The Hero Army of Every Syrian

Syria has been witnessing for more than two years the battle of liberation from al-Qaeda affiliates. It is indeed the battle of every honest Syrian. The Syrians, actually, have been left with no alternative but to defend their homeland against thousands of multinational terrorists, backed and supported by almost third of world countries; on top of them stand the ewes among Arab countries, neighbors, some EU countries and the USA.

Thanks to the Syrian hero Army, the Army of the Homeland, Honor and Dedication. The Syrian hero Army, which knows no defeat or fear, stood firm, united, as one man along with the majority of the Syrians, in the face of the barbaric terroristic war against Syria. Here comes the visit by the Army General  Commander, Lieutenant General Bashar Al-Assad to some Syrian Army Units in Darya. It is the visit of all Syrians to their family members, protectors, and guardians. It is the visit by the Arab Nation's defender  and savior to the Syrian heroes, who have indeed spread fear, worry and defeat in the terrorists' hearts- if they have hearts-.

H.E. President Al-Assad's spontaneous and fatherly words to the Syrian heroes in Darya were said on behalf of every true Syrian family, every wounded, martyred and every honored, honest and dignified Syrian. Thus, what the Syrian hero Army has been doing is indeed registered in the most brilliant pages of victory and heroism of history. The Syrian hero Army accomplishments have indeed become following its heroic steadfastness and victories as the center of study and analyses for every professional army and for every strategic analyses center.

We all are honored to have such a courageous Army of convictions and doctrines. President Al-Assad's honored hand, which shook the hands of our heroes in Darya is indeed the hand of every true Syrian. These are the very hands which have been on the firing pin in defense of Syria, the cradle of every civilization. Every true Syria is indeed eager to kiss these hands and to bow in respect for the guardians of every Syrian.

The terrorists have set about 14 zero hours for invading Damascus, the oldest continuously inhabited capital worldwide, but in "each zero-hour, you were shifting them into zeros, they, their plots and those who stand behind them," said H.E. President Al-Assad, asserting that the mottos, which usually, come before practice, did come in the case of the Syrian hero Army, after the heroic defense and accomplishments on the ground by the Syrian Army hero fighters.

The Syrian Army is indeed the Army of the people, which defends the people, who does defend it too. "Without you, there were no universities, schools, bread or water, without you, Syria was a matter of refugees, perhaps abroad. without you, we all were to be slaves for the states which want us to bow,'' said President Al-Assad, reiterating that throughout history, the Syrian people have never accepted to be enslaved.

"Our motto has always been martyrdom or victory, but since the outbreak of the battles, our motto became victory. Martyrdom is a destiny. But our aim is victory. All the people are awaiting  for the victory of the Syrian Army; so we have to stand hand in hand, and as you stand by the people, so the people stand by you." Concluded H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim