Solving the Crisis Politically

Syria is indeed ready for solving the crisis politically in preservation of  its sovereignty as an independent free State, and is ready to attend Geneva conference provided that the dialogue is only to be among the Syrians themselves, underscored Minister Omran al-Zoubi of Information, lashing out at the opposition, which has the only one aim of downing the Syrian State and which lacks any political program.

The Syrians would indeed accept no political solution for the crisis in Syria unless it is signed by H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad, underscored Minister al-Zoubi. For the majority what H.E. agrees upon is in the interest of their independence, sovereignty, and future. The Syrians do believe that their Leader is the only deciding factor in shaping their own made present and future.

The political solution is be in parallel with combating al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist groups of more than 40 Takfiri terrorist mentality is odious, strange and odd for the Syrian secular society, which is famed for its coexistence, tolerance, amity and fraternity.

Yesterday's statements by Minister al-Zoubi in Tartous Governorate highlighted too the possibility of dialogue with everyone whose hands are clean and who turns himself over  to the Authorities. Syria is above all and for all clean-handed Syrians. Syria is definitely to emerge victorious in the face of the global war of terror by almost third of world countries, most of them are indeed the ewes.

"Syria and the Syrians are invincible, because of their core foundations, convictions and martyrs," declared Minister al-Zoubi', asserting that any invasion of Syria would never be a picnic  and that any military intervention in Syria is impossible because its bill is more than expensive at the human as well as economic level for anyone who dares to interfere.

The Syrian State is to pursue the crushing of armed opposition, linked to the USA and Israel, but is at the same time to care about national opposition with its fruitful presence as the mirror for the government and vice versa.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim