The Invincible People

It is Eid al-Fitr Day. What a gloomy sad Day! I am completely lost; where to? To my work for sure. The day started with a brutal inhumane false item of news! We didn't believe that blasphemy news, because Syria can never be lost to the hired killers and terrorists. The Eid day passes but with bitter tears and sad memories of our passing martyrs, family members, and close friends. We were tortured to death with supposedly to be Eid happiness.

What a great people we are! With the falling of every Syrian hero Army fighter, we get more immunized and determined to pursue the battle of cleansing our Syria from every terrorist countrywide. The news about the cannibalistic heinous atrocities perpetrated by the terrorists in more than a place of Syria emboldened  us; here comes the achievements of our Army and National Defense Forces to resurrect and salvage us and to sharpen our determination but to be the victors against the terrorists.

Here we are on our land in the face of the thousands of the paid for mercenary Takfiri terrorists who in cold blood massacred thousands of our brothers, sisters, children and innocent of the dignified Syrians. Time did pass remembering our heroes, who were still alive in our conscience and running blood. Together with them we are making Syria's Eid of tomorrow, where no terrorists and extremists would exist.

What a world full of contradictions and lies! They want us to forget that we are but one family so proud of its chosen and elected Leader. The enemies of Syria are indeed ewes and ignorant, unknowing that all the world riches  for the majority is nothing without the beloved Leader, even if the enemies were to put the Sun to the right of us and the moon to the left. We all are for one, and this very one is the guardian member of every true Syria family.

Thus, the contradictions persist in many deformed forms: US and Israeli threats, media disinformation campaigns, fratricides, treasons, and so on and so forth. Here we are steadfast  on the ground standing up to all of the challenges, including  possible further follies by the enemies. The Syrians are the invincible people who are defending today every true human being in the face of all forms of terrorism, hegemony, exploitation and extremism.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim