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The Side Effects and Taste of Terrorism

The excessive bloody reactions of the Turkish Government of Erdogan to the Turkish peaceful demonstrators at Taksim square and tens of Turkish cities  raise many questions and exclamations. Hundreds of Turks have been harassed, tear-gassed and savagely beaten and dispersed by Turkish Police, when the Turkish Army has been mobilized to secure Erdogan's government headquarters and other places.

Does Erdogan realize the side effects and taste of terrorism, self-made by his own government, as to kill the Syrians. The Turkish friendly people are indeed fed up with Erdogn's flagrant  support to terrorists in Syria. Such a support is considered by many analysts as one of the main reasons for the Friendly Turks wrath, disappointment and anger. When it came to a mere  simple demonstration against Erdogan's plans for building a complex at Istanbul's Taksim squire, Erdogan has mobilized tens of thousands of his police and army personnel, injuring, killing and arresting the tens of innocent Turks; what if they were cannibals, takfiris, hired killers!

Indeed " Erdogan's suppression of the peaceful protests in Turkey is illogical and reveals his detachment from reality," as information Minister Omran al-Zoubi stated. "the brotherly Turkish people do not deserve this barbarity. Erdogan has no excuse to stand against his people's will .We wish stability and tranquility will engulf  the Turkish people. We call upon Erdogan to show sanity and not to deal with the Turkish people exactly as he did against Syria."

The friendly people of Turkey don't deserve to be governed by a butcher like Erdogan, who has been destroying all bridges with the neighbors, turning his country from a zero-problem with neighbors into a zero-friendship with them. Erdogan should be ashamed of himself as well as of his US supporters, who were the first to grill him. Politicians like Erdogan should immediately resign. 

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

What do you expect from a Government fighting Terrorists? Drop flowers on them!

The number of foreign backed Terrorist to topple the Syrian government is far more than mere 6000. In the very beginning the Syrian forces said that, they were fighting terrorists, now this is widely believed and proven as Al-Nusra openly announced its legions to the Al-Qaida. Now the interesting part is, as we all know US and Al-Qaida are eternal enemy to all the world, and US is right now fighting those maniacs in Afghanistan at the same time supplying arms to the Syrian Terrorists, training them in Jordan, giving them millions, Arming them to the teeth and even supplied chemical weapon which was used on the civilians last months. If USA. As it claims fighting Al-Qaida all over the world in the name of "War on Terror" why then supporting them in Syria? I think most of us know the Answer to this question.

It stands proven that Syrian turmoil is not the so called ''popular uprising'' by local population. The Western World is peculiarly blind - wherever it looks, it only sees oil, and the safety of Israel, nothing else. They helped dismantle Saddam's regime, because America and Britain did not find him oil friendly. Now same blunder is being committed in Syria, only by different western promoters. Greed will turn west world into a savage land.

My friend is a journalist from Iraq "Iyad Hassan", he wrote me a letter to be published in our newspaper, First he spoke about Syria, which he considers as his country, and very much appreciated the Syrian people, for their kindness and hospitality to Iraqi people, then he spoke about the war on Syria, and because it is long, I"ve translated the last part, he said:

"I am a journalist and I have been to Syria, its lovely people are facing hell, the most important thing that I noticed, was the people were scared of jihadists, they lack of moral issues and they are very angry and show their arms to anyone who disrespects them.

Syria was such a peaceful country till last two years, and vouch that Syrians are very peace-loving persons and they respect and love their leader, I love Syria.

But now the foreign powers are destabilizing Syria to such an extent that it will become another Iraq once the Syrian Government falls down.

True, I have many personal friends who are Syrians, the only problem Syrians talk about is the Evil of radical, militant extremists,  as far as I know, some foreign militant gangs got into Syria and started shooting civilians, capturing some parts of land and cities. That kick-started the whole so called "revolution" I wonder, how big a lie can be and whole world is silent.

 Let's look at bigger picture, Saudi Arabia is real source and cause of all Jihadi militancy all over world. All 9/11 attackers were Saudis. Saudi Arabians act as financiers and leaders of all Islamic terrorism worldwide, and Turkey had opened a training and recruiting base, and Qatar funding ,  those countries are biggest friends of America. USA and NATO did not attack them after 9/11. Let's see, who all had got attacked? Iraq was a secular state, they destroyed Iraq for no reason. Libya was again a secular state who was against Al-qaeda and extremist militancy. The NATO invaded it too. The Syrian government is the last state standing in Middle East, who is opposing to extremist militancy and terrorism. Now, it is its turn. I wonder, what is going on?

I say to my friend," you depicted the picture in its true shade". He continued: Iraq and Libya were attacked by USA and now Syria. Turkey and its main sponsors Saudi Arabia, and Qatar are three countries which should have been attacked. USA does not like independent secular countries anywhere. It wants only its sycophant rulers in Syria, Libya, and Iraq in the name of democracy.

On March 19, 2003, US-led forces invaded Iraq under the pretext of wiping out the stocks of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) belonging to the Iraqi regime. However, no such weapons were ever discovered in the country.

Hundreds of thousands of people were killed and Iraq’s infrastructure was destroyed following the US-led invasion and subsequent occupation of the country.

 Talking about democracy, Saudi Arabia has a "King" and it is a "kingdom" in 21st century. All its rulers and administrators are from the royal family. It is theocratic and autocratic. It is as far away from democracy as anything can be. They still live in stone ages, the women there, cannot go out without Muhram,  cannot even drive a car, this same Saudi Arabia is the closest USA ally in middle east, And Qatar which has no constitution, no human rights, but it has money to fund terrorists, I wonder, what democracy they are talking  about ?

Even after knowing that Syria has become a training ground for future terrorists, the US led western countries are arming these militants. Why does the US derive sadistic pleasure from international bloodshed? They seem to have learnt no lessons from the Afghan misadventure of the 80's, when at that time Taliban and  Al Qaeda were eulogized as "Mujaheddin" by the western powers against the erstwhile Soviet Union. What happened after that ?

Americans did not learn their lesson, and therefore they are arming terrorists for a new war in Syria they understand  that if these extraordinary peoples have not any war then they will start fight against USA.

On one side western powers are supporting the opponents of Syrian government (terrorist groups), and on the other hand Western intelligent and media are spreading this canard against Al-Nusra fighters. It means the west is totally confused and ambivalent in its perception and attitude towards Syria. The love for democracy is only a lip service for West and their main intent is to capture a country to serve their vested interest.

When the war on Syria comes to an end (I hope it does very soon). These fighters from Europe who had gone to Syria, will come back and everybody knows very well what they will do!"

At last I say: US is the most pathetic country in the whole world, U.S. hasn't  cared for the world and has only been caring for their own interests and creating problems in almost all other nations.

US, Saudi, Israeli-backed terrorists are now committing a myriad of horrific atrocities against Syrian's population – meaning neither “democracy” nor even “sectarianism” drives the conflict, but rather the destruction of Syria in its entirety.

Syria, despite the violent attack on all levels, could resist and wasn’t defeated because it is different from the all, there is no revolution in Syria,  and what is going on there, is different from what went on in other countries:

The Russian Communist Revolution lasted two months.

The French Liberal Revolution lasted three weeks.

The Iranian Revolution lasted six months.

As for the so-called “Arab Spring”:

Tunisia: Fifteen days

Egypt: Two months

Libya: Ten months

Yemen: One year

However, Syria = Resistant

I conclude: What do you expect from a Government fighting Terrorists? Drop flowers on them? Our army will get rid of them very soon, and Syria will stay thorns in our enemies' throat. 

Butheina Al-nounou

Amman's Farce

The self-declared so-called ''friends of Syria" 11 ministers group  met yesterday in Amman, Jordan, as to continue their adventurous meddling in Syria's domestic affairs. They assembled each others in a hurry as to save the remaining of their affiliates among the extremists, takfiris, and terrorists. Actually, the conferees bids to issue diplomatic statements covering their failure strategy have proved to be a failure. The Syrians' fight against terrorists in Syria is on and relentlessly; no power whatsoever can save the terrorists, whether those in Qussair, Aleppo, Deraa, Quneitra and in every corner of Syria from defeat and death at the hands of the Syrian hero Army.

The words delivered could not hide the disappointment of the enemies of Syria, nor the pale faces of the ewes were able to hide their unjustified hatred and grudge. It has indeed been another futile comic farce, recalling past words of lies, crocodile tears, showing off and hypocrisy. Definitely, the majority of the Syrians have not given a damn to the ongoing farce in Amman. We are here on the ground committed to our Syria, civilization, Syrianity and leadership. It is we, the majority who have the final saying and decision. And this is the very majority's umbilical cord with our leadership. The millions among the Syrian majority have indeed the right to elect their only hope for a better, more resistant and steadfast tomorrow, President Bashar Al-Assad, the President of all presidents.

Thus, Amman's farce was indeed, as Syria's  veteran Ambassador to Amman, Dr. Bahjat Suleiman outlined, the meeting of Syria's enemies, or friends of Israel. "Those who want to end the tragedy in Syria-caused mainly by the states of the conferees, particularly Qatar, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UK and the USA-  need to stop arming and training terrorist gangs in Syria.

In fact, Amman conference, following a series of upsets and failures of previous like conferences, including those held in Tunisia, Istanbul, Paris, Marrakesh, Tokyo, and Rome, contribute but to the more of blood shedding, misery and agony of the Syrians. The sharp decrease of the numbers of participating countries in such conferences, not to mention the catastrophic impacts of the daydreaming of those who sold themselves to Lucifer, made it clear that those who lack popular support on the ground are but much ado about nothing. Tens of the countries which left the said group did recognize the consequences of their participation in supporting terrorists in Syria. The Syrian Hero Army pursuit of terrorists on the ground is unabated and will continue to purge the Syrian sacred soil from their evil.    

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim 

Guns and Dialogue Clearly Incompatible

H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad reiterated that the basis for any political solution for the crisis in Syria is but what the Syrian People want through ballot boxes.

In an exclusive interview with Argentina's Clarin Newspaper and Telam News Agency, President Al-Assad underlined readiness to hold dialogue with every anti-terrorism Syrian side which didn't deal with Israel.

Syria, according to President Al-Assad's statements, has pursued a "policy of wide scale reforms from changing the constitution to many of the legislations and laws, including lifting the state of emergency law, and embarking on a national dialogue with all political opposition groups. However, the more of reform measures taken, the more of escalation in terrorism occurred. Indeed terrorism has nothing to do with reforms and should in way be used as instrument for reforms.

Syria is indeed "committed to political reforms and have implemented them, and presented a broad political initiative based on a national dialogue" on the bases of the "aspirations of the Syrian people, decided by the ballot boxes". It is the Syrian-Syrian concept of rational dialogue with all spectra of political parties and bodies and genuine national opposition. Actually, Syria has sought the "national dialogue with all political entities, which would then act as a pre-requisite for a unified national charter and a new constitution with a wider range of freedoms, including political and media freedom.

"We reiterate our support for all steps that would entail stopping the violence in Syria and lead to a political solution. However, the cessation of violence is paramount to reaching a political settlement," said H.E. President Al-Assad, who was the first since the onset of the crisis to call for dialogue among the Syrians as to sort the crisis out. Unfortunately, many Arab, regional and western countries pushed their noses in the crisis and continued  to funnel, train, and arm al-Qaeda affiliates in Syria.

"We do remain skeptical of the genuine intentions of certain western administrations towards seeking a realistic political solution in Syria. This caution is based on their continued support of terrorist groups in Syria. We are dedicated to pursuing a political solution, yet there are powers who are pressing for the failure of such a solution. This is a two-way process; it needs commitment from all sides." President Al-Assad underscored, citing the presence of opposition segments which survive on the aid given to them by their patron states, in essence manipulated by the nations that provide their flow of finance.

Such segments of opposition outside the borders of Syria do "live under the auspice and control of their intelligence agencies and thus submit to what is imposed upon them. Therefore their decisions are not self-governing; most significantly, they lack a popular base in Syria. If they believed that they had public support, they would have functioned politically from within Syria's borders, not extrinsically from abroad," questioning the justification for the presence of parts of the opposition abroad, except for the notion that they are led by external agendas.

Indeed the majority of the Syrians are "skeptical" about both these opposition groups and the countries supporting them. This opposition is completely subjugated to such countries, especially Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, which sponsor and fuel terrorism in Syria and this is the very opposition, which rejects the dialogue.

President Al-Assad reasserted that "we have always advocated and remain vehemently committed to a comprehensive national dialogue to include all who have a genuine desire to participate, with no exclusions. We would engage in dialogue with all political entities, internal or external with no set pre-conditions. This also includes the armed groups who lay down their weapons and renounce terrorism. Guns and dialogue are clearly incompatible."


Dr. Mohammad  Abdo Al-Ibrahim

The Qatari Bankruptcy

Once the Syrians are closer to solving the mainly-caused Qatari crisis in Syria, the Qatari Sheikhdom intensifies its trouble-making-but futile-  moves. Futile because petrodollars can never make a dwarf a giant. The island of Qatar talks big, as if it were to possess the US military bases on its tiny territories and not the opposite. Qatar should be ashamed of leasing two thirds of its island to the US troops, which occupied and destroyed many Arab countries! Recklessly, the Qatari foolish moves are against all, if not against its own interests.

Dr. Bashar al-Jafaari, the Representative to Syria to the UN, made it clear yesterday in his landmark speech, that  the destructive role of the  Arab League  led by Qatar and Saudi Arabia and the new member, Turkey, against Syria, has legitimized the act of arming terrorists.

"once a political solution for the crisis in Syria looms ahead, the scale of the terrorist operations on the ground is increased and escalated," said Dr. al-Jafaari, blasting the Qatari presented resolution as a bid to obstruct the political solution of the crisis, citing the negative impacts of the Qatari and Saudi  petrodollar and recruitment of extremists and terrorists in fuelling the crisis in Syria.

The Qatari drafted resolution, given the diminished number of the countries voting for, is viewed by concerned observers and analysts as a bid to abort the recent Russian- US understandings as to end the crisis in Syria via diplomatic and political means.

Yesterday's Qatari-drafted UN General Assembly non-binding resolution, met large number of abstentions, 59, and 12 votes against, would indicate but the increasing comprehension and understanding of the world community members of the ongoing on the ground in Syria, where extremist and wahabi terrorists of more than 28 countries are launching a war of attrition against every Syrian aspect of life.

The resolution also coincided with mounting fear and wary by some western countries over the threats caused by the foreign-backed terrorist groups in Syria. The Western's concerns are indeed justified given the increasing spill over of the crisis in Syria abroad.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim