The Scorpion of Terrorism

His Excellency President Bashar Al-Assad has underscored in a recent  interview with the Russian Izvestia Newspaper that "terrorism is not a winning card you play when it suits you and keep it in your pocket when it doesn't. Terrorism is like a scorpion; it can unexpectedly sting you at any time. Therefore, you cannot support terrorism in Syria whilst fighting it in Mali." It is indeed clear for all now that Syria has been waging a fierce  war of defense against al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists of about 83 countries.

It is the legitimate war of defense  by every true Syrian against more than a third of the world countries which aim at ending the geostrategic pivotal resistant role of Syria. Once these countries failed to subjugate Syria and end its resistant role, they have resorted to terrorist threats of launching strikes against Syrians under the false flag of chemical weapons. Actually Syria has been for long victim for the threats of Israeli nukes and not to mention the chemical weapons in the hands of the notorious terrorist groups in Syria. The terrorist cannibals  in Syria, as documented and proved, have used their chemical weapons  against members of the Syrian hero Army and civilians in many places of Syria: Khan al-Assal, Aleppo, Jobar and Barza in Damascus Countryside, as well as many other documented places.

The Syrians, however,  are more determined than ever today to stand up against such threats and to pursue their battles against the targeted terrorism aiming at destroying the Syrian State. The Syrians are to stand up to the challenge and strike at the influx of large amounts of Takfiri and Wahabi terrorists from other countries - estimated in the tens of thousands, and as long as they continue to receive financial and military aid from the ewes, Israel, Turkey, EU and US. The ball of terrorism and fire is indeed to burn  al-Qaeda affiliated groups, initially created in the early 80’s by the United States and the West, with Saudi funding, to fight the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, and  the region in its entirety.

Accordingly, the region is in  a dire need for peace, stability and security for all. Had the US, Israel and their allies wanted so, the right path is through the proposed Geneva 2 conference and starting to pressure "the countries supporting terrorism in Syria, to stop the smuggling of weapons and the streaming of foreign terrorists into the country."

 Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim 

to the September 11th Families Association




We would like to introduce ourselves, for we in a way are mirror reflections of yourselves. We too have lost our loved ones through terror and we too have had our whole lives changed. We are Syrians living in Syria and we are victims of what has been happening in our country. Terror has hit our country violently taking on different forms like looting , kidnapping , raping and killing .

   The same '' Takfiri '' ideology which found way to your country and caused 9/11 has now come to ours and caused vast destruction, for it didn't stop at massacres or terrorizing innocent civilians but it also hit on our infrastructure preventing us from free education and medical care, attacking schools and medicine factories and turning them into military bases.

   Those same” Takfiri” Jihadists groups came into our country with the aim of establishing and spreading an ‘Islamic Caliphate’ from Syria throughout the world. And in their Islamic Caliphate there is no place for citizenship or human rights and there definitely is no place for women. There is only place for beheadings and executions and Sharia courts!

   There are many examples of this. Take what happened in 2012  when a film on Prophet Mohamad was made public on you tube and met with great disapproval from the Muslim world , instead of channeling their disapproval through legitimate ways like many Muslim organizations and indeed countries did , the ‘Takfiri” groups attacked the American embassy in Libya and killed the American ambassador . He was killed by Islamic extremists. These very same extremists, who now enter our country and kill our children,.

   Our message to you is simple and clear. Please stop these’ Takfiri’ groups from becoming more and more powerful. Your government at the moment is aiding and abetting these groups –this is something that we in Syria find completely incomprehensible! For are they not the very same ones who caused 9/11 - why then is the American government and its allies in the west funding these groups? Why then did the US lose so many of its young men in Afghanistan? Was it not to fight terrorism? Did those soldiers die in vain? These are only some of the questions that Syrians ask.

   American and EU sanctions pose another problem for they are crippling our economy and affecting our very basic needs , banning certain foods and many medicines and medical equipment .

   We would like to extend an invitation to you to come and visit Syria through a delegation , so you can see how things stand for yourselves and you will then know that we face a 9/11 everyday .

   Let us form a unified front against terrorism regardless of its place, goal or color.


Reem Haddad




Terrorists' exposed Dirty Ploy

Terrorism has no rules, geography nor identity. A terrorist who is ready to blow himself up, either with an explosive belt or a booby-trapped car, as to kill other human beings is the same terrorist who eats other human beings' flesh and body parts. This is the same terrorist who would fire a chemical-gas-equipped missile to kill civilians en masse. This is exactly what happened in Damascus Countryside yesterday. A prefabricated terrorist attack by al-Qaeda affiliates and Bandar of Saudi Arabia .

“It draws attention to the fact that biased regional media have immediately, as if on command, begun an aggressive information attack, laying all the responsibility on the government,” The Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Aleksandr Lukashevich stated.

“A homemade rocket with a poisonous substance that has not been identified yet – one similar to the rocket used by terrorists on March 19 in Khan al-Assal - was fired early on August 21 at Damascus suburbs from a position occupied by the insurgents,” Lukashevich added. 

The Russian diplomat stated that it seems as though it was “a provocation planned in advance.” The “criminal action” near Damascus coincided with the beginning of UN experts’ work in Syria - which speaks in favor of such a conclusion.

The accusations against the guardians of  Syria to launch such a heinous, terrorist attack are indeed "utterly baseless", "untrue and fabricated as to cover up the humiliating defeat of the foreign-backed terrorists in Syria

The terrorists' exposed dirty game against the Syrians was expected and quickly foiled. Even the  U.N. Security Council said it was necessary to clarify an alleged chemical weapons attack. The allegations aimed but at blackmailing the UN and aborting its chemical experts team mission and derailing the convening of the Russia-US proposed Geneva 2 meeting.

Syria has indeed clear-cut evidence, as Minister of Information Mr. Omran al-Zoubi outlined,  on the use of chemical weapons by the armed terrorist groups through eyewitnesses, soil and air samples. The Syrian state did not and will not use chemical weapons –if  existed- under any circumstances, and Syria is definitely to win over terrorism exported to Syria  from 83 states, including all Arab states except for Djibouti.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

Ewes Hypocrisy!

The ewes among Arabs are in heated competitions and pilgrimages to world capitals. In France, the Foreign Minister of Qatar ends his meetings with French officials, the Saudi FM enters for talks with top French officials. The focus of talks for both Foreign Ministers is mainly the ongoing in Egypt, not to mention their antagonism and hatred to Syrians and to their Resistance and steadfastness.

The Qataris, along with their al-Jazeera, their machine of lies, fabrications and slaughter, want an EU condemnation of what they view in Egypt as coup d'état  against their hand-made Morsi, for whom they wasted millions of petrodollars. The Qataris along with their Turkish partners in  Moslem Brotherhood's  slaughter and blasphemy were caught in a dilemma. They couldn't believe that their sinister, Takfiri scheme to the region was crushed when more than 30 million Egyptians took to the streets and deposed the wanted for justice Morsi.

The Saudis, the main arm supplier, backer, and financer  of the Takfiri Wahabi terrorists in Syria, and with their al-Arabiya, want but an urgent end for Moslem Brotherhood's terrorism in Egypt. As much as the Saudi officials are keen on the killing of Syrians, they are keen on ending the killing of Egyptians by the same Takfiri terrorist groups!

In both cases of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the goal is but one as to compensate for their losing gambles in Syria. An observer can't but to wonder whether the Saudi-Qatari fierce competition has anything to do with humanity, fraternity or even with the egoist and selfish interests of both satellite countries!

Definitely, the Syrians are keen on the blood of their brethren in the North Part of the United Arab Republic, as much as they are keen on their blood. Egypt's national role is much more needed nowadays more than any other time. The majority does aspire to a balanced, pan-Arab nationalist role by Egypt as to save the remaining part of Arabs' identity, honor, and dignity.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

Beirut bombing, coward act not separate from terrorist acts in the region

The terrorist explosion in the Southern Suburb of Beirut, which claimed the lives of 25 people, and wounded about 300 others aims to explode the situation in Lebanon and plunge the whole region in internal sectarian conflicts that pave the way for the US and Israel to dominate the Arab region politically and economically.

The US and its allies aim to divide and weaken the Arab countries in service of the Zionist project in the region, which aims, among other things, to enable Israel invade the Arab countries and dominate them.

The terrorist crime in Beirut comes in service of the Israeli enemy and its allies. It offers a direct service to the Israeli enemy and the states which are implementing the Zionist project in the region.

The explosion coincides with the 7th anniversary of the resistance's victory over the Zionist entity in July War of 2006 when Israel launched a brutal aggression on Lebanon through which  former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice announced the beginning the sinister project of the New Middle East. But the heroic deeds of the Lebanese National Resistance foiled the project and inflicted a humiliating defeat on the Israeli occupation army. By planning this heinous massacre on the 7th anniversary of the great victory of the Lebanese National Resistance over the Israeli occupation army, the pro-Zionist project states in the region are trying to wipe out the memory of resistance and change the culture of resistance into that of surrender and subjugation to the American and Israeli diktat.  However, the new savage crime will only increase the determination of the Lebanese national resistance to achieve its goal in defeating the Israeli-U.S. project in the region and liberating the occupied Arab territories.

The terrible blast bears the seal of terrorist groups and Israel which has the most to gain out of the crime. The Zionists and their allies are plotting to destabilize Lebanon but the Lebanese people and the resistance will foil the sinister plots hatched against them.

This horrific bombing cannot be detached from the criminal acts of the takfiri groups in Syria, Iraq and Egypt and backed by the Western colonial powers and their cheap tools in the region, especially Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey.

We should not view this horrible explosion aloof from what is going on in Egypt, which aims to destabilize the whole region in order for the US and its allies to redraw the whole geopolitical map of the region in a way that serves the American Zionist project.  So, Beirut awful bombing cannot be separated from what happened in Egypt where the Muslim Brotherhood instigated violence. It cannot be separated from the situation in Syria where the Saudi-Qatari-backed takfiri groups are committing heinous crimes with the aim of inciting sectarian wars that can achieve the sinister goals of the US and its allies. The savage crime cannot also be isolated from the explosions and bombings that are taking place in Baghdad and other Iraqi cities claiming the lives of scores of innocent people daily.

The pro-Zionist project states are trying to inflame and benefit from sectarian disputes in the Middle East to weaken the Arab world and thrust it in devastating conflicts to start a new colonial stage of Western hegemony in the region to plunder its resources and keep Israel superior politically and economically.