Sharp Contradictions!

A thorough objective follow up of the ongoing events in Syria would without fail lead to a conclusion that the crisis is indeed caused by foreign meddling, starting from the neighboring countries passing through the ewes among Arab, particularly from the Gulf,  reaching to the USA, and some EU countries.

Most astonishing are the contradictions in the words and deeds  of these anti-Syrians. They claim to care about the Syrian, and at the same time block any window of opportunity as to end the crisis politically!  The governments of these countries are adamant on arming, hosting, training and dispatching their hired killers and terrorists to kill the more of Syrians. They shed crocodile tears for the Syrians' sufferings, caused only by their unjustified support to terrorists, sanctions and economic pressures on the Syrians. They acknowledge the risks of their masterminded terrorism spillover to their own courtyards; but provide the more of every support to these al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists!

Two striking examples of sharp contradictions between deeds and words are, for example,  those related to some French and British officials'. When the officials of France and Britain sword-rattle, they do acknowledge and warn against terrorism spillover from Syria. Here comes the recent press revelations by Manuel Valls, the French Interior Minister, that French nationals are fighting with armed terrorist groups in Syria, warning that these French would be but the enemies for France once they return home. Valls disclosed that the French Intelligence agencies are keeping close eyes on some of the French nationals who have fought in Syria and returned to France

Meantime, the British Times warned against risks of an attack on Britain by a terrorist radicalized in Syria as  regarded as one of the top threats by British intelligence.

The times disclosed that Britons are travelling overseas to teach terrorists media skills and to help them to identify targets to attack in the U.K., quoting reliable British sources as saying that  in 2012 Syria became a highly attractive destination for UK extremists.

These fighters can help terrorist groups develop their external attack capability by providing links with extremist networks in the U.K. and may also have specialist scientific and IT skills that can help increase the capability of overseas terror groups, added the Times!


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim