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H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad yesterday's interview with the Russian RT is by all accounts the roadmap to solution for the foreign-created crisis in Syria. It is, according to different readings, an exact scientific diagnosis of the ongoing, not to mention the many of the included human, geopolitical, historical and even future implications in the interview.

Transparently, as usual, President Al-Assad underscored that the enemy is but terrorism and instability, in line with the West deformed creations of enemies, from communism, Islam, to certain figures and notable personalities. Syria is indeed  in a fierce fight against terrorism and the support coming to terrorists from abroad as to destabilize the last Arab bastion of , Resistance, nationalism, true Islam and Arabism It is a tough war of defense by the majority against pre-historic takfiri forces and 'emirate' of  darkness. The majority has taken its decisive decision to flush out the foreign-backed mercenary terrorists. ''We are implementing our constitution by protecting the Syrian people.''

The ongoing is never the ''president’s fight''; but is the Syrians’ to defend their country’, the cradle of civilizations and birthplace of monotheistic religions. Thus, '' every Syrian is involved in defending his country now'', and '' The president cannot do anything without the institutions and without the support of the people.'' They are the very people, who have chosen President Al-Assad to lead them following the untimely demise of the late president, Hafez Al-Assad, who even had prepared and groomed us for such a defense. The Syrians in millions have been demonstrating in the streets in support of their chosen leader, who is felt by the majority not only as the President, but as a member of every family. Thus, as H.E. has put it shortly: '' If the Syrian people are against me, how can I be here?!'' you are there and here in the running blood of the majority, because of what you are and what you stand for.

Actually the ongoing crisis is to soon end, once foreigners stop meddling in Syria's domestic affairs, stop harboring, financing terrorists, and cease to smuggle their dirty means of destruction and killings, especially the government of Sultan Erdogan, to Syrians, who are in need for security, stability, cooperation, peace, which are achieved by the Syrians themselves, the Syrian Arab Army and Security Forces, through the help and sincere efforts of  friendly countries, like Russia, Iran, China and even by those who don't dare to publically announce their support to the just against the unjust. The majority does see itself in its leader, and so does the Leader, who ''can see myself- Himself- in this country as safe country, stable country and more prosperous country.''


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim