Arab Friends' Requests!

Scores of foreign media reports have recently reported the Pakistani Taliban claims to have been sending “hundreds of fighters” to Syria to take part in the ongoing terrorist attacks of genocide by al-Qaeda affiliates against the Syrians.

NBC News quoted senior commanders in the terrorist al-Qaeda affiliated Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan as saying that they were sending fighters on the request of their “Arab friends.” Arab friends! Such a friendship reminds one of the proverb that a clever enemy is better than a fool friend! This friendship applies to the ewes and petro-dollars that have wasted billions of dollars on the slaughter of the Syrians!

Not only have these ''friends'' set their criminals free from behind bars, and even pardoned those sentenced to death in return for combating the Syrians, they have also been seeking the support of every terrorist organization as to dispatch its squads of hatred, extremism and death to slaughter the more of the Syrians!

"When our Muslim brothers sought our help, we sent hundreds of fighters to fight alongside their Arab friends, and we will soon issue videos of our fighters winning goods and properties of the enemy in Syria,” the talabani source added. So, according to this reckless and crazy discourse, here in Syria is the ''enemy'': the secular majority of the Syrians, whose own means of life should too be ''won'' by al-Qaeda affiliates!

The terrorist al-Qaeda affiliated group has established an outpost with the help of their ''Arab friends'' in Syria, including about 12 information technology experts. The terrorist Talibanis have established their own camps in Syria, where some of its terrorists go and then return after spending some time fighting the Syrians, according to one of its members.

Thus, the petrodollars and ewes are in close cooperation with al Qaeda's central command as to kill the more of Syrians and to impose an extremist and radical ''Islam of no Islam''. The Syrian hero Army and people are indeed in vigil to defend, safeguard and purge Syria from every terrorist.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim