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The Qatari Bankruptcy

Once the Syrians are closer to solving the mainly-caused Qatari crisis in Syria, the Qatari Sheikhdom intensifies its trouble-making-but futile-  moves. Futile because petrodollars can never make a dwarf a giant. The island of Qatar talks big, as if it were to possess the US military bases on its tiny territories and not the opposite. Qatar should be ashamed of leasing two thirds of its island to the US troops, which occupied and destroyed many Arab countries! Recklessly, the Qatari foolish moves are against all, if not against its own interests.

Dr. Bashar al-Jafaari, the Representative to Syria to the UN, made it clear yesterday in his landmark speech, that  the destructive role of the  Arab League  led by Qatar and Saudi Arabia and the new member, Turkey, against Syria, has legitimized the act of arming terrorists.

"once a political solution for the crisis in Syria looms ahead, the scale of the terrorist operations on the ground is increased and escalated," said Dr. al-Jafaari, blasting the Qatari presented resolution as a bid to obstruct the political solution of the crisis, citing the negative impacts of the Qatari and Saudi  petrodollar and recruitment of extremists and terrorists in fuelling the crisis in Syria.

The Qatari drafted resolution, given the diminished number of the countries voting for, is viewed by concerned observers and analysts as a bid to abort the recent Russian- US understandings as to end the crisis in Syria via diplomatic and political means.

Yesterday's Qatari-drafted UN General Assembly non-binding resolution, met large number of abstentions, 59, and 12 votes against, would indicate but the increasing comprehension and understanding of the world community members of the ongoing on the ground in Syria, where extremist and wahabi terrorists of more than 28 countries are launching a war of attrition against every Syrian aspect of life.

The resolution also coincided with mounting fear and wary by some western countries over the threats caused by the foreign-backed terrorist groups in Syria. The Western's concerns are indeed justified given the increasing spill over of the crisis in Syria abroad.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

Non-lethal! Or What?

A son of a bitch terrorist in Syria has recently cut open with his 'non-lethal' weapon the chest of a Syrian hero soldier and lifted out the heart. The terrorist, leader of so-called Syrian opposition armed militia, started to eat the bleeding heart of the Syrian hero soldier! Yes , al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists in Syria are indeed cannibals! Such terrorist acts of horror, barbarity, savagery,  are unfortunately not new in the ongoing more than two years crisis. Earlier, the terrorists shot down a food-supply helicopter, and started to cut off the heads of the Syrian Army hero pilots! They even raised the pilots'  heads over sticks and iron rods and made a parade before roasting the heads!

To what extent such horrifying acts would touch the inner conscience and humanity of every human being everywhere is still  unpredictable, given the unwavering support of the ewes, Erdogan, Obama, Hollande, Cameron to the armed terrorist groups in Syria. Is it possible for any country worldwide to allow such barbarity against anybody, not only against its own citizens! Every country has an army to defend it to death. However, not every country has such a large number of terrorists from dozens of countries on the ground like what it has been the case in Syria for more than two years. The terrorist so-called 'jihad' is linked to petro-dollars, sex, robbery, rape, kidnapping, drugs and cannibalism. The Syrians' struggle, particularly of the Syrian hero Army,  is for independence, unity, sovereignty, security and combating terrorists.

If the human conscience weren't to stand by the majority of Syrians to lead a normal life away from the threats of disintegration, insecurity, cannibalism and suicide bombers, it shouldn't support the terrorists in their war of attrition against every humanity. The ripped-off hearts, cut-off heads of the Syrian hero soldiers do not only belong to Syrians; they do belong to every human conscience in every corner of today's global village. Could this village withstand and bear the presence of such mushrooming cannibalistic terroristic criminality?

Such horrifying footages of mutilation crimes should be sent, even via diplomatic means, to whom might be concerned about the Syrians, particularly to EU leaders, White House, UN, Kings and Emirs of darkness and ignorance, and of course to human rights and civil society bodies.

Yet, the majority of the  Syrians are stronger and more determined to cleanse Syria, the cradle of civilization and freedom, from every terrorist. Yes, we are stronger and more determined and every single sacred drop of our blood is but the torch and compass.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

Erdogan Should Resign

The destructive role of the Justice and Development Party (JDP) in Turkey was clearly uncovered by Information Minister, Omran al-Zoubi's, recent statements. Minister al-Zoubi's rhetorical questions about whether JDP has become the political wing of al-Qaeda, as its intelligence and security arm, are indeed subject of respect and do merit standing ovations. Erdogan's organic and strategic relationship with Moslem Brotherhood and al-Qaeda affiliates  is crystal clear, as many observers underlined that such a relation is considered Erdogan's tool to revive Ottoman past dreams!

Syria, the victim for Erdogan's supported, hosted, trained and mushroomed terrorist groups, did express condolences to the families of  Rehanli terrorist explosions and to the friendly people of Turkey. Syria, added Minister al-Zoubi, "did not commit and would never commit such an act because our values would not allow that". Thus, "it is not anyone's right to hurl unfounded accusations".

Thus, the prime Minister of Turkey, Erdogan, "should be asked about this act. He and his party bear direct responsibility'' and should "step down as a killer and as a butcher" because his government had indeed facilitated the flow of arms, explosives, vehicles, fighters and money across the border into Syria, turning it into the Afghani Tora Bora and Qandahar like international terrorism centers. Indeed, Erdogan, should resign, and many Syrians consider him illegitimate, and he should be denied the opportunity to  build his personal selfish and egoistic glories at the expense of the blood of the Syrians and the Turks.

"Does he want to  incite the United States and say that his state, which is a NATO member, is being exposed to an aggression from Syria? Does he want to show himself as being able enough to interfere in Syria?" Minister al-Zoubi exclaimed, while many observers aware of the situation on the ground do think that some sides, including Erdogan himself, wanted through the said terrorist attack to abort the recent Russian-American efforts to end the crisis in Syria peacefully.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

Syrian Leadership Wisdom

Once more His eminence Sayyed Nasrallah reiterated that Syria, the country of Resistance, is steadfast and immune to surrender, defeat or destruction. Syria has been waging a fierce war of defense against a foreign-backed aggression by terrorists of more than 28 countries.

The Israeli recent terrorist attack inside Syria has indeed failed to take it out of the axis of Resistance and the Arab-Israeli conflict. On the contrary, Syria is now more determined to carry out the duty of integration with every Resistance against the occupation, terrorism, ignorance and extremism. 

"Syria has real friends, in the region and the world, that will not let it fall in the hands of America, Israel, and Takfiri groups," recalled Sayyed Nasrallah, who courageously declared that the Resistance in Lebanon is ready to receive up-to-date sophisticated weapons from Syria. ''We – the Resistance – declare we are ready to receive any game-changing weapons, and we are ready to possess and protect them, and use them to defeat the aggression against our people, our land and our holy places.”

In  a televised speech on Al-Nour Radio silver jubilee ceremony, Sayyed Nasrallah emphasized that Syrian leadership has once more proved strength of nerve, strategic mind and wisdom in confronting Israel and its aggressions, citing Syria's persistent support to Resistance movements, particularly in Lebanon and Palestine.

“The same as Syria stood by Lebanon, we - the Resistance in Lebanon - declare that we will stand by the Syrian popular resistance that is aimed at liberating the Syrian Golan.” The liberation of the occupied Golan has ever been the main preoccupation and strategic goal for the Syrian government, which also tried for years of Madrid peace conference talks to restore. Now, it is time for Israel to withdraw from the Syrian land; and if not through Madrid formula, it is definitely through the popular Resistance, supported by Hizbollah heroes, who did prove in deeds that Israel, the occupation, was but weaker than the spider's nest.

Again, it is hoped that the anti-Syria ewes and their masters would get the messages- there was a third undeclared message in Sayyed Nasrallah's speech yesterday-. The Syrian hero Army would cleanse every corner in the most remote part of Syria from terrorists and any aggression against Syria would never be a picnic for the aggressors who would definitely pay a price much heavier than any price ever. Hopefully, those who support, train, arm, and mushroom the hired killers takfiris and al-Qaeda terrorists would refrain from their destructive policies and resort to reason, logic and dialogue in the interest of ALL.

 Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

Strategic Coordination

The standing strategic cooperation and coordination between Israeli and the extremist Takfiri terrorist groups in Syria is indeed strange. The goal of both sides is common as to destroy Syria. The Israelis should, however, understand that they will be the ultimate target for such groups once the crisis in Syria ends. The Israeli recent coward attack against Jamraya came in coordination with the terrorists who once the attack was launched moved their squads of death and killing to enter the formidable city of Damascus.

Indeed it was unbelievable that the extremists were picturing the Israeli attack once it took place chanting "Allah Akbar"! What can the Israelis expect from those who even echo such words while their own country was being under Israeli attack? The enemy should  wait for more to come in consequence for their aggressions and their uncalculated reckless adventures against Syria.

The Israeli coward aggression is, as the Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal al Meqdad has clearly stated to CNN, but "an alliance between Islamic terrorists and Israel" as a declaration of war, for which the Israelis are to suffer more and more.

The Israeli flagrant attack has indeed opened "the door wide for all possibilities". It has been, as the Syrian Government statement outlined, a flagrant aggression on the Syrian Arab Republic using missiles to bombard military facilities in a blatant violation to the international law, paying no heed to the relevant obligations".

"The flagrant aggression aims at providing  a direct military support to the extremist, Takfiri and terrorist groups as they have recently failed to attain gains on the ground,"  as  the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry outlined. Indeed the Israeli state-terrorism attack against Syria is to escalate the tension in the region and drag it into a wide-scale war that would threaten  international security.

"The Syrian Arab Republic's Government  do believe that the US statements ,released prior and in the aftermath of the mentioned raid, have urged Israel to launch its aggressive airstrike rather than securing a political nod and wink  to breach Syria's sovereignty in an apparent violation to the UN Charter and the international law." The US, ewes, and some Westerners are themselves to feel the consequences.

The government of the Syrian Arab Republic reiterates  the necessity that the Syrian hero  Army would continue their victories over  the puppets of Israel inside Syria in line with  the States duty to defend homeland , State and people from internal aggression as well as external one and by all means and available potentials.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim