Escalation and Militarization ... American Recipe for a New Investment in Terrorism

A state of an unprecedented hysteria hit the administration of Donald Trump today, and the arrows of its arrogance flying towards everywhere that broke the prestige of the United States… The moment that Syria, which is determined to complete the liberation of all its lands from the abomination of terrorism and its supporters, is resisting the biggest share of these arrows that increase with the return of the aggression system to play again on the chord of the threat and intimidation, to save the remaining terrorist organizations in the area of reducing escalation. Whereas the recipe of " the chemical weapons " and its operational tools are ready to be applied by French, Belgians and Moroccan experts and other mercenaries, before the trio of American, French and British terrorism sets its watch on Trump's timer, until the time of pressure and blackmail runs out to block the progress of the Syrian Arab Army in its war against the terrorists of "al -Nusra" and those who rally under their banner.

Trump's administration removed the political solution from the dictionary of its agenda prepared for Syria. It prefers to preserve its terrorist organizations to perpetuate its occupation. Here the role of its executive tools appears, such as the Erdogan regime, the main guarantor of terrorists. In the area of escalation reduction, the field data revealed today that Erdogan is the exclusive American agent who directs the terrorist war in that region with its terrorist tools, starting with the mercenaries of "al -Nusra", not ending with the so-called "Euphrates Shield."

 According to the information received, the terrorists are equipped with the latest Turkish weapons from missiles, vehicles and armors, and take orders from the operations rooms created by Erdogan's officers for this purpose. This proves that Erdogan has never been willing to contribute to finding a political solution to the crisis, but to working under the American administration to prolong it. The previous 'Astana' tours were only time-consuming stations for the Turkish regime, all of which were used to restore the ranks of the terrorist originations and strengthen their redeployment in the rural areas of Idlib and Hama instead of working on the withdrawal of terrorists and their weapons as previously agreed upon in Sochi.

The US is putting the entire region on a hot plate and mobilizing against Syria and Iran and the entire axis of resistance, but that does not mean that it will be the winner, because today it is, with the poles of the aggression, captive to the reality of the equations imposed by the resistance forces. The threat of the lie of the "the chemical weapons" will not deter the Syrian state from continuing its war against terrorism until it is uprooted and all fleets, aircraft carriers and soldiers who were brought to the Gulf will not subjugate Iran.

 The United States knows this well, contrary to some Arabs who hurry behind the imposition of the "deal of the century", in its economic, political and military cover, and those who are unable to read the changes that have taken place. They do not want to believe that the Trump's parade in the Gulf is only to complete the depletion of its "milky cow" under the protection of the dilapidated monarchies, in exchange for generous payment, until the end of Trump's presidential mission.

The American fanfare to militarize the situation in the region and the world is nothing more than a door to the sale of accumulated American weapons and the attempt to establish the US hegemony of the collapse of the unilateral polarity against the rise of other powers such as Russia, China, India, Iran and others. The American uproar has not yet succeeded in Venezuela or the DPRK or in the trade war against China, so the time of beating the drums of the American war will always remain in the Trump's refrigerator, his profits from blackmailing in the region are a thousand times better than losing one soldier on the battlefield, or destroying one warship.

Sharif Al -Khatib


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The Lies of the West Won't Protect Terrorism

The United States has never given up playing the chord of terrorism in its various forms and whenever that terrorism is defeated on the ground or Washington fails to invest it in politics, it resorts to the scenario of the "chemical weapons" that it uses as Trojan horse to keep its terrorists on the ground and continue its occupation to parts of the Syrian Arab territories. It also resorts to the method of lying today in the hope that repeated lying can be credible, even the Western media itself has unveiled all these allegations on the basis of real evidences far from misinformation and falsification.

What is Trump betting on?

Certainly, Trump can't understand why Iran, people and government, rejects to negotiate with him, even though he has recently made an explicit call to this effect. During the past two years, he also made eleven attempts to negotiate, but the Iranians refused as their President, Mr. Rouhani, revealed.

After using sanctions and siege, reviewing the military force and making threats and intimidation, the US President believes he could get into negotiations that satisfy his desires and please Zionists, fancying  that these negotiations could have a serious effect and end the intensity of Iranian rejection and drives them to exploit what appears to be a golden opportunity provided by Trump to the Iranians.

Obviously, what Trump is trying hard, using the policy of stick and carrot, is to reach a bilateral nuclear understanding in which Iran gives up nuclear technology, especially that the US withdrawal from the nuclear agreement did not lead to its collapse, nor to the withdrawal of any other party including Iran, which has held on to it. The rights and obligations that Iran has gained from the nuclear agreement aroused the anger of the Zionists, who consider the agreement will enable Tehran to achieve its military nuclear objectives, so they launched their campaign against the agreement, and they were the main instigator to make the US withdraw from it.

Trump knows very well that for almost forty years the United States has tried every large and soft means of subjugating the Islamic Republic, changing its anti-imperialist and Zionist regime, but Iran has thwarted all the American conspiracies that have targeted it and emerged stronger and more adherence to its resistant, ideological and political approach. Trump's expectations will go to the ways of the winds as his predecessors failed to achieve anything.

 Some believe that Trump's sweeping pressure on Iran and its harsh punitive measures have put the Iranians in a great predicament that they will not succeed in getting out of this time unless they reach an agreement with the US President and listen to his terms. But this view is arbitrary and naive, because it does not weigh or take into account the enormous experience that the Iranians accumulated in facing this kind of challenge, aside from the fact that the Iranian popular discontent with America has increased and lost confidence in it, in addition to the growing strength of the anti-American camp which Iran is one of its main forces.

All these factors simply mean that Iran is not in a position to bow to any American dictates whatever Trump's carrot and stick size are, nor even to negotiate with him as long as he has no political and moral credibility qualify him for that.

So, what is this man betting on, who cannot see the region except with the eyes of the Zionists?!

This question is really puzzling, the bet on US military force is not logical, the US and Israel will not be able to bear the consequences of any US aggression on Iran. Either bet on changing Iran's initial position is a kind of the sever political and strategic shortcoming that is explained by the inability of Trump's mentality to understand that the political positions of some countries such as Iran are not goods to be bought and sold, and not deals to be concluded under intimidation and attraction.

It is difficult for a man of American deals to understand that he is dealing with a state of political and strategic constants that are inseparable from its cultural and moral authority, in addition, that Iran masters the art of politics and diplomacy to the extent that Trump himself appears before it to be a failed student with no future.


Sharif Al -Khatib


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Washington and Its Wars Against Humanity

The United States has waged wars against nations and peoples by allegations of spreading "democracy", "fighting terrorism", "defending" the peoples’ rights and for "humanitarian" reasons, but the facts prove the opposite of its allegations.

The "democracy" and the defense of the people and humanity are not the concerns of the United States at all except insofar as it used them as pretexts to its dirty wars to impose its hegemony, plunder the resources and wealth of others, shed more of their blood, and destroy their state and infrastructure completely. How can any sane person be convinced that Washington's wars are for “democracy, peoples and humanity?”

Washington and Organized State Terrorism

The US President Donald Trump today embodies the American bullying with all its aggressiveness, the dealer of political positions doesn't know about the corridors of international politics, except what uncover the aggressive mentality inherent in the successive American administrations. He is a blind, fanatic and ignorant of the facts of history and does not know what the essence of critical issues on the international scene and makes decisions away from understanding the reality of what is going on in the world, just to tell the world that he is a powerful and brutal authority.