Do Syrians Need Geneva 2?

Personally speaking, what the Syrians need urgently isn't Geneva 2; we do have a dire need only for combating terrorism. Once the multinational terrorists of more than 80 countries are flushed out and eliminated, the crisis in Syria is no more a crisis and the real battle of building and reconstruction would non-stop get continued.

Astonishingly, media made a fuss yesterday that the Saudi Ahmad al-Jarba announced, according to Reuters, willingness to attend Geneva 2. Okay! Who is al-Jarba and his so-called Coalition? He asks for a transitional period  to usurp the Syrians' will and collective willing for the strong Syria for all. Syria's population is more than 23 million Syrians, and al-Jarba, the yes-man of Bandar Bin Sultan, whose crimes against the Syrians are unforgettable.

Officially, the Syrian Government has repeatedly announced willingness to attend Geneva 2 with no preconditions. Syria's willingness in no way contradicts President Bashar Al-Assad's January 6th outlined solution for the crisis and the subsequent government implementation plan. However, the Wahabi Saudi al-Jarba wants now to impose his masters and terrorists' preconditions!

Certainly, the Syrians would go to attend Geneva 2, as officially announced, not for handing over power to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, France, Turkey and not for the USA. The Syrians, represented by their legitimate and elected government would attend as to study mechanisms for solution, based mainly on the halting of foreign meddling and support to the cannibals and takfiri terrorists on the Syrian ground. The Syrians, fond of ballot boxes and never of bullets, are to discuss ways and means leading to the ballot boxes. The cake is pure  Syrian-made  and the foreigners aren’t invited, nor are the cannibals. 

It is indeed  a Syrian family affair, and for the majority the mother is Syria and the father is President Bashar Al-Assad. No power on earth can force the majority nor to renounce their mother or their father. The Syrians of at least 6000 years of civilization are but the legitimate sons of their father and mother. It is only the DNA of ballot boxes which can prove if so or not. Let us wait and see, and until then all ewes, so-called Obama-like leaders should shut their mouths and leave us at peace before the region in its entirety is to be into pieces.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

War Crimes against the Syrians

The Syrians are adamant on the cleansing of their country from every terrorist. Meanwhile, the anti-Syrians forces are adamant too on arming, training, and sending al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists into Syria. This is the general situation in Syria! So, will the Syrians surrender their country and destiny to the terrorists? Of course, NOT! The question is when the anti-Syrians would halt their war crimes against the Syrians, and which country would be the first to refrain from backing terrorists? Would it be Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, France, Britain, or the USA and Israel? Actually all of them, particularly the USA which has the moral obligation to order its affiliates to stop backing al-Qaeda affiliates.

"We have tens of thousands of Syrians that have died, mainly because of the terrorist attacks, assassinations, and suicide bombers, the majority… of the innocent people have been killed by the terrorists, who have come from "80 or 83 nationalities" to fight within Syria, supported by foreign countries, outlined H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad in his recent Fox News interview.

"when the terrorists infiltrate residential areas in villages and sometimes in the suburbs of the cities, and within large cities, and the army has to go there to get rid of those terrorists. The army should defend the civilians, not the opposite. You cannot leave the terrorists free, killing the people, assassinating the people, beheading the people and eating their hearts, " added H.E. President Al-Assad.

Thus, the problem now is the infiltration of those terrorists into Syria and the most dangerous problem that we are facing is the ideology of the terrorists, who are foreigners in their majority. Actually, President Al-Assad's questions to the Fox team were a stitch in time: "But what will you do when the terrorists attack your country and kill the people? Will you say that I'm against violence or you defend?" "What did you do in Los Angeles in the 90s when you had rebels? Didn't you send your army?"

It is indeed a human tragedy. It's not about numbers; it's about every family in Syria lost dear ones. We lost friends and that's why we're fighting terrorism. The Syrians are to get rid of the terrorists and their ideology. And "any diplomatic move without having stability and getting rid of the terrorists is going to be just an illusion."

Consequently, any diplomatic move should start with "stopping the flow of the terrorists, the logistical support of those terrorists, the armament support and the money support."


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

Western and Petrodollars Support to Terrorists Should Stop

Terrorism is but the chronic disease of today's global village. Unfortunately, the world hasn't reached consensus so far as to clearly define and combat it; so it has been manipulated as a tool in the hands of some countries to combat others! Here in Syria, this terrorism, largely with a Wahabi branch, is engineered and backed by many countries worldwide.

H.E. President Al-Assad was so clear in his recent CBS interview that once the Western countries stop supporting those terrorists and making pressure on their puppet countries and client states like Saudi Arabia and Turkey and others, we will have no problem in Syria, and the crisis is to be solved easily, given the fact that the terrorists have lost their incubators in the Syrian society, not to mention, of course, the heroic fight of the Syrian hero Army.

Actually, terrorism mushroomed and lasted for more than two years in Syria because  of the "external interference, because there is an external agenda supported by, or let’s say led by the United States, the West, the petrodollar countries, mainly Saudi Arabia, and before was Qatar, and Turkey.  "For the petrodollar countries like Saudi Arabia, they’re thinking undermining Syria will undermine Iran on sectarian basis.  For Turkey, they think that if the Muslim Brotherhood take over the rest of the region, they will be very comfortable, they will be very happy, they will make sure that their political future is guaranteed."

Fighting terrorism is indeed like any other war: "When you have terrorism, you have a war". It is the Syrians' just war of defense against these cannibals who come from abroad, infiltrate inhabited areas, kill the people, take their houses, and shoot at the army. The majority of these terrorists  now are Al-Qaeda or Al-Qaeda offshoot organizations in this region,  where they ban people from going to schools, ban young men from shaving their beards, and women have to be covered from head to toe, and let’s say in brief they live the Taliban style in Afghanistan, completely the same style. If you don’t get rid of those terrorists and these extremists and the Wahabi style, of course it will influence at least the new and the coming generations, outlined President Al-Assad.

"When you talk about Al-Qaeda it doesn’t matter if he’s Syrian or American or from Europe or from Asia or Africa.  Al-Qaeda has one ideology and they go back to the same leadership in Afghanistan or in Syria or in Iraq.. Al-Qaeda always uses religions, Islam - actually, as a pretext and as a cover and as a mantle for their war and for their terrorism and for their killing and beheading and so on."

H.E. underscored that the western and petrodollars support to terrorists should stop as to give peace in Syria a chance."If you want to support them, you are supporting Al-Qaeda, you are creating havoc in the region, and if this region is not stable, the whole world cannot be stable."Thus, any US strike(against the secular Syria) will be as direct support to Al-Qaeda offshoot that’s called Jabhat al-Nusra and the Islamic State of Iraq, who used the chemical weapons in northern Aleppo five months ago." It is going to be indeed direct  support to  Al-Qaeda and the same people who killed Americans in the 11th of September. 

H.E. President Al-Assad disclosed that before the 11th of September, in his discussions with many officials of the United States, some of them are Congressmen, he used to say that “don’t deal with terrorists as playing games,”, rhetorically  asking the American journalist about what he would do as an American if the terrorists are invading his country from different areas and start killing tens of thousands of Americans. So, the ongoing in Syria isn't the president fight nor of the government; it is indeed the legitimate defense of every honest and true Syrian against the cannibals of more than 80 countries.

The way out from the present crisis in Syria has clearly been defined by H.E. President Al-Assad, as to start with stopping the smuggling of terrorists coming from abroad, stopping the logistic support, the money, all kinds of support coming to these terrorists, and as to dialogue with opposition. Opposition is, however, different from terrorism: " Opposition is a political movement. Opposition doesn’t mean to take arms and kill people and destroy everything, nor is by beheading, barbecuing heads or by eating the hearts of  victims.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

"There Should not Be Any Mass Destruction Weapons"

"We Want the Mediterranean to be a sea of peace and friendship where seagulls fly, ships of amity sail not warplanes of killing and destruction,’’ said the Late President Hafez Al-Assad, at the opening ceremony of the 10th Mediterranean Games in Lattakia in 1987. Thus, Syria has been for decades working for freeing the Mideast region from all Mass Destruction Weapons.

Actually, Syria, whose territories of the Golan and Iskenderun are also for decades under occupation, is the first country in the region to officially call for the freeing of the Middle East from such means of killing and destruction. ''Syria in 2003, as a non-permanent UN Security Council member at that time presented a draft law, a project as to free the Middle East from Mass Destruction Weapons; this Syrian project is still in the UN drawers! Due to the lack of support by the basic States for this project, and in contradiction with what they talk about …!''From His Excellency's Press Conference with the Finnish President, (October 22, 2009)

With this in mind came the  Syrian Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Minister, Walid al-Moallem's statements yesterday that “We are ready to show sites with chemical arsenals to Russia’s representatives, as well as representatives of other states and the UN,” in translation to the Syrian latent desire as to join the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC). Hopefully, this Syrian preparedness is to positively encourage other non-signatory of the 1993 signed CWC to do so, particularly Israel, the only state in the region which possesses nukes, and which even didn't join  the 1968 signed Non- Proliferation Treaty, (NPT).

In the global village of today the need is dire for a serious reconsideration for humans' destruction of the Earth and living creatures. ''We have a clear stance in Syria: we do not wish to see any nuclear bombs in the Middle East Region; there is no need for this. Of course, we also do not want to see the nuclear weapons, which Israel possesses,'' From His Excellency's Interview with the Turkish 'Hurriyet' Daily, (November 8, 2009)

 ''I reiterated Syria's firm stance as far as the freeing of the Middle East region from Mass Destruction Weapons.'' From His Excellency's Press Conference with the Croatian President, (October 28, 2009). Syria's stand, as outlined by H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad in an interview with Turkish TV‏ on December 28, 2005,  was and is still for freeing the Middle East region from all  weapons of mass destruction.  We are against any WMD, any weapons of mass destruction, whether chemical or nuclear, as H.E. President Al-Assad reiterated in his CBS interview, and this is but ''our conviction and policy''.

In 2003, we submitted a proposal to the Security Council, when Syria was a temporary member-state to make the Middle East region free of WMDs.‏‏ ‏ This proposal was firstly rejected by the US.‏‏ ‏ If they were anxious about the presence of WMDs, let them approve the Syrian proposal, or to keep dealing with the region in double-standards, may be much more double.

We in Syria do believe, as H.E. President Al-Assad stated on December 12, 2005, in an interview with Russian TV, that there should not be any mass destruction weapons, including nuclear weapons in the Middle East.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

Blind Eyes and Deaf Ears

Prayers, fasting, anti-war marches, hands stained with blood even inside the US Senate, but who cares?! The US Administration of Obama is still adamant on launching a further unjustified aggression and this time against Syria, the cradle of monotheistic religions and civilization. Under the false fabricated pretext of chemical use- surely by the US and ewes-backed cannibals- Obama is going to kill thousands if not millions not only of the Syrians, but definitely of the region civilians. Obama, however, turns blind eyes and deaf ears to the prayers as well as to all those who oppose a further illegal intervention, particularly among the US lawmakers.

The Democratic U.S. Sen. Mark Pryor on Saturday said he's opposed to taking military action against Syria. AP quoted Senator Pryor as saying "I have said, before any military action in Syria is taken, the administration must prove a compelling national security interest. Based on the information presented to me and the evidence I have gathered, I do not believe these criteria have been met, and I cannot support military action against Syria at this time."

Reps. Kerry Bentivolio of Michigan, Chris Gibson and Michael Grimm of New York, Doug Collins of Georgia, Ron DeSantis of Florida and Steve Stivers of Ohio have all come out saying they oppose air strikes.

 Bentivolio said: "However, it has also been made clear that those who oppose the Syrian Government have direct ties to al-Qaida. Whoever wins this war will not be affectionate toward the United States," asserting that  he does not believe American involvement is a matter of national security, and that President Barack Obama has not made an adequate case to that end.

Gibson, an Army colonel who had four tours of combat in Iraq, stated he is strongly opposed to strikes against Syria, and will vote no, asserting that ''military intervention would make the situation worse and make us responsible for that conflict."

Grimm, a former Marine who served in both Desert Shield and Desert Storm told CNN that he had lost faith in the administration "and their ability to do this in a manner that will benefit the United States."

Collins said "he did not think Secretary of State John Kerry, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey had made the case to the House Foreign Relations Committee, on which he sits. In some ways in my mind they actually gave more questions than they did answers, and I think the American people will see that."

DeSantis said that he was opposed to Obama's request. "Because we don't have Americans in jeopardy, he is not really defending the United States,'' asserting that  the only reason Obama is asking Congress for authorization is to give him "political cover."

"The reality that he's running into is the American people don't want the intervention because they recognize that the people fighting the Syrian Government  are also hostile to American interests. So the outcome of this civil war would be an anti-American regime, and so the calls in my office and my colleagues' offices are 95 to one against getting involved in Syria right now," DeSantis said.

Stivers said the there was not enough of a national interest to warrant military action. Who cares?!.  

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim