Message for Peace

S-300 Advanced Air-defense System is but a wise measure by peace sponsors as to deter the region from sliding into the no-return buttons! An objective analysis and a thorough reading for the latest Israeli and new-colonials escalations against Syria and its allies would but indeed appreciate the balanced responses by Syria, Russia, Iran and by Hizbollah and other anti-terrorism forces.

Russia is to supply Syria, which has been under hundreds of air attacks by Israel and its sponsors for years,  with advanced means as to defend both Russia and Syria from such a reckless brutal unneeded for aggression. Acquiring defensive weapons to defend our people is necessary not only for our defense against further aggression, but as a peaceful means to restore stability and security to the entire region.

Russia, for whom and for its anti-terrorism martyred heroes all the world should bow heads  down  not only of shame but in respect and gratitude too,  begins the transference of electronic warfare systems to Latakia as to deter future aggression against its anti-terrorism badly needed for heroes  as well as in defense of its friends and allies. S-300 might have already been installed in Syria and for years! The Russians, Syrians, Iranians and Men of Hizbollah's hands are responsible and they have never  been war-mongers!

Syrians Elect Local Administration and Councils Representatives

Millions of Syrians wake up early today and started their day with casting their votes in the ballot boxes distributed all over the country, except some parts occupied by terrorists and uninvited occupiers.

Today's voting is considered by the Syrians as their duty to elect and choose their best representatives to the local councils in their villages, towns and cities.

Personally, I have had the opportunity as a journalist to witness and report about local administrations and councils elections in Europe. In fact, the Syrians crowded participations since the early hours surpassed by all accounts all other forms of democracy voting.

Voting polls for Local Administration elections were opened all over Syria at 7 o'clock Sunday morning.

More than 40 thousand candidates compete for 18478 seats.

6551 election centers are distributed in Syria's 14 governorates which have 88 elections centers, according to the Ministry of Local Administration and Environment.

Elections are to be closed at 7 pm today and can be extended for 5 hours if needed and according to the Higher Committee of Elections.

For the entire world's sake

Damascus has been glittering; it is the opening of its 60th fair. Darkness and backwardness of terrorism and all al-Qaeda affiliates and supporters were defeated, cleansed and liquidated. Thanks to the great sacrifices of the martyrs, wounded of ou hero Army, our brothers' and allies heroism.

For the entire world's sake, our great heroes withstood and defended all humanity against inhumanity, all life against slaughter and death, and all freedom against submission and new colonial greed. Damascus glittering and light is but the smile of every light and humanity for the rising dawn of a better today and the best of the best times of sovereignty, dignity, peace and honour.

The independent, sovereign and integrated Syrian Arab Republic is celebrating its fair of cooperation, fraternity and prosperity. It is Syria's call for rebuilding, construction, trade, commerce, finance exchanges in the interest of all in the global village of today.

It is Adha Eid!

It is Adha Eid; so what! The Syrians are still prohibited from performing pilgrimage by the most dark and oppressive  once-by-British imposed Wahabbi monarchy. It is Adha and most of us are only honoured to make pilgrimage to the tombs and shrines of our beloved hero martyrs.

We, apart from the human and economic difficult conditions caused not only by terrorists but by unjust inhuman sanctions, are indeed blessed by the sacred pilgrimage to the sanctities our martyrs whose staunch and brave fight against the foreign-backed terrorism, which has been created, financed, armed by the old and new colonialists, occupiers, and Wahabbi satellite sheikhdom of fratricide, genocide, ignorance and shame.

The brothers-in arms- from Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and from every place where the fight is only legitimate and defensive against terrorism, oppression and aggression are indeed present here with us along with their beloved and are celebrating Adha joyfully! Thanks to their sacred sacrifices, to the sacred blood and heroism of our heroes, the defeat of the internationally backed terrorism is indeed the Eid!

Thanks to The Army's Heroic Deeds

President Bashar Al-Assad, the Commander in Chief of the Army and Armed Force has stressed that Syria is facing a terrorist takfiri enemy, which is matchless in treachery and hatred  and which is backed by regional and international parties that have been for years aiming to dominate the entire region.

In a statement marking the Syrian Arab Army's 72nd Foundation Anniversary, President Al-Assad said that "thanks to the army's heroic deeds, the blood of our martyrs and the cohesion of our people we managed to keep steadfast and achieve many gains."

 President Al-Assad saluted the army on their day and expressed pride in their heroic acts and sacrifices in defense of the homeland's sovereignty and independence. He also saluted the families of the army personnel and the wounded soldiers and asked God to bless the souls of the martyrs.

"We are still facing a terrorist takfiri enemy which is matchless in treachery and hatred and which is supported by several regional and international parties that have been for years aiming to dominate the entire region," President Al-Assad said.