Negotiations and The Battlefield

The moment the Syrian Arab Army liberates an area from terrorists, voices in the West begin to express worry about civilians and their humanitarian situation, calling for a truce and the delivery of aid! The harmony between the situation the terrorists find themselves in and the West’s worries has become apparent at different junctures.

This proves that the West, which had occupied Iraq with its own troops, has only changed its tactics, using instead proxies in the form of terrorist groups that are funded, armed, and directed from abroad. We saw many countries moving in their troops and heavy weapons when these terrorist groups failed to achieve the objectives planned for them.

Therefore, the results of the meeting between Kerry and Lavrov on 9 September indicates without a doubt that the difficulty of having any dialogue is rooted in the fact that it is between those who targeted Syria, and those who stood firm in protecting the Syrian state and people.

What is happening then? How did those who arm and fund terrorists sit down at one table with those trying to preserve Syria’s sovereignty?

Many factors led to this historical juncture, and said factors may be reinforced in the future. Those who planned for the “Arab Spring” recalled the domino effect theory that dominated Western thinking when Iraq was occupied, and hoped that after Egypt and Tunisia, Syria would be an easy prey for regime change, and for a shift in its political identity – to Israel’s liking.

Russia and China’s alliance at the United Nations to support Syria’s sovereignty was a precedent in international politics, especially in the emerging confrontation between the Russia-China Axis and the Western Axis of the United States, Great Britain, and France. The Syrian people have returned the favor to the Russia-China axis by standing fast and making the dearest sacrifice to preserve the sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity of their country.

Yet those who sought to break Syria’s will kept up their attempts, and imported mercenaries from all over the world, trying to achieve their objectives in Syria, which would have subsequently changed the face of the region –and the world. Syria and her allies, however, were more determined in this crucial battle, and despite the weakness of their material capabilities as opposed to what the Gulf has paid in support to the West, the Eastern Axis defending the right of the Syrian people was able to reaffirm its stature on both the regional and international scene.

If we compare the latest G20 summit in China, and the 2014 G20 summit in Brisbane, Australia, we see how far the Eastern Axis has come in asserting itself vis-à-vis the West. In the 2014 summit, July Bishop, the Australian foreign minister, demanded that Russia should not be allowed to attend the summit, yet the BRICS countries foiled the attempt; nonetheless, the pictures taken at that summit show how no Western leader wanted to talk to President Putin.

In the latest summit in China, however, we see that Presidents Putin and Xi have take a central role in the summit, and the bilateral meetings held between Russia and China on the one hand and other countries on the other hand, and the agreements signed, all indicate an expanding role for both on the international scene. This is especially true of the agreements they signed with Saudi Arabia, because the latter always needed an American green light to make any move (including this one).

This, therefore, indicates that the West admits that we are entering a new multipolar era. As for the Chinese President, he looked Obama in the eye and told him that China refuses any interference in the internal matters of other countries.

The historical trajectory of international relations has reached the point of multipolarity in parallel to the steadfastness of the Syrian army and people. The results of the Kerry-Lavrov meeting, following talks between Putin and Obama, have brought the US close to what Russia has been calling for, for nearly two years, which is the separation between terrorist organizations and the so-called moderate opposition, and the targeting of terrorist groups by both the Russian and American air forces.

Isn’t this what President Putin repeatedly called for, i.e. a true international coalition against terrorism?

The US acquiescence to joining forces with Russia against terrorism in Syria, is the result of Russia, Syria, and Iran standing firm during the horrific war on Syria; it is also an admission that the terrorists and their masters have failed in achieving their objectives. Why then wait all these years to agree? Simply, because they still had hope to change the balance of forces on the ground. It is no surprise then that this agreement comes after the Syrian Army advances in Damascus, Aleppo, Hama, and Lattakia.

Because the sacrifices of the martyrs and the wounded are what made such an agreement possible, and contributed to changing our world from a unipolar to a multipolar one. Lavrov did not forget to indicate that Russia consulted the Syrian government about the agreement, and that the latter had agreed to it.

Those who interfered in Syria dreamt they could change the identity of the country, forgetting that for the past 10,000 years, Syria remained defiant in the face of all conquerors and enemies; and that the historical sacrifices of the Syrian people made this identity what it is, and would always ensure Syria’s pride and freedom.


Dr Bouthaina Shaaban
Political and Media Advisor to Syrian President, Bashar Al Assad

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Reconciliation, Building and Heroism

 It has been a visit to the roots of Syria's everlasting history where occupiers and colonialists have been for centuries destroying and the Syrians reconstruct and rebuild as the messengers of labor, hard work, and determination to excel and vanquish against every evil and darkness.

