Our Hero Army: the Steel Shield (1)

An Army in need is the Syrian Arab Army indeed. The Syrian hero army has been waging the battle of defense against the terrorists who were dispatched to Syria from more than 40 countries worldwide. The Syrian hero Army, one of the main pillars of Syria's honor, dignity, pride and Resistance, has shouldered its responsibility courageously, firmly, and steadfastly.

Among the main hurdles which to some extent slowed the Syrian Army actions on the ground as to purge Syria from al-Qaeda affiliates was the coward tactics used by the hired killers, who used to hide themselves among civilians. Thus, the sacred task and duty were not only to liquidate terrorists, but further to carefully protect the civilians and evade destruction of private and public properties and infrastructure . Such a combat against terrorists played in some places to the terrorists side, leading to the martyrdom of scores of our hero Army members.

The Syrian hero Army, as Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi stated recently, is  fighting in defense of the State and the building of the homeland, but not for authority. The terrorists and their sponsors and backers believe that they can frighten the Syrians through their heinous and brutal crimes against innocent civilians and members of the Army, but in vain. Day by day, the majority of the Syrians do feel themselves but as members of their own hero Army, composed of every Syrian family, piece of land, and blood.

All of the sinister bids as to blunder and bedevil the steadfast Syrian Army have failed, because it is but the Army of every Syrian. We are all but one soldier  in the defense of our homeland. Does a nation with no army to defend it worth life? Here is Syria of defense, resistance, Maysaloun, October liberation. This is the country which takes pride in its martyrs and honors them as the most noble and generous among all. Yes, the majority has been shocked and bereaved by the brutal and cannibalistic terrorist acts against some of our noble martyrs; the majority is, however, more determined than ever to pursue the way of martyrdom until the purging of Syria from each and every terrorist in every corner of Syria's sacred territories.

The Syrian hero Army personnel have indeed, as H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad, Commander -in-Chief of the Syrian Army and the Armed Forces stated on the 67 anniversary of the Army Foundation Day, August 1, 2012, written the "greatest epic of heroism and pride and proved through facing the war waged against our country and confronting the criminal terrorist gangs" as they are "entrusted with the values of our people to whom you belong and faithful to their history and civilization" and as representing "the aspiration of our people in defending their dignity and honor and restoring stability and security of the homeland due to your determination to implement your sacred duty towards the homeland,"

Indeed, every Syrian does derive his/her strength from our soldiers as they are the men who devoted themselves to defend the country by land, sea and air.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim