British aid charity in ‘terror’ inquiry

It is indeed strange that almost third of the world countries are conspiring against Syria, just because Syria stands firm against the new colonialist powers hegemony and exploitation attempts. Syria has the legitimate right and duty to defend its resources, people, and deep-rooted civilization. No country worldwide can allow cannibalistic terrorists to eat the flesh of its citizens.

Among the recent revelations about such backing to terrorists in Syria is the reported by the Sunday times that the British police  are investigating a British charity amid fears that extremists in the UK are channeling money to terrorists  in Syria who are backed by al-Qaeda.

The Sunday Times pointed out that officers launched their inquiry after seizing tens of thousands of pounds in cash at Dover from a group of Muslim men on their way to the Middle East. They were travelling on behalf of a charity called Aid Convoy. Its trustees include a British-based Syrian who was accused — but later acquitted — of involvement with the Madrid train bombers who killed 191 people.

The Sunday Times has learnt that supporters of Aid Convoy have previously been stopped and questioned at Folkestone under anti-terrorism laws before being allowed to continue their journey abroad…

Thus, even the supposed to be charitable are in a way or another collaborating with the countries where they exist at to support terrorists against Syrians. 


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim