The Sacred Blood of Our Martyred Heroes




The atrocities and crimes perpetrated by the foreign-backed armed mercenary terrorist groups against Syrians do hurt and move the majority, which is still in shock, shedding bitter tears of sadness and pain. The so-far perpetrated by these terrorist groups in Syria is beyond every description; no word can semantically convey the perpetrated. The backers of those inhuman killers, scattered in many corners of Syria, are very-well known in their unjustified hatred, malice and rancor to everything Syrian. But why? Simply because the majority of Syrians is secular, open-minded, civilized, and human as the inheritors of deeply-rooted consequent civilizations; and because the majority is balanced in everything, even in its response to those terrorists and their backers.

Is what we have been seeing of the massacres against our children, women, and elderly, not to mention the atrocities and war crimes against our brave soldiers, the guardians of Syria, Syrian-made? Or what? Personally, it is very hard for me to believe it as a Syrian-made, even if some of the terrorists are unfortunately Syrians, but do belong to the much talked about and condemned 'the enemy within' . The heinous massacres committed by the terrorists have but the fingerprints of behind the borders, where anti-Syria schemes and plots are being around the clock hatched, infiltrators.

Those who blindly and foolishly back, finance, shelter, train and support the killers in Syria, are still thirsty for the more of the Syrian sacred blood, especially for the blood of our heroes in the Syrian Army, who have been giving the whole world numerous lessons in bravery, unity, dignity, honor and in humanity. The Syrians do reject a return to pre-historic periods of darkness. The Syrians, hand in hand, are united behind their Leadership on the way of reforms, not chaos, building, not destruction, light, but not darkness.

The sacred blood of our martyred heroes would but oil the shinning torch of Syria's soon-to-be victory over the forces of darkness and their backers. The mounting scale of atrocities against the Syrians, at the orders of extremists, fundamentalists, and their masters, do coincide with the armed terrorist groups' death throes. No defibrillator, whatsoever, could be used as a life-saving machine for these mercenary terrorist groups.


Dr. M.A. Al-Ibrahim