Daraya was unfortunately occupied by foreign-backed terrorists and their masters! The Syrian Army and its allies for more than 4 years have been doing their best as to salvage the city from the Wahabbi Al-Qaeda affiliated cannibals, whose masters reject and insist to have the last building and human in Daraya liquidated! The sinister scheme by those who have been backing, financing and arming their terrorists is to kill every Syrian related aspect of life; before getting the terrorists themselves killed as to get rid of them if there will be no other place to dispatch them for!

H.E. President Assad's prayed in Daraya because for him every span of the Syrian soil is sacred and baptized by the sacred blood of our martyrs. President Assad's, the Army General Commander, first public visit to Daraya was on Syrian Arab Army Day, August, 2013. It has indeed been the visit of all Syrians to their family members, protectors, and guardians. It has been the visit by the Arab Nation's defender and savior to the Syrian heroes, who have indeed spread fear, worry and defeat in the terrorists' hearts- if they have hearts-.

Addressing then the Syrians Soldiers, defenders of the entire globe against Al-Qaeda Wahabbi affiliated terrorists, President Al-Assad said:"Without you, there were no universities, schools, bread or water, without you, Syria was a matter of refugees, perhaps abroad. Without you, we all were to be slaves for the states which want us to bow,'' reiterating that throughout history, the Syrian people have never accepted to be enslaved.

"Our motto has always been martyrdom or victory, but since the outbreak of the battles, our motto became victory. Martyrdom is a destiny. But our aim is victory. All the people are in waiting for the victory of the Syrian Army; so we have to stand hand in hand, and as you stand by the people, so the people stand by you."  Here comes the glittering visit and victory by every Syrian against the terrorists and the countries supporting them.

The President, the custodian guardian of humanity and life against darkness and cannibalism, represented all and every Syrian, particularly those in Daray, who were unable to attend, given the systematic slaughter and deportations by terrorists from tens of countries. Many of Darya inhabitants, of all colors including Christians, wished they were there as to pray together. This is how we worship God in this part of the world where Synagogue is as sacred as the Church and Mosque for Syrians.

The dark Wahabbi religion of no religion has never been the Syrian approach! It is only a Saudi brand carried with its groomed up hired mercenaries and cannibals. President Assad prayed in Darya for all Syrians: that the Syrians, who crushed Al-Qaeda and western-backed affiliates will definitely rebuild and reconstruct the destroyed, and surely will accelerate the path of dialogue and reconciliation as outlined and enshrined by first and foremost H.E. President Assad.

Syria is determined to restore every region from the terrorists, to restore security and safety, to reconstruct and rebuild infrastructure, declared H.E. President Al-Assad, asserting the importance of reconciliations among all Syrians where the State has ever been committed to its pledges for reconciliation as to stop the bloodshed, appealing on Syrians for reconciliations given the fact that the doors of the homeland are ever open for the Syrians, asserting that the false promises by some foreign forces and countries are futile, destructive and meaningless,'' underscored H.E. President Al-Assad.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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Happy Birthday, Mr. President

Syria is indeed blessed to have such a deep rooted civilization, culture, heritage and history. Among the modern to be proud of too is the  talented President Bashar Hafez Al-Assad, who has been pursuing the path of his late father Hafez Al-Assad in safeguarding, protecting, developing and enhancing the conditions of Syrian Citizens' life and Syria's geopolitical status and role.

For the majority of the Syrians, according to balanced and objectives analyses and observations by foreign observers and journalists, not to mention the high  rally,  solidarity, belief,   and trust by the majority, President Assad is  the most popular not only at the Arab, regional but international level too. President Assad has been doing every thing possible and available as to better the Syrians' life and protect them from every danger, particularly the more than 5 years of foreign-backed terrorism.

What I wrote  about President Assad on his birthday, September11th, 1965,  last year is factual, proved throughout this year by more of facts, seen and expressed by foreign eyes.  The Umbilical Cord for the majority of Syrians is but with their elected leader, H.E. President Bashar Hafez Al-Assad.

The ongoing is the unjust war of hatred, hypocrisy, treason, arrogance and blasphemy against Syria and its citizen president, who is committed  and loyal to the defense and protection of his people against multi-nation terrorism. The brave President has been living for and standing by and with the interests, welfare and safety of his people, with peace, security and stability of the region, if not the entire globe.

Dr. Bashar Al-Assad does not need presidency, leadership or any post at the helm of power. Leadership, however, does direly need him. To imagine Syria without such a wise brave president, which what US, Israel and the ewes wasted in vain treasures to achieve,  is to have a life without air, water , light, knowledge  and without any humanity. Syria, without such a president would be a zoo, where one is forced to cut off his/ her body members as to feed Daesh (ISIS): 'moderates' or 'non-moderates', al-Nusra, ewes, cannibals and many others!

 The President of Syria, whose continued Correction and March of Reform and Modernization was derailed by narrow selfish interests and jealousy of the ewes, colonials and the greedy, has been firm, steadfast and a real hero in the fight against terrorism, its backers and its masters.

On President Assad's birthday, one would but congratulate all humanity and goodness, congratulate the majority of Syrians, friends, the Resistance and all supporters of justice, knowledge, and civilization against injustice, ignorance and barbarity. The majority in Syria, not to mention the millions of the wise worldwide, do take pride in whatever this very president  has been doing in defense of all against cannibals, terrorists and against the enemies of success and of civilization.

Rest in Peace, our late President Hafez Al-Assad, our noble martyrs; Syria's fight against ignorance, darkness, occupation, terrorism and against  every evil is unabated. And the Syrians' victory against terrorism is definite and soon to take place! People who have President, Army, Friends and Resistance  like ours are to celebrate and drink the toast to all humanity,  welfare, peace and security!

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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President Bashar Hafez Al-Assad

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America’s True Role in Syria

NEW YORK – Syria’s 'civil war' is the most dangerous and destructive crisis on the planet. Since early 2011, hundreds of thousands have died; around ten million Syrians have been displaced; Europe has been convulsed with Islamic State (ISIS) terror and the political fallout of refugees; and the United States and its NATO allies have more than once come perilously close to direct confrontation with Russia.

Unfortunately, President Barack Obama has greatly compounded the dangers by hiding the US role in Syria from the American people and from world opinion.

An end to the Syrian war requires an honest accounting by the US of its ongoing, often secretive role in the Syrian conflict since 2011, including who is funding, arming, training, and abetting the various sides. Such exposure would help bring to an end many countries’ reckless actions.

A widespread – and false – perception is that Obama has kept the US out of the Syrian war. Indeed, the US right wing routinely criticizes him for having drawn a line in the sand for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad over chemical weapons, and then backing off when Assad allegedly crossed it (the issue remains murky and disputed, like so much else in Syria).  A leading columnist for the Financial Times, repeating the erroneous idea that the US has remained on the sidelines, recently implied that Obama had rejected the advice of then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to arm the Syrian rebels fighting Assad.

Yet the curtain gets lifted from time to time. In January, the New York Times finally reported on a secret 2013 Presidential order to the CIA to arm Syrian 'rebels'. As the account explained, Saudi Arabia provides substantial financing of the armaments, while the CIA, under Obama’s orders, provides organizational support and training.

Unfortunately, the story came and went without further elaboration by the US government or follow up by the New York Times.

The public was left in the dark: How big are the ongoing CIA-Saudi operations? How much is the US spending on Syria per year? What kinds of arms are the US, Saudis, Turks, Qataris, and others supplying to the Syrian 'rebels'?

Which groups are receiving the arms? What is the role of US troops, air cover, and other personnel in the war? The US government isn’t answering these questions, and mainstream media aren’t pursuing them, either.

On more than a dozen occasions, Obama has told the American people that there would be “no US boots on the ground.” Yet every few months, the public is also notified in a brief government statement that US special operations forces are being deployed to Syria. The Pentagon routinely denies that they are in the front lines.

But when Russia and the Assad government recently carried out bombing runs and artillery fire against 'rebel'-terrorists- strongholds in northern Syria, the US notified the Kremlin that the attacks were threatening American troops on the ground. The public has been given no explanation about their mission, its costs, or counterparties in Syria.

The US Peace Council Objective Response

SYRIA: The US Peace Council Responds to Attacks from within the Anti-War Movement

 At the end of July 2016 the US Peace Council delegation entered Syria to meet with members of the elected Syrian government and opposition party members living inside Syria as opposed to those who have lived outside Syria since the beginning of the US allied war against Syria that was being fomented long before 2011.

Upon their return the delegates reported on what they had seen and heard with powerful honesty and integrity.  They emphasized the need to lift the economic sanctions being imposed upon the “Syrian Government” by the US and EU NATO member states.  These sanctions were seen to be collectively punishing the Syrian people first and foremost across all sectors including the crucial health and education sectors.

They also focused on the cessation of the illegal US military intervention both direct and by proxy terrorist forces that are marauding across Syria and massacring the Syrian people in their tens of thousands at the behest of the US, NATO members, the Gulf States and of course Israel.

Following this conference, the US Peace Council came under attack from various NATO Left and anti-war organisations who seem unable to appreciate objective, constructive analysis of the US role in the destruction of another sovereign nation. The usual lines of attack were followed, including the lame pro-Assad label for anyone who chooses to discuss or highlight the positive aspects of the Syrian government and Syria’s President Bashar Al Assad.