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US Hindering of Peace Chances in Syria

The ongoing crisis in Syria seems to be an international arm twisting among several world powers. Apart from its geographic location, the crisis seems to have a  geography stretching to cover almost more than half of the world map! The anti-Syrians governments starting from the ewes among Arabs, including the neighbors, EU countries, and the USA are adamant on inflaming and aggravating the crisis. One of the major instigators and trouble makers is the USA with its sword rattling, sticks and continued support to al-Qaeda affiliates in Syria.

The recent scenarios and revelations regarding a possible US intervention in Syria are indeed horrible and frightening; but not to the majority of the Syrians who have nothing more to lose. Standing firm and united in the face of the world terrorist war against the Syrians for more than 2 years and a half is the victory itself. They are destructive scenarios for the entire Middle East, if not the whole world. The US adventurous and reckless waves of craziness in Iraq, Afghanistan and other parts of the world have inflicted irreparable damage on all, and on the US itself, before others.

If the US and its proxies haven't learned so far by their failures, they should be prepared for the more of humiliations and defeats. It isn't the military force which can only achieve victory in the global village of today.

Here comes, the recent statement by the Syrian Foreign and Expatriates Ministry that Washington's decision to arm the terrorist groups in Syria does confirm the US role in inflaming the crisis in Syria, in sharp contradiction with the US claims regarding the finding of  a political solution to the crisis through holding the international conference on Syrian in Geneva.

The real American intentions aim but at escalating violence and terrorism in Syria to destabilize the entire region: "Since the very beginning of the crisis in Syria, the United States hasn't stopped to arm terrorists and support their criminal acts against the Syrian people and against the Syrian State infrastructure."

Furthermore, Russia's veteran Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, stated that the United States’ plans to conduct strikes on Syrian territory conflict with agreements between Moscow and Washington on the convocation of Geneva 2, blasting the US hindering of peace chances  in Syria by pressing ahead with plans to arm foreign-backed terrorists.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

Terrorists and Extremists Should be Expelled

The Syrian deputy premier, Qadri Jamil's yesterday visit to Moscow and the talks held with Russian officials, particularly with the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergie Lavrov, are indeed fruitful and constructive, as the talks covered scores of economic, financial and political topics.

The talks underscored the dire need for a political solution to the crisis in Syria as Minister Lavrov outlined: "There is no military solution to the Syrian problem. We'd like all parties involved in the conflict to know about it. We continue to meet with the government and all opposition groups and convince them to accept the Russian-American initiative on the convocation of the Geneva-2 conference as soon as possible without any preconditions."

Minister Lavrov pointed out that the majority of the opposition groups, including the National Coalition, was resistant to a political solution, while the  Syrian government is open for the dialogue with the opposition," Thus, the said opposition groups not only reject political solution, but, at the orders of anti-Syrians countries,  and on a daily basis spread horror, and terror in many parts of Syria.

The Russian Minister, however, reminded these groups and their supporters that the goal agreed upon at a meeting of the Group of Eight major economies last month was but to expel the "terrorists and extremists" as one of the main points of the proposed Geneva 2  conference. "We believe that this task should be one of the points of the international conference," Lavrov said.

Another important aspect of Mr. Jamil's talks is his focus at the western negative role in causing and prolonging the suffering of the Syrians. The deputy Premier held the West the main responsibility for the siege imposed on the Syrians; the West is indeed the perpetrator of the ongoing suffering of the Syrian people.

Actually such a sane and balanced Russian stance in commitment to the principles of international law, sovereignty, and legitimacy would pave the way and lead to a political settlement of the crisis. Fluctuating, biased  and  contradictory stances by the West, particularly by UK, France, and the USA, are indeed the main obstacle hindering the aspired to political settlement. 

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

Sharp Contradictions!

A thorough objective follow up of the ongoing events in Syria would without fail lead to a conclusion that the crisis is indeed caused by foreign meddling, starting from the neighboring countries passing through the ewes among Arab, particularly from the Gulf,  reaching to the USA, and some EU countries.

Most astonishing are the contradictions in the words and deeds  of these anti-Syrians. They claim to care about the Syrian, and at the same time block any window of opportunity as to end the crisis politically!  The governments of these countries are adamant on arming, hosting, training and dispatching their hired killers and terrorists to kill the more of Syrians. They shed crocodile tears for the Syrians' sufferings, caused only by their unjustified support to terrorists, sanctions and economic pressures on the Syrians. They acknowledge the risks of their masterminded terrorism spillover to their own courtyards; but provide the more of every support to these al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists!

Two striking examples of sharp contradictions between deeds and words are, for example,  those related to some French and British officials'. When the officials of France and Britain sword-rattle, they do acknowledge and warn against terrorism spillover from Syria. Here comes the recent press revelations by Manuel Valls, the French Interior Minister, that French nationals are fighting with armed terrorist groups in Syria, warning that these French would be but the enemies for France once they return home. Valls disclosed that the French Intelligence agencies are keeping close eyes on some of the French nationals who have fought in Syria and returned to France

Meantime, the British Times warned against risks of an attack on Britain by a terrorist radicalized in Syria as  regarded as one of the top threats by British intelligence.

The times disclosed that Britons are travelling overseas to teach terrorists media skills and to help them to identify targets to attack in the U.K., quoting reliable British sources as saying that  in 2012 Syria became a highly attractive destination for UK extremists.

These fighters can help terrorist groups develop their external attack capability by providing links with extremist networks in the U.K. and may also have specialist scientific and IT skills that can help increase the capability of overseas terror groups, added the Times!


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

Arab Friends' Requests!

Scores of foreign media reports have recently reported the Pakistani Taliban claims to have been sending “hundreds of fighters” to Syria to take part in the ongoing terrorist attacks of genocide by al-Qaeda affiliates against the Syrians.

NBC News quoted senior commanders in the terrorist al-Qaeda affiliated Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan as saying that they were sending fighters on the request of their “Arab friends.” Arab friends! Such a friendship reminds one of the proverb that a clever enemy is better than a fool friend! This friendship applies to the ewes and petro-dollars that have wasted billions of dollars on the slaughter of the Syrians!

Not only have these ''friends'' set their criminals free from behind bars, and even pardoned those sentenced to death in return for combating the Syrians, they have also been seeking the support of every terrorist organization as to dispatch its squads of hatred, extremism and death to slaughter the more of the Syrians!

"When our Muslim brothers sought our help, we sent hundreds of fighters to fight alongside their Arab friends, and we will soon issue videos of our fighters winning goods and properties of the enemy in Syria,” the talabani source added. So, according to this reckless and crazy discourse, here in Syria is the ''enemy'': the secular majority of the Syrians, whose own means of life should too be ''won'' by al-Qaeda affiliates!

The terrorist al-Qaeda affiliated group has established an outpost with the help of their ''Arab friends'' in Syria, including about 12 information technology experts. The terrorist Talibanis have established their own camps in Syria, where some of its terrorists go and then return after spending some time fighting the Syrians, according to one of its members.

Thus, the petrodollars and ewes are in close cooperation with al Qaeda's central command as to kill the more of Syrians and to impose an extremist and radical ''Islam of no Islam''. The Syrian hero Army and people are indeed in vigil to defend, safeguard and purge Syria from every terrorist.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim 

Terrorism is Indeed Spreading

What the West doesn’t know, or might know but does not realize, is that this terrorism will spread and find its way back into Europe; the western media is already rife with reports on the dangers of these terrorists returning to Europe. The West has paid heavily for funding al-Qaeda, in its early stages. Today it is doing the same in Syria, Libya and other places, and will pay a heavy price in the heart of Europe and the United States, said H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad in an interview with the Syrian TV on April 17th, 2013.

Thus, many countries, particularly EU ones, have started to feel the heat of terrorism in their own land. The Daily Mail's recent publishing of British intelligence report about fear from al-Qaeda affiliated terrorism spread from Syria into Britain is a very strong further proof of the cancerous nature of terrorism.

According to the Daily Mail, top British government ministers have warned of the threat posed to Britain by extremists fighting in Syria. Foreign Secretary William Hague has warned a terror attack could be launched in the UK by Britons radicalised while fighting in Syria, suggesting that a 'substantial number' of British fighters had joined the battle to defeat Syrian Government, posing 'current and future risks to UK national security'.

Earlier, British  Prime Minister David Cameron disclosed that al Qaeda-linked elements in the Syrian opposition movement had attempted to acquire chemical weapons for probable use in Syria.

The British intelligence said there is now a risk that extremist elements in Syria would plot attacks on targets in the West. ‘Large numbers of radicalised individuals have been attracted to the country, including significant numbers from the UK and Europe,’ the report said.

‘They are likely to acquire expertise and experience which could significantly increase the threat posed when they return home," added the reporty, citing growing threats of attacks by ‘lone actors’, such as the stabbing of Labour MP Stephen Timms while holding a surgery in his east London constituency in 2010.

The British Intelligence report pointed out that the risks are inherently much more difficult for the security services to manage as, by their nature, lone actors are much harder to detect - something al Qaida appears determined to exploit.

So, Europe and the United States and others are going to pay the price sooner or later with the instability in this region; they do not foresee it, as H.E. President Al-Assad clarified in his March 4, 2013 interview with the Sunday Times.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim