Saudi Prince: Saudi Opposition Wants Saudi Regime Gone

Saudi Arabia, the major supporter of wahabi  terrorists against Syrians, has increased crackdown on its own dissenters, with 30,000 activists reportedly in jail, underlined Saudi Prince Khaled Bin Farhan Al-Saud in a recent  exclusive interview with Russian TV  RT.

 The Saudi defected Prince confirmed reports of increased prosecution of anti-government activists and said that it’s exactly what forced him to defect from his family, accusing  the Saudi  monarchy of corruption and silencing all voices of dissent and explained how the Saudi mechanism for suppression functioned.

 “There is no independent judiciary, as both police and the prosecutor’s office are accountable to the Interior Ministry. This ministry’s officials investigate ‘crimes’   related to freedom of speech. So they fabricate evidence, don’t allow people to have attorneys”,

“Even if a court rules to release such a ‘criminal’, the Ministry of Interior keeps him in prison, even though there is a court order to release him. There have even been killings! Killings! And as for the external opposition, Saudi intelligence forces find these people abroad! There is no safety inside or outside the country," added the Prince.

“The government is obviously scared of the Arab revolutions. And they’ve responded as they usually do: by resorting to oppression, violence, arbitrary law, and arrest,” Prince Khaled says, adding that so far the tougher the measures the government took to suppress the dissent, the louder that dissent’s voice was. 

“The opposition used to demand wider people’s representation in governing bodies, more rights and freedoms. But the authorities reacted with violence and persecution, instead of a dialogue. So the opposition raised the bar. It demanded constitutional monarchy, similar to what they have in the UK, for example. And the Saudi regime responded with more violence. So now the bar is even higher. Now the opposition wants this regime gone." Prince Khaled pointed out.

The Prince lashed out at the policy of double standards by Western Governments which have turned blind eyes and deaf ears to the Saudi Authorities grave violations of human rights, citing, for example, the "US administration  long-standing alliance with the leaders of Saudi Arabia, cemented by common political, economic and military interests in the Middle East,”

Thus, this is the Saudi Kingdom of Saud family, the only family worldwide which gives its name to a country. Billions of petrodollars wasted on the killing of Moslems worldwide, particularly Syrians, training and arming Takfiri terrorists, as well as on arms deals with Israel! Definitely the Saudi made-of-glass houses are to be broken into pieces and by the same extremists and terrorists hand-picked and made by the Saudi Royal family itself.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim