Al-Rukban Camp is a Washington-Made Disaster

Al-Rukban camp for the Syrian displaced has become an irrefutable evidence of the American administration's predominance and its persistence in exploiting the issues of the people for blackmail and pressure to achieve its aggressive projects and interests in the region to pass its policy at the expense of the simplest humanitarian principles and international laws based on the laws of force and arrogance.

 Al-Rukban camp is a proof of the hypocrisy of the American and aggressive approach, which is accompanied by endless additions to the details of crimes against civilians who have been taken hostages inside the camp, or detainees according to the Russian description that recalls the Nazi prisoners.

  The description may be characterized by the historical implications as shocking, but in fact it is approaching the most terrible in the shadow of international silence that did not reach the limits of condemnation or denunciation, and did not rise at least to the level of the international demand for the need to dismantle the camp for lack of need, and its lack of humanitarian legitimacy which has always been the logo that Washington hide behind.

It is more dangerous that these shocking details from inside the camp are almost absent from the media scene, in the shadow of an American blackout that reaches the absolute limit of the spotlight on the suffering suffered by the displaced people inside the camp, where the political use of their presence is meant to be a blackmail paper that provides the American and his mercenaries more time playing waiting variables whereas events have proven that they will not come.

It is clear from the context of the experience that the American planning for the depletion of the current situation has reached its end, accompanied by endless evidence, that silence has become much more difficult to talk about the reality of the camp, and that the silence including the United Nations no longer have any justification, especially after the reality of the camp limits the US ability to continue practicing political blindness under false slogans.

 The Syrian experience with the issue of displaced persons has a high level of credibility. Neither the US administration nor its mercenaries nor the other sponsors of terrorism can question their results, which gives impetus to the Syrian-Russian joint attempt towards al-Rukban camp and a high level of credibility and seriousness, so that the requirements for the return of displaced people to their areas of origin free from terrorism can be provided.

Washington, which sent troops to Syria illegally did not provide any pretext to justify its existence, even at the expense of children and women, where the Syrian and Russian coordinating bodies concerned with the return of the displaced confirmed that, "Washington doesn't care about the humanitarian disaster it caused at the Al-Rukban Camp and trying to keep the camp as much time as possible in the al-Tanf area in order to justify its illegal presence in southern Syria."

All the facts confirm that the only responsible for the humanitarian disaster that our people are living in Al-Rukban camp is the American occupation and its tools which prevented the Syrian citizens in the camp by force and the threat of leaving it, despite the safe passages that were opened for all those wishing to leave this camp. According to a reliable resource at the Ministry of Expatriates, the final solution to the disaster experienced by these Syrians can't be done only with the departure of US forces from this region and others.

Perhaps the question today is addressed to the United Nations, based on the visits of the international officials to Syria and the extent of seriousness of this issue by seeking to move the debate from the bilateral or regional level to the international level, to withdraw the remaining pretexts to the Americans, whereas talking about solutions in the presence of terrorism, including the American, is considered a form of a major deception.

Sharif AL-Khatib


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March Revolution Re-Visited


March 8, 1963 Revolution, in reaction, at least to the then repeated coups and exploitation of the homeland resources, has indeed been the driving force behind the Syrians aspiration and desire for freedom, equality and justice. 56 years since then, Syria today, notwithstanding all the sinister plots, conspiracies and the foreign-backed terrorism, is still the throbbing heart and bastion of resistance and civilization. The major pivotal role of the Baath Arab Socialist Party and the late President Hafez Al-Assad in March 8 Revolution, and later in the Correction Movement, has and will ever have immense contributions to the current steadfastness of Syria, under the wise historic leadership of President Bashar Hafez Al-Assad, the guardian of all humanity against every evil and terrorism.

In his March 8, 1990 Speech, President Hafez Assad's outlined that by then

  • We covered the most difficult stages as we put our shoulders to the wheel and exerted concerted efforts to set things right and balance the books.
  • Our belief is deep seated that life is an eternal revolution and man is the essence and target.
  • The revolution is the locomotive to change status for a better condition to serve man`s aspirations. Speaking of man as an essence and target of the revolution, we tend to think of the youth where we find an optimal personification of man.
  • As I described them before, the youth are the hope for the future and the future hope lies in the present.
  • Freedom lives along with man and thrives on with his development because it needs a system in life like any other one. Plants grow according to a system; the earth, planets and the human body function according to a very accurate and precise system, but when it malfunctions, destabilization occurs and the system degenerates and collapses altogether.
  • The corrective movement was a necessity being an achievement of our party and people. It was the victory of freedom where I used to say time and again that we are as strong as we have freedom and free as much as we are strong.
  • The movement has been the bandwagon in all institutions where people participated in the premiership councils, the elected people`s assembly, and councils of the elected domestic administration.
  • It is taken for granted that the nation concerned should consult, coordinate and stick together in perilous circumstances. It is pitiful that the other powerful nations coincide with the fragmentation of the Arab weak nations. The Arab nations do not weigh the imminent perils adequately. 
  • We should not distance ourselves from the past. In a nutshell, we say that he who reads history and geography would realize that since the decadence of the Arab state, we started to lose parts of our people and land all over the Arab region.
  • The ongoing events and the new challenges today set an additional alarm to make us gear up in order not to lose what we hold.
  • Syria has been and will be keen on preserving the nation`s dignity.
  • A lot wanted to distort or mayhem the nature of our relations with the Soviet Union, but I would say that our nexus is stable as it has ever been in the past. We have been true friends long ago and relations were nurtured by close cooperation. 
  • We do not abnegate or be ungracious especially when it comes to colossal issues. The Soviet Union stood by us and supported us in our just struggle in confronting aggression. Such stances will remain an essential page in the history of our relations and will forge them.
  • Let us continue building man and land and boost the team spirit. Let us nourish altruism and the national spirit, abnegate selfishness and strengthen the national unity to scatter love everywhere and treat each other tolerably and preserve the dignity of the nation.

Hezbollah, Justice, Resistance and Humanity

The recent British enrollment of those who fight terrorism as 'terrorists' is indeed funny, contradictory and reckless. Not only inside EU countries, but in UK itself, the majority reject to reward the fighters of evil, wahabbism and terrorism, by leveling false accusations.

Hezbollah is the legitimate resistance for defense against the occupiers and for liberation of the occupiede territories. The history of this hero Party is clean from any terrorist attack against any civilians and innocents.

It is geographically located, based and operate in Lebanon; its liberation of the Southern part of Lebanon and its steadfast victory against the occupiers' hegemony and brutality in 2006 are remarkable. It is a Lebanese Party involved in humanitarian, social and domestic aid service, where the majority of its followers pass their days and nights in local humanitarian services.

BUT, once attacked, all freedom fighters worldwide are Hezbollah! Hezbollah is a sacred noble thought and belief; stand by the oppressed against the oppressors. The tales of sacrifices and victories of Hezbollah fighters in Syria in their heroic fight against terrorism are indeed glory, heroism, and true fraternity, amity and peace.

If Hezbollah Party is a 'terrorist' organization according the Gulf ewes, US, UK and Israel , who is not so!

The Hero of the Arab World

President Bashar  Al-Assad's recent   historic visit to Iran and the talks held with Sayyed Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran and President Hassan Rouhani, has indeed been a historic, landmark and  fruitful visit as a message of gratitude,  true friendship, solidarity, peace and amity.

President Assad was received by Sayyed Ali Khamenei as the victorious ' Leader of Arabs', as outlined by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution; President Assad has been for years leading his country and people away from  dangers, poverty, and sinister terrorist plots and conspiracies. The last 8 years of the terrorist war launched against Syria, unfortunately backed by some  whom President Assad, Syrian Army, brothers and allies, were defending, has indeed made of his visit to Tehran, the capital of the Resistance against oppression, aggression and terrorism, a landmark visit by all accounts.

It has been a visit of gratitude to the brothers in arms who firmly supported Syrians in their war against terrorism, and defense of the entire globe. The wise worldwide do recognize that without such  a strategic unity in blood against Al-Qaeda and ISIS affiliates, the region would have been turned by now into  huge slaughterhouses!  President Assad visited the country which has been standing with his own people and their interests; Iran has been able with the wisdom of its leaders and people, to save the region from being totally and entirely exploited by warmongers and occupiers.

Viva Venezuela!

Why Americans do consider themselves the inheritors and keepers of everything in their own selfish financial interests! It is the newly founded entity of the Puritans at the expense of the suffering and agonies of the millions of the civilized innocents living peacefully on their own territories, starting from the Red Indians to today's innocents in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Venezuela and in many other corners of today's US savagery and craziness.

With Mr. Trump in power, the USA is more exposed with no figs leaves! Deep states' schemes, greed, pressure groups' interests, CIA and Pentagon blinded drives to obliterate and silence every non-US music! The USA , even before Monroe Doctrine in 1823, gives itself an alienable right to do whatever it deems right in the interests of its lobbies, industrialists, warmongers and the like, and with no consideration for any accountability nor responsibility.

The USA is now to topple another democratically-elected President on Venezuela!  Trump is even ready to ask his proxies to pain the sky black if he is to gain financial profits! Tens of pretexts, false flags and lies are in waiting as funny invalid like ''moderate opposition'' , ''freedom''  and ''humanitarian'' mottos.

 Trump claims Juan Guaido as the legitimate self-proclaimed President of Venezuela! Another US-made coup! In waiting, the series is still open-ended. This is America and its bloody interventions worldwide. As for Latin America, and according to AP report, as published by the Washington Post, this is but some of US dirty roles in Latin America:

Since the advent of the Monroe Doctrine in the early 19th century, the United States has involved itself in the daily affairs of nations across the hemisphere, often on behalf of North American commercial interests or to support right-leaning forces against leftist leaders.