Do Syrians Need Geneva 2?

Personally speaking, what the Syrians need urgently isn't Geneva 2; we do have a dire need only for combating terrorism. Once the multinational terrorists of more than 80 countries are flushed out and eliminated, the crisis in Syria is no more a crisis and the real battle of building and reconstruction would non-stop get continued.

Astonishingly, media made a fuss yesterday that the Saudi Ahmad al-Jarba announced, according to Reuters, willingness to attend Geneva 2. Okay! Who is al-Jarba and his so-called Coalition? He asks for a transitional period  to usurp the Syrians' will and collective willing for the strong Syria for all. Syria's population is more than 23 million Syrians, and al-Jarba, the yes-man of Bandar Bin Sultan, whose crimes against the Syrians are unforgettable.

Officially, the Syrian Government has repeatedly announced willingness to attend Geneva 2 with no preconditions. Syria's willingness in no way contradicts President Bashar Al-Assad's January 6th outlined solution for the crisis and the subsequent government implementation plan. However, the Wahabi Saudi al-Jarba wants now to impose his masters and terrorists' preconditions!

Certainly, the Syrians would go to attend Geneva 2, as officially announced, not for handing over power to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, France, Turkey and not for the USA. The Syrians, represented by their legitimate and elected government would attend as to study mechanisms for solution, based mainly on the halting of foreign meddling and support to the cannibals and takfiri terrorists on the Syrian ground. The Syrians, fond of ballot boxes and never of bullets, are to discuss ways and means leading to the ballot boxes. The cake is pure  Syrian-made  and the foreigners aren’t invited, nor are the cannibals. 

It is indeed  a Syrian family affair, and for the majority the mother is Syria and the father is President Bashar Al-Assad. No power on earth can force the majority nor to renounce their mother or their father. The Syrians of at least 6000 years of civilization are but the legitimate sons of their father and mother. It is only the DNA of ballot boxes which can prove if so or not. Let us wait and see, and until then all ewes, so-called Obama-like leaders should shut their mouths and leave us at peace before the region in its entirety is to be into pieces.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim