Al-Jazeera Decline

Anti-Syrians semi-international war has not only used the takfiri, extremist and multi-national terrorists, smuggling of weapons and 'non-lethal' sophisticated technology, but further exploited media means as a weapon of fabrications, lies, psychosocial war, propaganda and even as a means of giving directions and orders to the terrorists on the Syrian ground. For example, the Qatari Al-Jazeera Satellite TV has almost put aside all world news and accorded all of its efforts to the crisis in Syria, but in flagrantly biased and fabricated coverage. Thus, according to its all-knowing Analyst, Safwat Al-Zayat, Syria exists on more on the map, to its Faysal Al-Qassem, every Syrian is against his/her government and President, not to mention the many false news aired and  inaccurate non-Syrian pictures shown as taking place in Syria, and  the fatwas of its Qaradawi.

According to a recent news report by United Press International (UPI) News Agency, Al-Jazeera is no longer a voice for change, but of propaganda for its royal owner, journalists who used to work for the network say. UPI quoted the German Der Spiegel as reporting that in recent months, Al-Jazeera has been used to serve the political agenda of its owner and founder, Sheik Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, the emir of Qatar.

"Before the beginning of the Arab Spring, we were a voice for change, a platform for critics and political activists throughout the region," said Aktham Suleiman, who worked at al-Jazeera's office in Berlin. "Now, al-Jazeera has become a propaganda broadcaster." "If a differentiation is no longer made between activists and journalists, then that poses a danger to everyone," Suleiman said.

The Agency quoted another former correspondent as saying that  decisions at the network were no longer based "on journalistic priorities, but rather on the interests of the Foreign Ministry of Qatar." The network ignored mass protests against the Bahraini government, an ally of the emir, the journalists said. In Syria, where Qatar supports the opposition to Syrian government, al-Jazeera favors the foreign-backed armed terrorist groups.

The resignations by al-Jazeera journalists in cities such as Paris, London, Moscow, Beirut and Cairo came as the network paid $500 million for Current TV in a gamble to enter the U.S. market.

According to Akhtham Suleiman, the truth is being twisted. It is about politics, not about journalism, adding that for example, in Aleppo, December 2012: An Al Jazeera correspondent had images relating to Syria that didn’t suit the station’s headquarters and which were not broadcast. This is no isolated incident.

Suleiman added that the correspondent Ali Hashem had  told TV presenter Rola Ibrahim, who was working at the network’s headquarters in Qatar, that he had seen and filmed armed Syrian revolutionaries- terrorists- on the border with Lebanon in 2011. The channel didn’t broadcast the images because they showed an armed deployment, which did not fit the desired narrative of a peaceful uprising. “My bosses told me: forget what you have seen!” Hashem wrote to Rola, as published. She is said to have replied that she was faring no better. She had been “massively humiliated, just because I embarrassed Zuhair Salem, the spokesman for the opposition Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, with my questions during a news broadcast. They threatened to exclude me from interviews relating to Syria and to restrict me to presenting the late night news, under the pretext that I was jeopardizing the station’s balance.”

 “Desirable” and less desirable images? Penalties for interviews that are “too critical”? At Al Jazeera? Here it must be said that in the online propaganda war between supporters and opponents of the Syrian regime, anything is possible, including lies and deception, as the months since the outbreak of the uprising in mid-March 2011 have shown. Regime supporters wanted to show that the rebellion is solely waged by “armed gangs.” Regime opponents wanted to show that the Syrian army is the only [party] committing [acts of] violence.

That’s why I asked Ali Hashem, who also resigned in protest at Al-Jazeera biased and inaccurate news coverage,  whether the story was true. His answer was devastating: “Yes, it’s true. Those are really my emails with Rola. I do not know what to do now.” This is about politics, not about journalism. More precisely: about Qatari foreign policy, which had subtly started to employ Al Jazeera as a tool to praise friends and attack enemies.

It was not the first incident. When Al Jazeera’s Japan correspondent, Fadi Salameh, came to Doha at the end of 2011 to help out for a month at the channel’s headquarters, colleagues asked him how he – as a Syrian – assessed or felt about their Syria coverage. He responded evasively with something like: So-so. And why was that? He said: well, the issue of accuracy is no longer taken as seriously as it ought to be, and mentioned the story of his cousin, who  had been depicted as a deserter from the Syrian military only a few days earlier in a video broadcast on the channel. He was said to have defected to the Free Syrian army in a short recording placed online by the rebels.

But that could well be true, replied a colleague. “Not at all.” Fadi replied. “That was a hostage video. The fear apparent on my cousin’s face, having just been captured by the rebels, was unmistakable.”

Later Fadi went on to say that Al Jazeera now presumes to know better than one’s own family members what is happening to someone in Syria. “Only when I said that my cousin had disappeared two days before his wedding, were some people willing to reconsider,” Fadi said. “Thank God no one got the idea that the groom was trying to escape a forced marriage.” He doesn’t muster a laugh. His cousin never returned and is presumed dead. When the story was leaked to a Lebanese newspaper, this was the response from a person in charge at Al Jazeera: “Oh, those [damn] yellow papers…”

“This is an office of the Muslim Brotherhood”

Al Jazeera has become the mother of invention: Those who have protested to the editorial board or turned their backs on the station are “supporters of the Syrian regime,” as  Yaser Al Zaatra, the Jordanian author affiliated with the Islamist camp, wrote this spring in a guest article published on –  it almost defies belief – Al Jazeera’s very own website.

The attacks against its employees [waged] on its own website are meant to obscure the fact that Syria is not the core issue in this internal conflict, but rather the station’s lack of professionalism. Cairo’s Al-Jazeera correspondent Samir Omer moved to Sky News earlier this year not because of Syria, but rather, as he told his colleagues: “Because I could not stand it anymore. This is no longer an Al-Jazeera office. This is an office of the Muslim Brotherhood” – in other words, the very group that is supported by Qatar in all Arab countries, and is heralded as the winner of the” Arab Spring.”

The Paris bureau chief Ziad Tarrouch was Tunisian, not Syrian. He left in silence last summer, shortly after the presidential elections in France. Unsurprisingly, after weeks of continuous suffering and following repeated subpoenas from the French authorities, because Al Jazeera’s regular guest, Sheikh Yusef Al Qaradawi, had appeared on the station and called for the killing of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. This had invited a lawsuit against the station in France for “incitement to murder.”

 ”Damn it, I’m a journalist!” Ziad had mumbled to himself during his last days at the station. When the Russia correspondent Mohammad al-Hasan also left later that summer, he replied to media queries about his departure by saying that he was expected to deliver incendiary reporting on Russia. In response, the fanciful minds at AJ’s editorial department sought salvation in the claim that Al Hasan was leaving to open a kabab shop in Moscow.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

True Democracy



The ongoing in our beloved country, the cradle of every civilization, is largely the result of an international conspiracy as to weaken, modify, fracture and dismember Syria. Some would argue to the contrary; a thorough reading of the crisis since its onset would, however, support my analysis.

Once the events started in March 2011, arrangements, steps, and measures were made and taken as to find appropriate answers to emerging questions, mainly caused by misunderstandings, at times mishandlings, thus, several meetings at all levels, not to mention the meetings held by H.E. President Basher Al-Assad with popular delegations and civilians. The popular demands, some of which were indeed the demands of the Syrian leadership itself, were met and in a record time, given the fact that the leadership has been working on some of these demands long before the crisis started.

Unfortunately, the speeding up of the reforms, enacting of new laws and decrees, passed unpaid heed for by some. Rarely could a country worldwide have such a bulk of reform measures and concrete steps on the ground in boosting of media, party, legislative, and political partnership and plurality, as Syria did have. The Syrian Constitution, unmatched for in Syria's neighbouring countries, was redrawn and tailored to the demands, some of which were indeed unjust, new parties founded , local administrations, parliamentary elections held

The taken measures and procedures were met but with increasing military escalations and terrorist acts by the foreign backed terrorist groups in action on the Syrian land! Two thirds of the world countries have increased their pressures on the Syrians, unjust economic sanctions, merciless media war propaganda, smuggling of weapons, dispatching of terrorists, looting of Syrian sources…the neighbouring countries, close friends and allies of yesterday, played a bloody role in supporting the terrorist groups, harbouring, and training them. The supposedly to be Arab brethren unmasked their real ewes' faces and foxy intentions imposing sanctions, suspending Syria's membership in the only supposed to be remaining form of Arab solidarity, the League of Arab States. The USA, Israel, Turkey, some western countries recklessly and mercilessly contributed to the long awaited for moment of slaughtering, weakening and dismembering Syria, sending their squads of killings, 'non-lethal', spies and units of killings to the neighbours, if not to within Syria;  under the false motto of protecting the Syrians from Syrians! They have been killing us under the false pretext of protecting us from ourselves!  They have used the displaced as a bargain, beggary means, enslaved and raped on many occasions even the children among our females, ransacked and stole our bread, factories and medicine as to protect the Syrians from Syrians.

The majority did stand up and face the world war against Syria; the Syrian soldier stood steadfast and did fight back; the sufferings and pains inflicted as well as the sacred blood of our martyrs did fuel the Syrians' just and legitimate struggle for survival and victory. Syria's true friends, including Iran, Russia, China, DPRK, BRICS, did stand by Syrians' just and right cause against the new colonial frenzy war. The majority, strengthened by the ongoing dialogue, President Al-Assad's political wisdom and vision to solve the crisis, as well as by the accomplishments of the Syrian hero Army against terrorists, is more than ever  determined to foil the sinister malicious conspiracy. Tomorrow is but better and more shining through the coming ballots, which would prove but the real popularity and mass unlimited support of the majority to the only remaining true Arab Leader, who embodies the national spirit and hopes of Arabs from Gulf to the Ocean. Ballots and NOT bullets are the way to real democracy, aren't they?


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim 





Syrian State the Father for all Syrians

 The concept of regional security is but one; if chaos prevails, none is to be safe, Syria's Minister of Information, Omran al-Zou'bi reiterated.

In a 70 minute dialogue with the Syrian Satellite TV Friday evening, Minister al-Zou'bi, gave a comprehensive panoramic view of the under implementation political vision outlined by H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad in his January 6th landmark speech. This very landmark and historic by all accounts vision is but an integrated, full-fledged political program tackling the general situation in Syria as to restore security and stability.

It is but a logical and realistic three-phased vision based on Syria's sovereignty, integrity and unity. The preparatory phase includes the commitment of concerned countries to halt the financing of violence and terrorism, commitment by armed groups to cease violence, commitment by the Syrian Army to halt its military operations, save in case of defence, and the finding of an appropriate mechanism to monitor the above mentioned, Minister al-Zou'bi recalled.

Minister al-Zou'bi held the first phased measures as a necessary prelude to the second and third phased measures and steps, asserting, however, that the non-implementation of the first phased in no way would hinder the efforts for an all-out implementation of consequent measures. Humanitarian aid is to reach all the needy and reparations are to be duly paid.

The Minister was clear and determined in outlining that the Syrian State, in a legitimate struggle to defend the Syrians against terrorism, defend existence and practice its right to spread security and sovereignty on its territories,  is in NO way against any Syrian, including the armed who put down their arms. ''The State is the father for all Syrians; the State is not litigant with any Syrian, and the State is owned not by anybody,'' calling for dialogue away from bullets.

The dialogue by the State has been started with all and on a daily basis, based on Syria's national basics: national sovereignty, rejection to foreign interference and renunciation of violence. The unconditional dialogue about the future of Syria is serious and open for all, underlined Minister al-Zou'bi. Every Syrian worldwide is invited and welcomed to take part in shaping this brilliant tomorrow. Armed men are also welcome once they surrender arms. The would be convened national dialogue conference has plenty of space for all the Syrians who are keen on their Syria's security, stability and future. Minister al-Zou'bi declared and as outlined and directed by H.E. President Al-Assad in person.

The second transitional phase of the solution would, through its national dialogue conference, formulate national charter, which is to be put into popular referendum with a new government, which has wide authorities even according to article 128 of the current constitution, before a new draft constitution is to be voted for in a popular referendum and before new parliamentary elections to take place. ''Syria is your country and Syria is for all Syrians. Come back home and there would be no arrests, ad hoc Red Crescent and Civil Committees will receive and welcome you at border crossings as to contribute to the building of Syria,'' said Minister al-Zou'bi in a touchy message to the displaced Syrians abroad.

 Syria is the country of civilization; it is established on a 10 thousand year culture of dialogue. The third phase of the National Reconciliation Conference is to crown the success of every Syrian's victory not against other Syrians, but against foreign and sinister schemes and projects, be it the Turkish, Qatari, Israel, American or whatever. These schemes and projects have indeed failed to down the Syrian State. The Syrian project, the moral, human and civilization one is but to vanquish, and Syria is very soon to emerge out victorious from the crisis.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim





Public Enemy!




Israel's recent cowardice air strike on a scientific research center in Jamraya in Damascus Countryside is but a further proof of the Israeli foolish involvement in the crisis in Syria, a crisis for which Israel itself is to pay the heaviest cost. The cowardice Israeli attack, considered by some observers under pressure from ewes, ottomans, petrodollars, is another unjustified, foolish, reckless step coordinated with some armed terrorists groups on the Syrian ground.

The Israeli government uncalculated reckless policies, which even provide safe haven and logistic support to terrorists on the 1974 armistice disengagement line, are one of the main reasons behind the augmentation and spread of the cancerous terrorism.

One here has right to wonder whether such a cowardice Israeli strike came as a bid to test Syrian patience, potentials and capabilities! If so, what a stupidity! According to different calculations, some elite units of the Syrian hero Army, with their  undeclared and so far unused strategic arsenals, are in waiting. The Syrian hero Army, waging a fierce war of legitimate defense against armed terrorists countrywide, is led not by warmongers, like in Israel, just and comprehensive peace is still the strategic choice. Israel should fear for itself when it has been working but for compelling some to drop such a choice! If the whole world of today is a global village, how when it comes to neighboring countries!

Israel hasn't so far learnt by its consequent defeats at the hands of Resistance men, particularly the great heroes of Hezbollah fighters. Israel continues to add fuel to fire! Fine! This very fire is to burn first and foremost Israel itself. Netanyahu, with a slap in the face following the results of the recent parliamentary elections, has to consider the new emerging realities in the region and worldwide. Israel is no more immune or invincible.

Actually, the Jews inside Israel, whose ancestors tasted the bitterness of Nazism terrorism and horror, should curb their reckless leaders. If the takfiri terrorists are slaughtering the innocents of the same blood, religion, what would they do to the ''infidels''; for terrorists, everyone unlike them is kafr (infidel) to be not only slaughtered but gas-chambered!

At a time when the crisis in Syria approaches its concluding chapters, responsible, balanced, and wise policies should be pursued as to live and let others live. Everyone, once cornered, can resort to Samson's Choice. Hopefully, particularly with the coming of  the new US Secretary of State,  John Kerry, a war-veteran turned pacifist, serious efforts would be exerted by all as to live and let others live, but in and at peace.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim




The majority is but the real opposition




To oppose for a just cause is a moral, human and ethical right and even a duty; it is an opposition for more reforms, construction and building. In some countries, oppositions form shadow governments to keep an open eye on their respective governments, like in the United Kingdom, for example. One here can't but to wonder whether Mr. David Cameron would allow the British opposition to declare a war of attrition against his own elected government and the British at large!

Unfortunately, the question of opposition isn't so far ripe enough in our beloved Syria. There are tens of oppositions; the majority of them base their opposition on their own selfish interests -mostly greedy personal ones- or on sectarian and narrow blind minded divisions and affiliations to foreigners. Thus, there are those who are remote-controlled and affiliated to France, Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, US ..etc. here one would too wonder whether such oppositions are different from al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist groups, given the unlimited support, training, harboring and arming by the said countries. Thus, a case of two faces of the same coin exists! Hence the goal is but to oppose the mere existence of the integrated, united, sovereign and independent Syria, though they call themselves ''friends of Syria''! Consequently, the French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius's recent statement  that '' it is Islamist groups that risk gaining ground'' is but the result for such reckless policy by these countries; and as to evade further deterioration, Fabius , contrary to what he desires, and all those dancing to his boring tunes, should refrain from pushing his noses in Syria's domestic affairs. Countries which send troops abroad to combat terrorists should neither support terrorists nor train, mushroom, harbor them as to slaughter the Syrians.

Other forms of opposition have their own contradictory statements, zigzag tactics; most of them wait in vigil for a change in the balance of power! The Syrian Arab Army military boots, recently filled with flowers and raised over heads, can surely give the answer.

The majority of the Syrians who defend their country and support their legitimate government ,institution, and whose main objectives are but stability, unity, security, welfare do meet other forms of the national Syrian opposition whether those represented in  the government, inside Syria, and some outside like the Chairman  of National Coordination Body abroad, Haitham Manaa with his strong rejection of foreign meddling in the Syrian internal affairs. Such oppositions stand against the destruction of their country, the slaughtering of the Syrians, they do oppose corruption, bribery, looting and every form of immorality. The role of the two prominent opposition figures inside the government is indeed vital and constructive in the interest of Syria and Syrians.

The bosom of Syria, the caring mother of every Syrian, is ,however, open for every Syrian, thanks to the big heart of President Bashar Al-Assad. All the Syrian citizens, who legally or illegally left their homeland because of the events, are urged to come back, instructions  were given that all  Syrian opposition forces abroad, who want to take part in the national dialogue,  are to enter Syria regardless of the documents, the  Higher Judiciary Council's has taken a decision to halt prosecutions against opposition political forces and figures who take part in the national dialogue.

Hopefully, such positive developments and the recently formed local committees for dialogue, not to mention the remarkable achievements by the heroes of the Syrian Army against the terrorists, would pave the way for emerging out victorious from the foreign tailored crisis imposed on Syria.

 Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim