hometown Ma’arret al-Nouman in Idelb, northern Syria. This act of vandalism was carried out under the pretext that al-Ma’arri was a kafir and a libertine. The statue, which was also riddled with bullets, is located at the town’s cultural center which was built around the tomb of the blind poet.

Days later, the head of the statue of prominent Arab blind writer Taha Hussein was also cut off in Egypt, the scene of bloody clashes between the extremist government of President Mohammad Mursi and the Egyptians who reject the way he rules the country. It isn’t by coincidence that these two statues have been vandalized almost at the same time, because both groups of vandals share the same regressive dark mentality which fights enlightenment and free thinking.

The question is from whom those vandals are taking revenge? Is it from knowledge, history or culture? I wonder why al-Ma’arri, the prominent Abbasid-era figure, is still causing troubles to those narrow-minded extremists. Besides, could one tell me what the head of an Arab philosopher’s statue has to do with the ongoing events in Syria?

Those calling themselves “jihadists”, who committed this heinous crime, thought that by cutting off living or stone heads they can prevent people to think freely. They are absolutely wrong, because, attacking the statue can’t harm the immortal place this great Arab philosopher, poet and philanthropist has in the world.

Moreover, despite the fact that al-Ma’arri, who lost his sight at 4 because of smallpox, was a reclusive person and skeptical in his beliefs, he was a free thinker and no one dared to attack him as he has been one of the icons of Arab cultural and intellectual heritage. But foreign-backed Takfiri groups had a different view that pushed them to harvest the head of his statue instead of studying what he had written.

 The statue of al-Ma’arri was built to honor the memory of a great cultural figure of which millions of Syrians are proud. One wonders how much weakness and hatred those vandals do carry in their hearts to Syria and its history. However, I want to tell the Syrians, involved in such crimes: Wake up! You are leading your homeland towards hell. You are erasing your history. Do you think that the Western, regional and Gulf countries, which are now backing you, do care about your lives? Be sure that by the time you lose the battle in Syria, you will soon find yourselves alone facing your fate without any more foreign help.

This heartbreaking act of cultural vandalism has angered millions of Syrians nationwide. Many Syrians expressed their condemnation of the act by stressing that the war against the government doesn’t give justification for anyone to destroy the cultural heritage of the country.

“Your barbarity will not destroy the philosophy of al-Ma’arri. It lives and you go. Ideas don’t go,” a facebook post said.

No doubt, despite all vandalism crimes, history will continue to commemorate the works of al-Ma’arri, the writer of "Risalat al-Ghufran" (Message of Forgiveness) which inspired Dante's Divine Comedy,  and those of Taha Hussein, the Dean of Contemporary Arab Literature and a pioneer of enlightenment. Only those vandals will go to the dustbin of history.

H. Mustafa

What Does Syria Need?




"What Syria needs is objective, real and unbiased assistance in addition to the encouragement of concerned parties to engage themselves in national dialogue with the purpose of solving the crisis in Syria,'' underlined Dr. Bashar al-Jafari, the Syrian Permanent Ambassador to the United Nations.

Ambassador's al-Jafari's recent declaration was received by the more of expected anti-Syria lethal intransigency, reckless and foolish responses, especially from the so-called ''friends of Syria'' Rome meeting. Unsurprisingly, the meeting, though the number of participating countries was decreased by two thirds compared to previous similar meetings,  was attended by representatives of those countries which are indeed responsible for the shedding of Syrians' blood like Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and USA. These very countries, according to their officials'' statements and media outlets, not only, harbour, train, and arm the terrorists in action inside Syria, but also impose unjust sanctions on the Syrians, and set their notorious prisons inmates free in return for 'jihadist' suicide missions in Syria.

Thus, all what Rome witnessed yesterday was but a farce in the full meaning of the word. The statements issued by participating officials are contradictory and reflect but either ignorance about the reality on the Syrian ground and the presence of armed to teeth terrorists from tens of countries worldwide, or reflect the more of anti-Syrians reckless stances, which would cause but a severe headache to the participating countries themselves and to their puppets and allies in the countries neighbouring Syria.

US new Secretary of State, John Kerry, made a poor unbalanced and biased start in Rome in his new career. Flagrantly and blatantly, Kerry declared the more of financial aid to the opposition, which reflects but a tiny portion of the Syrians and represent only itself and the countries which designated it. The US $60 million will be spent for the more of killing, destruction and chaos. The US and western covert and even overt programs to mushroom, train and hire terrorists have been much talked about by foreign media, the last of which by the Times, and NY Times. “We’re doing this, but other countries are doing other things,” Kerry said, yes it is crystal clear that your country and the others are doing and exerting every effort to weaken, and defeat Syria and the majority of Syrians, but in vain, thanks to the Syrian Army heroism and to Syrians' unity and steadfastness.

McClatchy Newspaper, run by the US army, stressed that Israel coordinates with the USA in the domain of supplying the armed opposition in Syria with weapons, quoting Israeli officials as saying “Israel is consulting with the American officials over the weapons sent to the armed groups in Syria, and it closely watches all types of the most complicated weapons that can be sent to these groups.'' Actually, many of the confiscated weapons of the armed terrorists are Israeli-made ones, not to mention other EU brands. The EU, supposedly an assembly of every human, free and democratic institutions, increased its supply of armored vehicles, non-lethal and lethal military equipment and technical aid. "The ministers pledged more political and material support to the (Syrian National) coalition as the sole legitimate representative of the Syrian people and to get more concrete assistance (into) Syria,"

It would have been better for Rome's meeting final statement instead of deploring "the unabated arms supply to the regime by third countries'' to call on its attendees to refrain from arming the terrorists on the ground, who so far have slaughtered thousands of innocent Syrians, not to mention their destruction of even Mosques and Churches!

''The suffering endured by the Syrian people'' as cited in the final statement is caused but by the countries attending Rome meeting. Every State has the legitimate right to defend its sovereignty and citizens against every form of terrorism. Rome Statement's 'sympathy' with ''Syria’s neighbors that are carrying a heavy burden due to increasing refugees’ flows'' was expected. However, the statement stopped short from declaring clearly that these neighbors are themselves responsible for such 'flows', not to mention these countries' inhuman tackling of the displaced issue as an exploitation bargaining chip.

The Coalition and Sheikh al-Khatib himself are NOT the ''sole legitimate representative of the Syrian People''; Rome, the city of peace, love and coexistence, should have pity on more than 23 million of the Syrians, who are indeed embarrassed when they are solely represented by at best such tens of Syrians handpicked by the ewes and petrodollars. It is a shame when the statement declares support to what it called ''the Supreme Military Command of the Free Syrian Army.'' Do those who stood by and objected to the enlisting of 'al-Nusra' front deserve such a support! Or is it the required ''objective, real and unbiased assistance'' and ''encouragement of concerned parties to engage themselves in national dialogue with the purpose of solving the crisis in Syria''?


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim




Aleppo's Burglar

Turkish thief-premier, Erdogan, should be held accountable for his destructive role not only in the shedding of the Syrians' blood, but also for his looting of the Syrians' means  of living, particularly in the steadfast city of Aleppo. The gangs of Erdogan, many of them have Turkish nationality with extremist identity, have been spreading destruction, fear, insecurity and instability in Aleppo and elsewhere inside Syria.

The terrorist gangs in action in Aleppo assassinated many businessmen, burning factories to ashes, after robbing machinery and smuggling  them to Turkey. For example. 'al-Oulabi' factory was burnt, its owner, Bassam al Oulabi killed causing a halt in Aleppo's textile industry, not to mention the thousands turned jobless in the aftermath of such a  heinous crime.

'Al-Weis' Family Factory was also robbed, its owner Mohammad al-Weis killed in tandem with increasing phenomena of kidnapping and ransoms targeting thousands of Aleppo's elites among the rich, and industrialists. Erdogan's gangs spread death and fear in Aleppo, cutting roads, blowing up railways, roads and  oil pipelines, attacking every commercial convoy in the city.

According to a report published recently by the Lebanese Al-Akhbar Daily, with the opening of Turkey's borders with Syria, acts of looting, assassination, escalated in Aleppo, where more than a thousand factory were dismantled and smuggled into Turkey; the losses reached more than  300 Billion SYP. Even the iron inside these factories was robbed in pieces to be melted inside Turkey as scraps.

According to Aleppo industrialist, Mohamad Bitar, the armed terrorists broke into the family's factor, and cut the 15-meter length  machineries before selling them as scraps with a low price in Turkey.

Abo Ahmad, who refused to be named in fear of reprisals, stated that his textile factory at Sheikh Nejar in Aleppo was ransacked and looted, swearing, as a hawker now  in Aleppo streets, that he would not sell a Turkish commodity. 

It is but a systematic destruction of Aleppo industry as to change Aleppo into a market for Turkish commodities.

Aleppo's Industry Chambers Chairman, Fares al-Shihabi, who addressed an authentic report to Foreign and Expatriates Ministry about Erdogan's systematic looting of Aleppo's industry, asserted that the citizens of Aleppo regard Erdogan as the 'burglar of Aleppo'.

Thus, the burglar of Aleppo should be ashamed of himself and shut his mouth when it comes to Syrians,  who did suffer the unbearable at the hands of his Ottoman colonial ancestors. Erdogan, the leader of 'Justice and Development Brotherhood, and who  was tight-lipped when Israel killed his citizens in its heinous May 2010 barbaric  attack on a Turkish aid ship,  is indeed responsible for the killing of thousands of innocent Syrians and should be  in fetters in  the dock  to face trial  as a war criminal.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim