Come to a Word that Is Equitable between Us and You




Syria's veteran Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Walid al-Moallem, once more appealed to every Syrian to throw his/her hat in the ring as to build and immunize Syria against every disease. Those who were led astray from the right path of patriotism, nationalism, and did carry arms against their own Syrian brothers are urged to put down their arms and catch the train- temporarily disturbed by the ongoing crisis-  of Syria's reform, building, progress and modernization. Thus, Minister al-Moallem transparently echoed the same calls issued earlier  by almost every Syrian  official for all Syrians, innocent of shedding the Syrian blood, to take part and play constructive role in Syria's future.

Minister al-Moallem's Syrian Satellite TV interview yester evening was indeed comprehensive and explanatory for almost all of the Syrian diplomatic and political work since the start of the ongoing crisis in Syria. Assertion was laid on the importance of comprehensive national dialogue, political solution for the crisis based on partnership, sovereignty, independence, integrity and inadmissibility of foreign intervention in Syria's affair. The dirty destructive role by Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, under the directives and leadership of the USA, was once more clarified as the so far insurmountable hurdle before the much-desired-by-the majority of the Syrians political solution for the crisis. The Syrians are adamant however about exerting the more of efforts for the political solution in Syria on the basis of Geneva Statement.

Minister al-Moallem underscored that the way out from the ongoing crisis is but through adherence to President Bashar Al-Assad's January 6th, 2013 landmark outlined basics: it is a 3-phased roadmap including in its first stage:  a  commitment by the concerned countries to halt the financing, arming and harboring of the armed men- mostly notorious al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists-, and then military operations are to be halted , reserving the right to respond when attacked , the finding of a mechanism to assert the commitment of all to this, especially the border control, and then the convening of the national conference for dialogue  with the participation of all forces which desire participation.

 The second phase of the roadmap is through a comprehensive national dialogue with a commitment to the sovereignty, unity and integrity of Syria, halting terrorism and violence. Such a national dialogue would present the constitutional system, issues and agreement on new laws for elections, which are to be put for popular referendum. An expanded government is to be assigned the role of implementing the said articles, the constitution is to be put to a popular referendum and then  new parliamentary elections are to be held.

A new government is to be formed during the third phase, where a national conference for reconciliation to be convened, general amnesty to be given, and rehabilitation of the infrastructure and reparation for the damaged are to be completed. Thus, Minister al-Moallem's interview deserves but a thorough reading and an accurate translation by the concerned as evade the more of the unbearable.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim




Anti-Syria Political Discourse




A simple analysis for the anti-Syria politicians' political discourse does reveal some peculiarities about the ongoing crisis in Syria. First, there is a strong indication that such a discourse is mainly written- dictated- by one-side, which is the USA. Thus, when a US official issues a statement regarding the crisis, parroting by anti-Syria politicians, not to mention their media outlets, start and continue for a long period of time; US State Departments' unbalanced , speedy and reckless comments on President Bashar Al-Assad's January 6th, 2013  landmark speech is a clear example.

Other common characteristics of such a discourse are related to the speech acts used in anti-Syria discourse; directives acts giving orders to the legitimate Syrian authorities to do so and so and not to do that and that. Almost all of the orders given aim but to undermine the Syrian Government and denying it from practicing the legitimate right to self-defence in the face of the armed terrorists, mainly supported and backed by the anti-Syria speakers themselves! Twisting of facts is clear in their discourse; double standards in tackling issues of international concern, particularly terrorism,  is clear. Thus, according to such a discourse, the heinous crimes, including torture, rape, looting, mutilation,  perpetrated by the armed groups is a ''revolution'', while the right to protect Syrians by the Syrian Arab Hero Army is even a massacre! Terrorist in Syria are described as ''rebels'', in Mali, Afghanistan, UK, are but 'terrorists!

The banners of human rights, sufferings, "numbered days", defections, the displaced and the like cram anti-Syria political discourse; the politicians often usurp the legitimate right of the Syrians to express themselves and voice their own concerns and preoccupations. Anti-Syria politicians talk on behalf of the Syrians as if they themselves were the Syrians; the recent statements by the Qatari FM are a clear flagrant meddling! But can the Qatari Emir cite but a name of a Qatari MP; of course not, because there is not even a Parliament in the newly born State of Qatar! The Qatari petrodollars are almost responsible for every Arab blood shed  during the so-called spring. Politicians like sultan Erdogn, Hollande, Cameron, who almost distanced themselves from their main task to serve their own countries and people, have been busying themselves, thanks to petrodollars and US dictations, with the smallest daily affairs of the Syrians. They have been parroting the same meaningless clichés. Knowingly or unknowingly, these politicians, not to mention the unjust sanctions imposed by their governments on the Syrians and Erdogan's robbery of the Syrian bread, diesel and means of livings, do deviate from the simplest political reason!

Further, some statements by anti-Syria Syrian opposition parrot the said clichés; but with a touch of arrogance, ignorance and self-deception. Thus, they reject dialogue, and even reality on the ground and insist upon the toppling of the regime, which actually means but the slaughter of the majority of the millions of the Syrians, who are themselves the regime itself. Syria  is built on plurality, institutions, and governing bodies. Ballot boxes, of which this very opposition is afraid, are the only means to change the status quo and not the bullets. Once more, such opposition is called upon to reconsider its stances and get involved on the Syrian ground through ballots and not bullets. If Syria and the Syrians are dear to you, as claimed by you, Syria and Syrians deserve life not death, progress not regress, construction and not destruction; stop your day-dreaming, renounce your discourse of sedition and hatred, and foreign intervention, and come to dialogue if you are interested. To oppose is a right, but to destroy and slaughter is a crime, isn't it!


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim




Dogs Bark and the Caravan Moves on




Some of the negative regional and international reactions to President Bashar Al-Assad's January 6th, 2013 speech are indeed irresponsible, expected, unjustified and reckless. Such reactions are out of place, time, and prove but the involvement of regional and international governments in the ongoing crisis in Syria. The speech was, however, addressed to '' all those who want dialogue and all those who want to see a political solution in the near future in Syria''

The speech, historic and remarkable by all accounts, wasn't addressed to ''those who don't want dialogue''. Thus, all of their shallow reactions and comments were but scoring a goal after the referee's final-match whistle; they have wasted their time, the same way they have been wasting their sources and petrodollars for the killing of the Syrians, and the destruction of Syria, a big thorn in their throats, at times causing hunger for the greedy ewes eying the Syrian green nature, resources and strategic geopolitical position and role.

The bloody trouble makers, intruders, and colonialists want but what they consider a tasty piece of the Syrian cake; they have exploited every means and ways to weaken, destabilize and dismember Syria- but in vain. So, their reckless reactions were a copy for their sinister, terrorist and aggressive practices against the majority of the Syrians and their bread, infrastructure, and above all against their security, tranquillity and stability.

H.E. President Al-Assad's speech included every possible generous idea, proposal and invitation, including even the so-far achieved and enacted laws, decrees, parties, elections, Constitution and reform measures. What matters for President Al-Assad is but Syria, a country that is thousands of years old, the Syrian sovereignty, and independent national decision. The Syrians' national interests are second to none, and the Syrians' Army achievements, voting and popular referendums, ''not through the president, government, dialogue or any other thing'' are but the deciding factor.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim




Only Syrians Decide their Future

It has become very clear that the UN and its affiliated bodies have become mere tools in the hands of the US and its allies.  They are directed and recruited to achieve the objectives of the US and its Western and regional allies.

The recent report of the UNHRC has turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to the role of some international and regional parties in stoking the flames of crisis in Syria through media instigation and misleading, providing arms and funds to mercenary terrorists and al-Qaeda members, training them and sending them to Syria to attack Syrian army and people and destroy Syrian public and private properties.

It would have been better had the Commission accused the supporters of those murderers who live in the US, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey and to remind these countries of their responsibilities according to the international law, the most important of which is not violating human rights and supporting terrorists in other countries.

It would have also been better if the (UNHRC) called for stopping the flagrant foreign interference in the Syrian internal affairs. The UN assumes a big responsibility as it is glossing over these practices, especially the need to stop foreign interference in the Syrian internal affairs and sending arms and weapons to terrorists in Syria.

The UN and its affiliated bodies should focus efforts on solving the crisis in Syria through a comprehensive dialogue led by the Syrians themselves without any foreign agenda.

The US and its Western allies have been putting pressure on the UN and its affiliated bodies to invoke feeble pretexts and groundless allegations to justify a military interference in Syria. The West always turns a blind eye to human rights violations committed by the armed groups which committed heinous massacres against Syrian people and law enforcement forces in various Syrian governorates.

Those who claim to be bringing democracy to the region, according to some countries, are committing atrocious crimes and open fire deliberately on civilians, and assassinate scientists, university professors and  social figures and use hostages as suicide bombers and children as soldiers. The terrorist groups in Syria get away with their actions and receive aid from the countries offering them protection including Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia which publicly declared their sinister plans for arming terrorist groups in Syria.  The foreign minister of Al Saud has forgotten all his duties towards Arab and Islamic nations and remembered only his duty in arming the terrorists in Syria in implementation of orders given to him by his masters in Washington and Tel Aviv.

The West and its Western and Regional allies, blinded by their narrow-mindedness and geopolitical plans, have been unable to heed the voice of reason and support a comprehensive dialogue led by the Syrians themselves to resolve the crisis on the basis of preserving Syria’s sovereignty and rejecting any form of foreign interference in Syria’s internal affairs.

The US, its allies and the whole world should realize one crystal clear fact, namely the Syrians are the ones who determine Syria's future through political process not decisions made by the UN Security Council motivated by the US and its allies. The UN Charter stipulates that there should not be interference in the countries' internal affairs. So all the states who declare that they are keen on the Syrian people and the security and stability of Syria should refrain from supporting the armed groups in Syria with funds and arms to enable the Syrians resolve the crisis themselves and determine the future of their country.

K. Q.



Iraq Beats Syria in WAFF Finals!




According to al-Jazeera, al-arabyia, france 24, Syria lost the  7th West Asian Football Federation Championship, WAFF,  final match to Iraq. The said media outlets quoted Football Observatory in Mars sources, correspondents and eye-witnesses as saying that the Syrian National Football Team suffered such a humiliating defeat due to the poor performance of its goal-keeper Mosab Balhous, loose defence line, especially player Ahmad Saleh. According to the sources, the Shabiha of the Syrian National Team committed several fouls against the players of the Iraqi National Team; 8 of the Syrian players were red-carded and expelled,'' aid Safwat al-Zayat, a well-known all-knowing of every thing analyst!

Indeed, it is more than a final football match; this is but a simple example of the Syrian team spirit, unity, and nationalism. The eyes and hearts of millions of the Syrians, govs and non-govs, were attached to TV screens, not to mention the thousands of our Syrian Community expatriates in Kuwait in the stadium. The Syrian National Team scored and won the final. The scored goal itself wasn't the only goal of the symphony orchestrated by the players, as much as it was the Syrian message not only to the ewes, but to the entire world. The sphinx Syrians once more have taught the ewes in the vicinity of the playground what it means to be an independent, glorified and dignified Syrian.

To the thundering voices, applause, the Syrians, decorated by the Syrian National Flag, and by President Assad's pictures, encouraged, supported and celebrated joyfully. The Syrians on the ground here in Syria, the cradle of every civilization are but to win and crush the ongoing foreign-backed al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim