The Syria Times Online Six Years 0n!

A brief review of the Syria Times Online: , relaunched On October 6, 2012, and of President Bashar Al-Assad unofficial Website:, launched in 2007- as a personal dedication by Dr. Mohamad Abdo Al-Ibrahim- necessitates indeed at least, given about 30 millions of clicks and visits from around the globe, a one-year thorough reading for what has been stated by H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad, considered by many as, not only the defender, protector and most popular humanitarian world leader, but too as the second to none observer, analyst and strategist president journalist, especially when it comes to foreign mainstream media language, discourse and dubious goals!

Minister al-Moallem Speech at 73rd Session of UNGA

Highlights from Syrian Foreign Minister, Walid al-Moallem speech  to the 73rd session of the UN General Assembly, as simultaneously translated and tweeted by

'' We have hopes for more stability and security to every span of the entire world,''

''The Syrians battle is to defend their existence and presence,''

''Our battle against terrorism is about to finish thanks to our Army, People, friends and allies, and we are determined to cleanse all of Syria from terrorism and this is our duty.''

''The international coalition for fighting terrorism has been perpetrating crimes against civilians and it is an alliance for supporting terrorism and for war crimes,''

''The return of every Syrian abroad to Syria is the priority and all are welcome back to their country…''

''An ad hoc committee for the return of the refugees in collaboration with Russia,''

''The priority for rebuilding in Syria is for those countries which have been standing by us against terrorism,''

''The Syrians alone have their own right to the decisions about their  country,''

''The use of chemical weapons is rejected and condemned by Syria which dispose of its chemical weapons.''

''The regime of Turkey is still supporting terrorists in Syria,''

''Any foreign presence on the Syrian territories is illegal threatening peace and security in the region and complicates the fighting against terrorism and they as occupying forces should immediately withdraw,''

''We are determined to restore the Golan in full to the line of June4 1967 and Israel should implement related UNSC resolutions especially 497 and the international community should move as put an end to the oppressive measures of the Israeli occupation in the occupied Golan,''

''Syria condemns the US decision to leave the nuclear 5 plus 1 agreement with Iran,''

''We carry message of peace for the people of the world and have never been aggressors against anyone.''


Minister Al-Moallem Address 73rd UN General Assembly


Minister Al-Moallem Address 72nd UN General Assembly


Deputy Premier and Foreign Minister of the Syrian Arab Republic, Mr. Walid Al-Moallem delivered the following speech at the UNGA 72nd Session in New York: 

Message for Peace

S-300 Advanced Air-defense System is but a wise measure by peace sponsors as to deter the region from sliding into the no-return buttons! An objective analysis and a thorough reading for the latest Israeli and new-colonials escalations against Syria and its allies would but indeed appreciate the balanced responses by Syria, Russia, Iran and by Hizbollah and other anti-terrorism forces.

Russia is to supply Syria, which has been under hundreds of air attacks by Israel and its sponsors for years,  with advanced means as to defend both Russia and Syria from such a reckless brutal unneeded for aggression. Acquiring defensive weapons to defend our people is necessary not only for our defense against further aggression, but as a peaceful means to restore stability and security to the entire region.

Russia, for whom and for its anti-terrorism martyred heroes all the world should bow heads  down  not only of shame but in respect and gratitude too,  begins the transference of electronic warfare systems to Latakia as to deter future aggression against its anti-terrorism badly needed for heroes  as well as in defense of its friends and allies. S-300 might have already been installed in Syria and for years! The Russians, Syrians, Iranians and Men of Hizbollah's hands are responsible and they have never  been war-mongers!

Syrians Elect Local Administration and Councils Representatives

Millions of Syrians wake up early today and started their day with casting their votes in the ballot boxes distributed all over the country, except some parts occupied by terrorists and uninvited occupiers.

Today's voting is considered by the Syrians as their duty to elect and choose their best representatives to the local councils in their villages, towns and cities.

Personally, I have had the opportunity as a journalist to witness and report about local administrations and councils elections in Europe. In fact, the Syrians crowded participations since the early hours surpassed by all accounts all other forms of democracy voting.

Voting polls for Local Administration elections were opened all over Syria at 7 o'clock Sunday morning.

More than 40 thousand candidates compete for 18478 seats.

6551 election centers are distributed in Syria's 14 governorates which have 88 elections centers, according to the Ministry of Local Administration and Environment.

Elections are to be closed at 7 pm today and can be extended for 5 hours if needed and according to the Higher Committee of Elections.

For the entire world's sake

Damascus has been glittering; it is the opening of its 60th fair. Darkness and backwardness of terrorism and all al-Qaeda affiliates and supporters were defeated, cleansed and liquidated. Thanks to the great sacrifices of the martyrs, wounded of ou hero Army, our brothers' and allies heroism.

For the entire world's sake, our great heroes withstood and defended all humanity against inhumanity, all life against slaughter and death, and all freedom against submission and new colonial greed. Damascus glittering and light is but the smile of every light and humanity for the rising dawn of a better today and the best of the best times of sovereignty, dignity, peace and honour.

The independent, sovereign and integrated Syrian Arab Republic is celebrating its fair of cooperation, fraternity and prosperity. It is Syria's call for rebuilding, construction, trade, commerce, finance exchanges in the interest of all in the global village of today.