Mercenaries Recruited by Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia!

Republican member of the Virginia State Senate Richard Hayden Black talks to Press TV about ties between Washington and Daesh, further exposing the true “axis of evil” in the Middle East.

The American official said in a Tuesday interview with Press.TV  that the war in Syria would have been over by now if the US had put an end to its intervention when Russia entered the war-ravaged country.

“If the United States had just stayed out of it at that point, the war would be over by now; people would be rebuilding, refugees would be returning back to Syria, but the United States rushed anti-Tank missiles, and we used these so-called moderate rebels as a conduit to supply al-Nusra, which is al-Qaeda in Syria,” he noted.

“If we were not supporting the war in Syria, I believe that the Syrians, combined with their allied forces from Iran, Lebanon and Russia… would move very steadily and restore the borders of Syria.”

Moderates vs. Takfiris

The senate member refused to distinguish between the so-called moderate rebels and the Takfiri terrorists fighting the government of President Bashar al-Assad, saying, the two are “thoroughly integrated.”

“They really are one and the same; they’re part of the same army,” he said, citing a US defense intelligence agency’s investigation in 2013, which showed Washington’s ties with the Takfiris.

The outspoken state senator referred to plans by the CIA to transfer arms from Libya to Turkey and from there to Syria to supply the moderate rebels, noting that the move “evolved into an indiscriminate program of supplying all rebels, including specifically ISIS (Daesh) and al-Qaeda.”

“We do it indirectly because it’s unlawful to do it directly,” he said, adding that the US keeps “extremely violent organizations… off the terrorist watch list because these are the agents that take our weapons and then distribute them to ISIS (Daesh) and al-Qaeda.”

Syria's fall threat to US

In response to a question by Press TV host Kaveh Taqvai on why Iran and Russia are portrayed as the “bad guys,” while they are the ones really fighting terrorism there, as put recently by GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, Black said the Republican candidate has a “clear understanding of what’s happening over there.”

 “Sometimes, his rhetoric has to match the political mood of the moment… but I know a number of his advisers and they believe that our determination to topple the government in Syria is suicidal, that it threatens not only the entire Middle East but literally the entire world.”

He further warned that the US itself could be “threatened,” arguing that, “if Syria falls, it will be dominated by some al-Qaeda-related organization; Lebanon will fall; Jordan will fall and the entire area will be destabilized.”

Turkey threatens the West

The Vietnam war veteran also elaborated on his personal definition of the Middle East “axis of evil,” naming Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and “particularly” Turkey over their support for terrorism.

“Probably, three quarters of the rebels are not Syrian at all; they are mercenaries recruited by Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia,” he asserted, describing the three countries as “the primary force behind the terrorist movement.”

“Turkey has invaded Iraq and Syria with heavy military forces. Turkey has really become a rogue nation,” he added, referring to a 1923 treaty that set the border between Turkey and Greece, saying that was even being questioned by President Rececp Tayyip Erdogan.

“And now you see this emerging threat against Western Europe by Turkey,” he noted, further adding that Erdogan “has made it clear that he looks to resurrection of the Ottoman Empire.”

“He has become more and more aggressive; he’s crushed the military, the free press; every powerful institution of the Turkish government has come under his iron fist and he’s now a total dictator. He’s a man who has said that he wants the constitution amended so that he will have power similar to those of Adolf Hilter… This is our great ally; we’re allied with a man who would be Hitler.”

Mercenaries of Wahhabism

He also blasted Washington’s alliance with Saudi Arabia, “where women are not allowed to walk out in the front yard to pick up the newspaper without a man’s permission; they can’t drive a car!”

“Somehow, this is part of the liberalization that we seek to impose on the Middle East,” he said ironically, calling it “bizarre.”

He also praised the resistance against the Saudi aggression by the people of Yemen, saying, “God bless them! The Yemenis are giving the Saudis a bloody nose,” despite being a “tiny little, poor nation.”

“I think the world recognizes that Saudi Arabia has just embarked in massive war crimes in Yemen,” he said, voicing regret over the US support for the monarchy.

“We don’t pay too much attention to them [while engaged in war crimes] because they’re our good allies,” he said, concluding that Washington is on a “suicidal course of action.”

“Saudi money pays the very top politicians in many Western nations. And they really have co-opted the American military into acting as mercenaries for Wahhabism.”

Black referred to the Western media’s portrayal of Iran as a supporter of terrorism, saying, “The fact of the matter is that if you really look at global terrorism, it all emanates from Saudi Arabia.”

He exemplified various terrorists attack, including the 9/11, the Boston bombing, and the Brussels attacks, noting that they are all a “reflection of the Wahhabi philosophy.”



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 Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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Mrs. Asma Al-Assad's Russia24 Interview





Mrs. Al-Assad's Speech Is INDEED Golden!

The First Lady of Syria, H.E. Mrs. Asma al-Assad exposes the criminal sanctions imposed on the Syrian people by the so-called 'Friends of Syria', and salutes Russia for its "tremendous" economic and humanitarian assistance:

"I don't think it's a secret to anyone that the sanctions on Syria today have affected Syrian people in very much the same ways the sanctions in the 90s affected socially, seriously and mortally the Iraqi people. The only difference is that today, nobody can claim, and especially those that enforce the sanctions, they cannot claim they did not foresee the consequences on ordinary Syrian people. You have to ask yourself, where is the benefit of sanctioning basic food commodities? Where is the benefit of blocking vital access to medicines and health care equipment? Only a few days ago, I met with an old man who had just been diagnosed with cancer and he was worried that he was not able to get the treatment that he needed because the chemotherapy was no longer available. That's what these sanctions are doing to ordinary people. And this is only one example. In fact, just a few weeks ago, I think it was actually last week, the UN released a report that cited the significant increase in poverty and the immeasurable suffering to ordinary Syrians as a result of these sanctions. What's most ironic is that they were imposed by the so-called 'Friends of Syria'. What this report doesn't tell us is that the situation would have been much, much harder had it not been for Syria's true friends who have stepped in and help offset some of the political and economic consequences of these sanctions. And in this regard, Russia has been tremendous. It has and continues to provide invaluable humanitarian and economic assistance to Syria. And it's these noble efforts that have helped loosen the chokehold on ordinary Syrians. It is something we'll never forget."

"I never thought of being anywhere else at all. ... Yes, I was offered the opportunity to leave Syria, or rather to run from Syria," Assad said, adding, "These offers included guarantees of safety and protection for my children, and even financial security." but rather “a deliberate attempt to shatter people's confidence in their president.”

''Syria is comprised of land that has been continuously inhabited for a very long time. Over thousands of years, this soil has been exposed to dozens of wars and invasions. Some areas were completely destroyed. I know that Syria WILL rebuild itself. As Syrians, we've always prevailed and this period in our history is no different. It is known or often said that Syria means 'rising sun'. And Syrians will rise again, that I can assure you."

Asma Assad: ‘It is the West dividing our children in this conflict’

The western world is dividing Syrian children according to the political views of their parents, Asma Assad, the Syrian First Lady, said in a rare interview. She said the mainstream media only concentrated on those stories which matched their policy.

The ship Is But to The Shore

''And if you don’t have the support of the Syrian people, you have to leave right away, because without their support, you cannot achieve anything, you cannot produce anything, you are going to fail. So that’s simply the reason, especially during the war you have to lead the ship to the shore; you don’t run away because there is a war, unless the Syrian people want you to leave." Underscored H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad.

''But it’s not about me; I am just used as a nominal reason. It’s much bigger than that; it’s about Syria, it’s about the government, it’s about the independence, it is about the war on the regional level, it is about the war between the great powers. Syria is just the headline and the President is the main headline." Added President Assad in his recent interview with the Danish TV2.

Actually, anti-Syria forces of terrorism-allied powers failed to achieve their sinister goals. Such  a failure is mainly because Syria's 'main headline' is indeed the throbbing heart of the majority. H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad is the most courageous, reliable and trusted as to lead the fronts, be political, military, academic, social, economic and the like.

With this in mind, I publish what a close friend of mine, Eva Bartlett, the co-founder and member of the Steering Committee of the Syria Solidarity Movement wrote yesterday:

''Thanks, Dr. Mohamad... My friend, the lies are so endless. As President Assad said to the Danish reporter: " You cannot build your political position or stand, let’s say, according to a video promoted by the terrorists or their supporters. It’s a game now, a game of propaganda, it’s a game of media."

Eva replied to some comments on her facebook page: " 

"this is not in response to any particular person, but in general, an immense fatigue at this attitude, when our Syrian friends are dying as a result of media disinformation and rhetoric.

Dismayed and disgusted that some in their defence of Syria, Syrian sovereignty, and against the war on Syria, feel the need to state explicitly that they are not "pro-Assad".

I realize they think they are nuancing an argument for those who are rabidly anti-Assad. ...or even worse, to be "balanced".


If you have the courage and moral integrity to stand with the Syrian President, and thus the will of the Syrian people, excellent. If not, then please do Syria a favour and stick only to taking an anti-intervention and pro-sovereignty stance. Because, it doesn't matter if you are anti President Assad... unless you are Syrian. If you are not Syrian, your anti is meaningless when it comes to deciding Syria's future. Specifically, if you are not Syrian and choose to judge Syria, the Syrian people's will. Then, even if you are trying to be a friend of Syria, you fail, you are shooting Syrians in their backs.

I support President Assad, but that is besides the point. I have a long list of reasons for which I support and respect President Assad, but those valid reasons aside, more important is the will of the Syrian people, who overwhelmingly do support and respect President Assad, and this is something I've seen throughout Syria on five visits to the country in recent years.

This whole bloody, dirty, war on Syria is not about Syria's leader, we know that by now, in late 2016, if we didn't at least know it a decade earlier when the west imposed criminal sanctions on Syria in an effort to covertly impose their desired puppet government. This did not begin in 2011.

President Assad says it pretty much every time another droning journalist has the honour to interview him: it is not about him, it is about Syria.

In mid 2011, President Assad gave a speech at Damascus University imploring all Syrians to work for unity and Syria's future. Please note the significance of this: at Damascus U, not Parliament.

In terms of the western-funded (since at least a decade ago) so-called "opposition", this call for unity and peace fell on Muslim Brotherhood, Wahhabi and $$$$-deafened ears.

Back to the present. Yes, the MSM is awash in unsubstantiated and propagandistic--scandalous--statements about the Syrian army and President Assad that may make some weakly want to declare that you are not supportive of President Assad, or to even make you cite some unsubstantiated rhetoric you read from Ken Roth or others from the HR war propagandizing industry.

Please, if you are confused or enticed by the well-funded and petro-dollar slick propaganda, note that American representatives and internal agencies are on the record (their own records) as supporting terrorists, wanting to overthrow the government in Syria, supporting, funding and arming the "moderate" terrorists in Syria, and that those "moderates" include child-beheading Nour el-Din el-Zenki, organ-eating FSA, and of course, al-Qaeda--al Nusra.

Syrians are fighting for their existence. When are those who are *confused* going to realize this? What if it were your home, your child, your heritage, your sovereign nation being torn apart by obscenely-funded terrorists, whitewashed by propagandists, and illegally- bombed by one of the 2 top terrorist nations (America and 'Israel')? What if 83 of your soldiers, your family members, were murdered while they themselves were fighting terrorists? There would not be the media silence of now. Truly, you would react differently, and you would defend those who are defending you.

Do not fall for the rhetoric about Assad, nor about Sunni vs. Shia/Christians/minorities. The reality it is about Syria and Syrians of all backgrounds defending their land against the worst terrorism this world has known.

Above, don't be duped by the lies about the Syrian army, who are of and from the people, who are living a most difficult and non-glamorous existence, who are paying the highest, the absolute highest, price--their lives--in defence of their country and its future."

Eva, the mother of all humans, thanks! What you write from Canada in the global village of today do assert that right is might and not the opposite. Syrians are firm and steadfast under the leadership of their hero president, along with their brothers and allies, as to pursue purging the globe from terrorism.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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Journey into the Heart of Reality




We are Repulsing Murder and Destruction

 On the 43rd Anniversary of  the glorious Liberation War of October, the Syria Times Online publishes the following pictures in tribute to the blessed memory of the Late President Hafez Al-Assad, who addressed the Syrian Army troops on the first day of the war saying:

We are not amateurs of killing and destruction, but we are repulsing murder and destruction from ourselves.

We are not the aggressors and never were   aggressors; but we were and are still defending ourselves, repulsing the aggression.

We do not want death to anyone, but we repulse death off our people.

We love freedom and we want it for ourselves and for others. We are  struggling  today ,  so that our people will  enjoy  their freedom.

We are advocates of peace, and  we work for peace for the sake of  our people and for all the peoples of the world. And we struggle  today in order to live in peace .

Proceed with God's blessing, when Allah render you victory, no one would defeat you.

Peace be upon you

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim

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President Hafez Al-Assad

  Interviews    Speeches  Words  Pictures

October Liberation


The late President, Hafez Assad confirmed that Syria’s objective is to restore the usurped rights; " We have fought in order to restore the land and rights. The struggle has been carried on to realize such objective. The wars we have fought and sacrificed for were not for the sake of exercising our strength or for the mere love of strife. We have always fought, to defend our right and dignity and to free the land.", "We want the honorable peace that will be acceptable to our peoples and will not cede a grain of our Homeland. It is the peace under which neither our rights will be relinquished nor the dignity of our Nation will be neglected".

The preparation stages were confined to Syria and Egypt being the two Countries capable of stirring the military and political situation under the general and particular circumstances prevailing at the time. It was obvious that any war to be waged against Israel would be a limited one because the international community would not support the Arabs further than liberating the territories occupied in 1967. It was by the end of 1972 that Syria and Egypt thought of the preparations for initiating the battle. Egypt set up the "Planning Commission" which was instructed to immediately consider the Israeli military potentials. After exhausting studies, it was concluded that the Israeli army’s fighting capabilities were based on four basic factors:

 • A powerful air force,

• Adequate equipment and logistics living active support of land and marine forces,

• A reliance on the USA in risky times, and

• Training programs that ensure the highest technical standard of the warriors.

The following basic negative phenomena appeared in the meantime on the Israeli military situation:

• The control of vast territories resulted in very long transportation roads between the battle fields and the basic concentration points.

• The limited population potential necessarily imposed a limited fighting capability for a limited span of time.

• The economy which depended on foreign support and subsidy found itself unable to stand a long fighting period.

• The long disconnected fighting lines left vast open gaps of land full of Arabs who obviously opposed to the occupation.

Consultations continued until Syria agreed, in the meeting held in Damascus on June 12, 1973 between the two Presidents Hafez Al-Assad and Anwar Al-Sadat, to hold talks with the Egyptian side to set the bases of coordination between the Syrian and Egyptian armies. Soon after, both sides approved the plan of attacking Israel simultaneously from the north and south. The military operations coordinators initiated the first step early in February 1973 by working within one strategy to train the armed forces and provide them with a variety of equipment and weaponry necessary for the fight this required sophisticated weapons and advanced technological equipment to encounter the Israeli army. The Soviets agreed, in May 1973, to provide Syria and Egypt with the requested weaponry and to finalize the construction of a ground-to-air missile network similar to that available in Egypt. In the meantime Syria received the modern T-62 tanks, modern interceptor modified MIG-21MF planes.

Egypt, on the other hand, got a sufficient quantity of weapons which included planes, tanks, guided missiles and various ammunition. Hence the units dedicated to the war were ready and provided with the sophisticated weaponry awaiting the zero-hour which would be foreseen by such coordinators to be 14h00 on October 6th, 1973:

• Upon realizing, by the morning of October 6th, 1973 that the War was inevitably breaking out shortly, the Israeli Command put at alert only the regular forces and compulsory units of 95,000 men besides the most important personnel of the reserve fighting forces (commanders only ) taking for granted that the regular army, supported by the air force, would be able to quickly deal with the events to take place along the fronts of fight. The Government held a session on October 5th, 1973 attended by the Chief-of Staff, to discuss the extraordinary circumstances and the Arab military movements as indicated by the Intelligence reports the session called for the utmost alert of regular and compulsory units besides the important personnel of the fighting reserve forces only. This implied the excessive self-confidence and belittling of the other side strength.

• The high-ranking war generals, headed by the two Generals Moshe Dayan and David Ali’azar, so belittled and completely disregarded the Arab military preparations that they declared that the Israeli army would surely be able to defeat and crush, within 48 hours, any attack through the Suez Canal. This was confirmed by the Israelis on the assumption that it would take Egyptians 24 hours to build up bridges and another 24 hours to cross the Canal, which would give them enough time to call for the strategic Israeli reserve forces to newly defeat the Egyptians and compel them to yield to the Israeli conditions.