Our Hero Army: the Steel Shield (2)

The enemy's exploitation of "internal agents as a bridge to destabilize the homeland, undermine the citizens' safety and drain our economic and scientific capabilities with the aim of weakening us and preventing us from drawing up our future and improving our society to the level of the developed countries" have been foiled by the hero Syrian Army and citizens. The enemies who "wanted to prevent our people from their national decision" were indeed "surprised"  by the Syrian people who stood as one man against the enemies' conspiracies and schemes and did defeat them.

The Syrian hero Army, as H.E. President Al-Assad outlined on the 66th Anniversary of the Syrian Army foundation Day, August 1, 2011, was since its inception, the  model of commitment to the nation's causes and a defender of its rights, proving to be an impregnable fortress foiling the dreams and suspect plans of enemies, allowing Syria to remain a role model of national unity, amity, fraternity and coexistence.

 "Syria is used to creating victories and defeating the enemies of the country and nation… today we are more determined to follow the course of dignity with sure steps based on personal abilities… it knows how to do it to add  new victories and leave warmongers and blood merchants to taste the bitterness of defeat and disappointment," President Al-Assad said.

 "This vicious attack won't fare any better than the previous ones… all of Syria's honest people are confident that we will emerge from the crisis more powerful, more present and more effective regionally and internationally," President Al-Assad said, stressing that the Syrian hero Army has proved its loyalty to its people, country and creed, and that its efforts and sacrifices will be admired, as they have succeeded in foiling the enemies of the country and ending sedition, preserving Syria.

 "We will remain free in our national decision-making and sovereign in our international relations and our resistant course to achieve just and comprehensive peace according to international legitimacy resolutions that stipulate for Israeli withdrawal from the occupied Arab land up to the June 4th 1967 line… those who bet on other than that are delusional… hardships make us more resilient, conspiracies make us stronger, and pressure causes it to adhere more to our standards and rights that cannot be liquidated or marginalized," Syria is to ever remain a symbol of amity, peace, security, safety and stability that preserves the dignity of the state and the dignity of citizens.

I, like many other Syrian men, women, elderly and children, have shed bitter tears because of the barbaric cannibalistic crimes perpetrated by al-Qaeda affiliates against some of our hero Army members, who have been groomed for the big battle as to liberate the occupied territories; these very tears, mixed with the sacred blood of our martyrs, do illuminate the bright future of tomorrow, where no terrorists would remain in the cradle of every civilization.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim