Terrorism is Indeed Spreading

What the West doesn’t know, or might know but does not realize, is that this terrorism will spread and find its way back into Europe; the western media is already rife with reports on the dangers of these terrorists returning to Europe. The West has paid heavily for funding al-Qaeda, in its early stages. Today it is doing the same in Syria, Libya and other places, and will pay a heavy price in the heart of Europe and the United States, said H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad in an interview with the Syrian TV on April 17th, 2013.

Thus, many countries, particularly EU ones, have started to feel the heat of terrorism in their own land. The Daily Mail's recent publishing of British intelligence report about fear from al-Qaeda affiliated terrorism spread from Syria into Britain is a very strong further proof of the cancerous nature of terrorism.

According to the Daily Mail, top British government ministers have warned of the threat posed to Britain by extremists fighting in Syria. Foreign Secretary William Hague has warned a terror attack could be launched in the UK by Britons radicalised while fighting in Syria, suggesting that a 'substantial number' of British fighters had joined the battle to defeat Syrian Government, posing 'current and future risks to UK national security'.

Earlier, British  Prime Minister David Cameron disclosed that al Qaeda-linked elements in the Syrian opposition movement had attempted to acquire chemical weapons for probable use in Syria.

The British intelligence said there is now a risk that extremist elements in Syria would plot attacks on targets in the West. ‘Large numbers of radicalised individuals have been attracted to the country, including significant numbers from the UK and Europe,’ the report said.

‘They are likely to acquire expertise and experience which could significantly increase the threat posed when they return home," added the reporty, citing growing threats of attacks by ‘lone actors’, such as the stabbing of Labour MP Stephen Timms while holding a surgery in his east London constituency in 2010.

The British Intelligence report pointed out that the risks are inherently much more difficult for the security services to manage as, by their nature, lone actors are much harder to detect - something al Qaida appears determined to exploit.

So, Europe and the United States and others are going to pay the price sooner or later with the instability in this region; they do not foresee it, as H.E. President Al-Assad clarified in his March 4, 2013 interview with the Sunday Times.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim