Syrian Leadership Wisdom

Once more His eminence Sayyed Nasrallah reiterated that Syria, the country of Resistance, is steadfast and immune to surrender, defeat or destruction. Syria has been waging a fierce war of defense against a foreign-backed aggression by terrorists of more than 28 countries.

The Israeli recent terrorist attack inside Syria has indeed failed to take it out of the axis of Resistance and the Arab-Israeli conflict. On the contrary, Syria is now more determined to carry out the duty of integration with every Resistance against the occupation, terrorism, ignorance and extremism. 

"Syria has real friends, in the region and the world, that will not let it fall in the hands of America, Israel, and Takfiri groups," recalled Sayyed Nasrallah, who courageously declared that the Resistance in Lebanon is ready to receive up-to-date sophisticated weapons from Syria. ''We – the Resistance – declare we are ready to receive any game-changing weapons, and we are ready to possess and protect them, and use them to defeat the aggression against our people, our land and our holy places.”

In  a televised speech on Al-Nour Radio silver jubilee ceremony, Sayyed Nasrallah emphasized that Syrian leadership has once more proved strength of nerve, strategic mind and wisdom in confronting Israel and its aggressions, citing Syria's persistent support to Resistance movements, particularly in Lebanon and Palestine.

“The same as Syria stood by Lebanon, we - the Resistance in Lebanon - declare that we will stand by the Syrian popular resistance that is aimed at liberating the Syrian Golan.” The liberation of the occupied Golan has ever been the main preoccupation and strategic goal for the Syrian government, which also tried for years of Madrid peace conference talks to restore. Now, it is time for Israel to withdraw from the Syrian land; and if not through Madrid formula, it is definitely through the popular Resistance, supported by Hizbollah heroes, who did prove in deeds that Israel, the occupation, was but weaker than the spider's nest.

Again, it is hoped that the anti-Syria ewes and their masters would get the messages- there was a third undeclared message in Sayyed Nasrallah's speech yesterday-. The Syrian hero Army would cleanse every corner in the most remote part of Syria from terrorists and any aggression against Syria would never be a picnic for the aggressors who would definitely pay a price much heavier than any price ever. Hopefully, those who support, train, arm, and mushroom the hired killers takfiris and al-Qaeda terrorists would refrain from their destructive policies and resort to reason, logic and dialogue in the interest of ALL.

 Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

Strategic Coordination

The standing strategic cooperation and coordination between Israeli and the extremist Takfiri terrorist groups in Syria is indeed strange. The goal of both sides is common as to destroy Syria. The Israelis should, however, understand that they will be the ultimate target for such groups once the crisis in Syria ends. The Israeli recent coward attack against Jamraya came in coordination with the terrorists who once the attack was launched moved their squads of death and killing to enter the formidable city of Damascus.

Indeed it was unbelievable that the extremists were picturing the Israeli attack once it took place chanting "Allah Akbar"! What can the Israelis expect from those who even echo such words while their own country was being under Israeli attack? The enemy should  wait for more to come in consequence for their aggressions and their uncalculated reckless adventures against Syria.

The Israeli coward aggression is, as the Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal al Meqdad has clearly stated to CNN, but "an alliance between Islamic terrorists and Israel" as a declaration of war, for which the Israelis are to suffer more and more.

The Israeli flagrant attack has indeed opened "the door wide for all possibilities". It has been, as the Syrian Government statement outlined, a flagrant aggression on the Syrian Arab Republic using missiles to bombard military facilities in a blatant violation to the international law, paying no heed to the relevant obligations".

"The flagrant aggression aims at providing  a direct military support to the extremist, Takfiri and terrorist groups as they have recently failed to attain gains on the ground,"  as  the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry outlined. Indeed the Israeli state-terrorism attack against Syria is to escalate the tension in the region and drag it into a wide-scale war that would threaten  international security.

"The Syrian Arab Republic's Government  do believe that the US statements ,released prior and in the aftermath of the mentioned raid, have urged Israel to launch its aggressive airstrike rather than securing a political nod and wink  to breach Syria's sovereignty in an apparent violation to the UN Charter and the international law." The US, ewes, and some Westerners are themselves to feel the consequences.

The government of the Syrian Arab Republic reiterates  the necessity that the Syrian hero  Army would continue their victories over  the puppets of Israel inside Syria in line with  the States duty to defend homeland , State and people from internal aggression as well as external one and by all means and available potentials.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

The Savior, Protector and Guardian

H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad yesterday's participation in the unveiling of the Syrian Universities Martyrs Memorial is but a further noble and human gesture by the leader of every dignity, morality and humanity. Our martyrs are so sacred and most noble among all, and they do belong to every Syrian family as our minister of Information, Omran al-Zoubi, underscored in his yesterday's Syrian TV talk.

"There is no single family or a house in Syria without being in a direct blood relationship with a martyr; there is no one in Syria without being in a way or another contributing to the dignity, existence, and sovereignty of Syria,'' outlined the minister.

"President Al-Assad has never been absent even for a single moment from participating in all activities and national occasions. H.E. President Al-Assad has been carrying out his constitutional and national duties to the best of performance," added the minister.

Yes, the majority of the Syrians do love president Al-Assad, who does symbolize for them every heroism, resistance, steadfastness and dignity. President Al-Assad is almost felt to be part of every Syrian family; and the more he is to be under attack by the ewes and their masters, the more he is to be immunized by the solidarity, unity, friendship and amity of his people.

Almost 13 years have so far passed since president Al-Assad's July 17th,  2000 inaugural words: Our dear people, My trust in you is infinite and so is my love to you. I hope you will allow me to emphasize to you a fact I feel that the man you have known and loved some of his merits and exchanged trust and love with him will not change at all once he assumes his post. He came out of the people and lived with them and shall remain one of them. You may expect to see him everywhere whether in the work place or on the streets or in your picnics in order to learn from you and sharpen his determination by his contact with you and shall work for you as he has always done."

"The man who has become a president is the same man who was a doctor and an officer and first and foremost is the citizen." Indeed, he  has so been and is even felt more today as the savior, protector and guardian in the face of the ongoing foreign-backed terrorists barbarity, savagery and brutality.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

World Press Day

The Syrian Mass Media means have paid a heavy price due to the ongoing crisis, where scores of colleagues and media outlets were brutally targeted by the foreign-backed terrorist and takfiri groups. The Syrian Satellite transmissions were illegally cut off by anti-free speech ewes and their pardons.

Actually, and as Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi has recently declared in Moscow, the media war, Syria has been facing, is also based on preventing the country from getting the modern technology necessary to broadcast facts and real information messages about what is really going on in Syria: "Syria is being exposed to a real aggression in which the media plays a main role and the armed terrorist groups act as a military arm to destroy Syria".

The minister cited t tens of satellite channels and public relations companies that are highly paid to contribute to implementing a conspiracy aiming to weaken the Syrian state and its establishments, pointing out that many of the journalists, who were martyred or wounded in the war waged against Syria, reiterating that tens of foreign journalists had entered Syria illegally and were targeted by the armed terrorist groups.

Minister al-Zoubi underscored that Syria wants the mass media to broadcast the reality of events in the country without fabrications or falsification, so the Information Ministry has so far  given permission to more than 300 media outlets from different countries to enter Syria, stressing that the Syrian armed forces didn't target a single journalist directly neither through arrests nor through fire shooting.

'' Syria has been exposed to a media attack; media, notwithstanding its importance, cannot outdo the reality. They might be stronger in space- satellite transmission-, but we are stronger on the ground than in the space. Still, we want to win on the ground as well as in the space." said H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad in press statements following the casting of his vote in Syria's New Constitution referendum, February 26  2012.

In his statements, President Al-Assad underscored that the Syrian official media is the best in the region, with an eye on competing not with those who are less, but who are better. Such a mad hysterical media attack of fabrications, lies and disinformation against everything Syrian has been escalated and aggravated by petro-dollar and western media outlets, which affirms, as President Al-Assad declared on August 29, 2012, that the '' Syrian media managed to expose them and undermine their media empires'' as a further ''proof of the success of Syrian media''.

Here comes, actually, the underway modifications, upgrades, and-at times- drastic changes in Syrian mass media means tackling of domestic, regional and international issues of interest. More space as well as coverage- opposition meetings in Syria are being covered live on State TV- is accorded to different ideas and views representing many angles of Syria's spectra. Many of the analysts, researchers, and politicians, unfortunately absent for a long time, do contribute nowadays to enriching the said spectra, especially during the ongoing crisis imposed upon Syria.  An invitation was even addressed by the Syrian Minister of Information, Mr.Omran al-Zou'bi, to national opposition figures as to have their say heard a loud. Most of the Syrians nowadays are in waiting for their Syrian TV main news broadcast at 8:30 p.m., which starts with the newly-introduced brief political analysis. Such a far-sighted deep analysis raises optimism, courage, pride and awareness in most of the Syrians, given the heroic operations- some of which are being broadcasted live- by the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army against the foreign-backed mercenary terrorists.

Further, the Syria Times was re-launched by Minister al-Zoubi, where the number of its readership on line today nears a million. This is but the new Syrian media live coverage for events on the ground, where the brave colleagues stand shoulder to shoulder with army personnel in defence of the sacred homeland. Such coverage for the reality on the ground does make the Syrian media excel in the space. One here can't but to reiterate that such a coverage has instigated those involved in the crime being perpetrated against the Syrians to cut Syrian Satellites transmission.

The ongoing developments in Syrian Mass Media means can also be seen in the light of President Al-Assad's far-sighted vision for media role as has been clarified and reflected in his interview with Addounia TV on August 29, 2012. The work is ongoing, with persistence and determination, on enhancing the role of media means' investigating role as part of 'popular oversight' in Syria's national interest. The issues discussed and topics raised, considered until recently a taboo, if to say, or somehow forbidden, are being highlighted and fleshed out in a series of TV, radio programs, and written articles, offering some suggestions, at times solutions, to the concerned.

The unjust war waged against Syrians by foreign media means made the concerned throw their hats in the ring, standing up to the challenges imposed. Hopefully, the re- launching of the Syria Times would further contribute to shedding the more of light on the realities of everything Syrian, as to get closer to the aspired-for noble objectives. Truth, according to Minister al-Zou'bi, in statements to the Independent quoted by Robert Fisk, ''will no longer be a casualty'' and ''Nothing can be hidden. There is no justification to hide anything. People are used to the real facts now….Thus we don't want a lying media.'' Hopefully, the Syria Times, with about a million readership, were able to say the truth in a simple, straight to the point and clear way as to help in exposing, encountering and foiling those who are so good at marketing their lies, not to mention those whose media outlets are but the partners in the shedding of Syrian blood with prior knowledge of many terrorist attacks against Syrians.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

Minister Omran al-Zoubi's Recent Visit to Russia

Syria's Information Minister, Omran al-Zoubi's recent visit to Russia and the talks held with Russian officials have yielded positive results in bolstering of the firm standing relations of friendship between Syria and Russia. Actually, Minister al-Zoubi underlined, on different occasions during the visit, some important principles and facts regarding the ongoing crisis in Syria as well as regarding Syria's political orientations and aspirations.

Among  the underlined was that Syria, a secular Country, has been the target for extremism and terrorism, where a war is being waged by  ignorant takfiri thinking fighting, under the name of Islam, against present secularism and  Islamic-Christian moderation. "Syria is now paying the price for this secularism and religious diversity," underlined Minister al-Zoubi.

Syria is facing foreign-backed terrorists and mercenaries coming from 29 countries, causing tragic events and killing innocent citizens, outlined the Minister, stressing that the Armed terrorist groups in Syria have become a US political and military tool as they keep seeking to undermine Syria via the Iraqi and Lebanese gates or by using direct tools like Israel and that successive US administrations realize well that Syria is not and will not be the ground for implementing the U.S policies.

 Syria has some documents proving that American officers are training and providing all kinds of assistance to terrorists and mercenaries of al-Qaeda-affiliated groups, underlined the minister, pointing out that the structure  of the armed opposition in Syria consists mainly from  foreign mercenaries who infiltrated into Syria, not only from neighboring countries, but also from scores of EU countries like Britain, Belgium, Australia, France and others. Unfortunately, major European countries, including France and Britain are involved in Syria events, where their intelligence units are working on the ground since the beginning of the crisis.

Minister al-Zoubi, however, reiterated that despite all pain, suffering  and sadness, the Syrian Arab Army, supported by the people and peace-loving parties, will protect the Syrian land and defend the state sovereignty as the crisis would  definitely come to an end, thanks to the awareness of the Syrian people and the support of the Russian people and leadership.

Another fact underscored by Minister al-Zoubi is that though the tools of the conflict in the world have been changed, the American goals haven't, and that Moscow and Damascus will continue to be a US target, not only because of their distinguished historical relations, but because they represent an exceptional case in terms of political work and relations between people and states. Syria and Russia  have to defend their common interests and as the crisis is to be over, Syria and Russia, whose support is indeed a dire need,  would work in partnership as to rebuild and rehabilitate Syria's all sectors.

The Syrian Government has been the first to call for internal political dialogue since May, 2011. However, dialogue should be among the Syrians alone away from any terrorist groups or the countries which seek interference in Syria's affairs, reiterated the Minister of Information, citing the political program outlined  by H.E. President  Bashar Al-Assad on January 6th, 2013 as an integrated political, social, economic and humanitarian plan to solve the crisis in Syria, but the United States, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey are hindering its implementation and blocking launching dialogue with the "opposition", which  has no political program, but only calls for "toppling the regime" as to undermine and weaken the Syrian State.

Minister al-Zoubi pointed out that the Syrian State is never to use chemical weapons, if they exist, against its own people, nor even against Israel- stockpiling hundreds of nukes- and that the US and Western hysteria to this effect is because of the Syrian Arab Army success in eliminating  terrorists who came from 29 countries with 5,000 gunmen from Yemen alone

Further, the minister declared that Syria's desire and work as to  join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), founded in 2001 grouping Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan,  and the grouping of the emerging economies – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS). Thus, it has been by all accounts a multifaceted fruitful visit by Minister al-Zoubi and up to the expectations of millions of Syrian and Russian friends and up to the standing deep-rooted historical relations between the two peace-loving countries.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim