Britons oppose sending arms to Terrorists

A majority of the British public are against sending arms to the opposition forces who are waging a war- mostly by al-Qaeda affiliates- against Syrians, according to a recent poll for the Independent.

In a setback for David Cameron, 52 per cent of people say they would oppose the Government providing arms to the Syrian rebels, while 35 per cent would support the move and 13 per cent are undecided.

According to ComRes, women (54 per cent) are more likely to be against supplying arms than men (51 per cent). Liberal Democrat supporters (60 per cent) are more likely to oppose the idea than Labour voters (52 per cent) and Conservatives (50 per cent). But people intending to vote for the UK Independence Party favour supplying arms by a narrow margin of 45 to 43 per cent.

The findings will strengthen the hand of politicians who are reluctant to see Britain send weapons in case it fans the flames of the crisis in Syria. The UK pressed successfully for the European Union’s arms embargo to be lifted, and the Obama administration has pledged that the US will supply the rebels. But Mr Cameron insists no decision has been taken by his Government to send weapons. With Labour, the Liberal Democrats and at least 80 Conservative MPs opposed to the idea, it looks doubtful that he could win the support of the House of Commons.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the majority of EU countries, including Germany, were opposed to supplying arms to the Syrian opposition, because they think arming the ''rebels'' would but worsen the crisis in Syria amid concerns about its spillover to all of the Middle East. Britain and France were unfortunately able to blackmail the EU and impose a lifting of embargo on the export of arms to the terrorists- cannibals- in Syria.

Actually, only the UK and France alone among the EU 27 members stood behind such a blind arbitrary lifting, which, after all, would be but a stab- or even more Woolwich heinous slaughters- in their own courtyards.

Interestingly, according to scores of British media outlets, more than 80 Conservative MPs, in a joint letter drafted by MP Andrew Bridgen, urged Prime Minister David Cameron to hold a Commons vote before Britain sends any arms to the Syrian cannibalistic terrorists.

The Guardian, in tandem, disclosed that Ministers fear Blair 'parallels' as David Cameron pushes to arm the terrorists in Syria, amid fears that Cameron is in danger of aping Tony Blair as the prime minister pushes for the arming of Syrian terrorists.

Meantime, Sir George Young, the chief whip, has warned Cameron that he would probably lose a Commons vote on arming the terrorists. The leader of the house, Andrew Lansley, confirmed to MPs that a vote would be held if the government decided to arm the terrorists.

Further worthy statements by rational British officials, which Cameron has to heed if to make a stitch in time as to save nine, are those made by the former shadow defence minister Dr Julian Lewis., who underscored that any British intervention would be ''absolutely against our strategic and security interests."

Anyway, would/could Mr. Cameron consider-or not- the British National Party leader, Nick Griffin's recent statements that "the Syrian opposition movement is dominated by Islamist jihadis committing terrorist acts" .


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim